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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds $138.99 + Free Shipping @ PB Tech


Great price for these. Part of PB Tech's Black Friday sale!

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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    Ah yes the beans… A good video on them here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf82ore28uo&t=615s

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      Apple fanboy video. These things are wonderful, use under my earmuffs when I mow the lawns or chain sawing etc and no I don't need to answer the phone with them but they do give you Notification of an incoming call.

    • How did I know this would be the dankpods review without even clicking on that 🤣

      He's not really an apple fanboy, he loves good headphones and regularly recommends cheaper sets, don't let the iPad fool you in to thinking he's an apple shill. He actually prefers just buying wired ones and using a fiio Bluetooth dac as the sound is usually better than any of these bean style offer.

      • People just assume things from 5 seconds of watching :)

  • You can set up many phones to auto answer if connected to bluetooth device. I have my phone, (Oppo Find X2 Lite ), set to auto answer for any connected wireless bluetooth ear buds. I have Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Jabra Active Elite 75t. Also previously had others and they all answer auto if you want to set it up.

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    Cheap. Hava a pair for wife - she's happy, I am happy.

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      Same here. And call quality is better than all my other buds (galaxy pro, mpow, xiomi, aukey).

  • Bear in mind there are newer Samsung buds now so I would take that RRP $349 with a grain of salt because they're definitely not worth that now.

    I got a pair when they were around this price during their last sale (about a year ago). Pretty decent daily buds for this price point but don't expect recording studio quality. Never had issues with call quality and the person on the other end of the phone has never had issues (phone call or teleconferences).

    The big missing feature is being to pair to multiple devices at once (laptop + phone). Other than that, features are fine, never found they were lacking with my day-to-day use.

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