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Earn 300 Flybuys Points for Signing up to Disney Plus for $1.99 via FlyBuys


This is $112.5 worth of value for $1.99. 300*0.75 = $2.25 off per litre of fuel * 50 litre = $112.5
Otherwise, new world dollars would be 300/28 * $5 = $53.57 for each time done
Not sure yet how many times it can be done on each account but could be once for every card.

Remember to sign up through the Flybuys link.
The Disney plus website advertises $1.99 but you will not get the 300 bonus flybuys points!

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  • -3

    Deal changed. Now 350 flybuys but as a annual subscriber

    • Still shows the orignal deal and the new one?

    • There are 2 deals going on for Disney on Flybuys site.

    • Hi there I think you will find that there are 2 different deals. both are active until the 15th

      Let me know if you still have any questions


    • Nope, there are two different deals available.

  • Courtesy to flybuys staff who joined as cheapies members??

    • Hey, both offers launched at the same time and both are still live :)

  • I never had any subscriptions, is Disney + better or Netflix better?

    • +1

      Depends on what you like, Netflix is more expensive.

      But has a bigger range of originals I believe.

    • I have both Disney + and Netflix (in addition to a bunch of other services). Just wondering if you can share Disney and Netflix across geographic locations? (I'm sharing with family in the same city in NZ. Not sure if I can share with family overseas too.)

      • +1

        yep as far as i know you can.

        also can use a VPN to access content in other geographic locations

        hope this helps

      • Out of all the subscriptions, which one do you like the most please.

        • +1

          Netflix is probably the most widely used among the viewers in the family. It's more expensive but has a wider variety of contents that suits a wider range of viewers than Amazon or Disney. We also have all sorts of Sky channels, Spark Sports, Youtube Premium, don't get me started on how much they cost altogether…

  • Thank you!! This is a wicked deal!! 😍👍👍👍

    • no problem!

  • So can I use all of my 300 points to get $2.25 off per lite. For example petrol price is $2.75 per lite. After discount I only pay $0.50 cents x 50 lite ?

    • +1

      Correct but let's hope the petrol price doesn't go anywhere near$ 2.75

      • 91 is $2.63 in Wellington city. Not far off.

      • Hey Bill do you know what happens if you have a higher discount than the cost of the fuel? Eg furl costs $2.5 but I've got $2.7 of flybuys fuel discounts. Does it use all $2.7 or will it leave the remaining $0.2 discounts to be used next time? Thanks

        • +1

          hey there,

          good question. the remaining discount still stays on your account and can be used next time. But be careful because it will still expire at the same time.

  • I use 95. Some area already more than 2.75 before discount

    • +1

      Oh okay!
      That makes sense.

  • Hi Bill. One more question please. I switched my flybuy to fuel discount today. But I don’t see my current points add to extra fuel discount. So is that mean I must earn new points to contribute to fuel ? But previous points Is flybuy store only ? Thank you in advance

    • Yes thats appears to be correct

    • Yes, that is correct, the new points get applied to your account as the reward you have chosen. You can you to "My Activity" on the flybuys website to see how many points you get and every time that number goes over 4 it converts it into 3 cents off per liter. You will also see something like " you have 2 flybuys" "2 flybuys to your next reward". Make sure to give the deal an upvote if you find it helpful. Thanks

  • so I get payment failed through paypal but my cc was charged

  • Hey guys, I did this last night, D+ active and up and running, but no points or activity in my feed on the flybuys website. Have I done this wrong or are they delayed? Thanks

  • Anyone able to stream Shang-chi on Disney+? Says its supposed to be released today.

    • It's just shown up in the last hour while I was watching antman.

  • Has anyone received their points yet? I know it says 25 days, but thought they might come quicker. Was hoping to grab something from the Flybuys store while the sale was on.

    • not yet!

    • Nothing yet for me either. Will keep an eye out!

  • Thanks OP I just sign this up, just want to know how do I use my fuel discount, what card do I need to show them when I fuel up? I only have a new world club card with Flybuy and also have Flybuy account login on Flybuy App, just change it to Fuel rewards.

    • This has already been answered multiple times in the thread

      • I have read thru the whole thread before I sign up but haven't read any answer regarding this, can you please point me where should I look?

        • The very first comment has your answer

          • @kiordz: I just re read the 1st comment and didn't find my answer, sorry maybe I didn't ask it right? I mean how do I redeem the fuel discount, do I need a Flybuy card to redeem in-store or I can use my new world club card to redeem (let the cashier scan the card?) Or maybe use Flybuy App? Sorry I am not familiar with this Flybuy thing and ever use caltex or Z with Flybuy fuel discount

            • +4

              @doubledippps: Hey there,

              Good question.

              You can either use the app or scan your card, as long as it is linked to the account. They will ask you if you want to save or use, tell them to use and you will receive the full discount. On the app you will be able to see your reward amount, the fuel discount will be in cents off per litre. The new world clubcard can be used but make sure it is linked to your flybuys account, you can check this by looking at the number on the app and on the card to make sure it is the same. There app will always display your clubcard if you have one. A clubcard can do everything a normal flybuys card can do plus some more things relating to new world. That is why I only have clubcards around and no flybuys card because it is unnecessary to have a flybuys card if you have a clubcard.

              Let me know if you have any more questions.


              • @Bill: Thanks Bill!! Very clear explaination & thank you for all your time to clear this up for me!

                • +1

                  @doubledippps: No problem 😊

                  We all have our strengths and apparently this is one of mine.

                  Where I know more than someone else is an opportunity to help others. And where others know more than me is an opportunity for them to help me.

  • Offer ends at 9pm tonight. Don't miss out

    • Just went to sign up and saw "deal is not current" then read below it that it ended at 9pm - such an awful feeling but can't win them all

  • +1

    Has anyone got the Flybuys on their account yet?

    • Nope. Not a peep.

    • iirc it was upto 25 working days(5 weeks) to be credited so it could be a month from now and still be in that timeframe.

  • flybuys really back-pedalled on the offer now after this one. They just made a new offer for giving only 40 bonus flybuys and you have to sign up for the full $12.99 cost.

  • Did anyone receive their points yet?

    • no, iirc it was upto 25 working days(5 weeks) to be credited

  • Would u still get the points if you canceled the next months

    • +1

      The T&Cs were a little ambiguous regarding cancelling the next month.
      Because it did have a cancel clause, but it read more like if you cancel it and get the refunded $2 for the promo month.

      I didn't realise it was 25 working days, i thought it was 25 days, so this makes me wonder if I should gamble the $12 cancel for the next month of Disney Plus

  • Has anyone phoned up and questioned it

    • I think deciding on the $12 gamble or not gamble, probably has a better hourly conversion than calling up with such a query.

      Gonna watch me some B-grade Nicholas Cage titles.

    • I did. they said wait for full 25 days

  • +5

    Just received my 300 points!
    I signed up on 9th November so approx 21 days or 15 working days

    • Yes mine have just arrived too.
      I converted mine to fuel so $2.25 per litre off fuel is fantastic.

      Sorry Waitomo, I'm going to have to visit Z for this one!

    • got on one account!

    • Thanks for updating. I signed up on 10th, hopefully I will get the points tomorrow.

      • +1

        I signed up on the 11th Nov so shouldn't be far away for you then.
        My only regret is I didn't sign up for more than one subscription - $1.99 for a tank of fuel is a pretty sweet deal!

    • Nice. Hopefully get mine soon. I applied not long after your comment mentioning this deal.

      • got your points @wakrak? I'm still waiting for points in some of my accounts.

        • +1

          Nah nothing yet. Mine get converted into New World dollars.

    • Received too, fantastic deal and D+ is a pretty good VOD service. Wish the movies categories was done better and a bigger catalogue of older stuff rather than just what they own.

  • Received mine as well, was hoping it would be credited in December instead because what am I going to do with 100 litres of petrol in a month.

  • Speaking of which, while we're all here, this seems like an apropos time to ask what is everyone watching on D+. There seems not to be too many good options. I have watched The Mandalorian, Shang-chi, Jungle Cruise (would not recommend) and I'm working my way through the entire star wars collection, currently on II. From what I have seen this is not worth $13 a month, it's good for a month or so of movie binge of the MCU or starwars or vintage disney, but unless you're watching greys anatomy what else is worth paying for?

  • +1

    Last man on Earth is a fun light series on D+

  • Fuel points all received when I checked today. Incredible deal!

  • Anyone else still hasn't received their points? I subscribed on 9th Nov, haven't got mine yet.

    • I have mine and I subscribed on the 14th might pay to contact flybuys about it

    • I haven't received mine either.

    • I haven't…but the rest of my family has.

    • Haven't got mine yet

  • I would wait another week, might be how the batching works

  • Points came in 👍
    Fastest accumulation of point this year with all the Flybuys awesome deals now if only they can bring back PS5 Digital in thier store

  • +1

    Yes the points have come in. Great stuff an easy win from this deal.

    I will now cancel my disney+. Can't say I used it much, watched Free guy and Jungle cruise. The Beatles doco was pretty decent, good to see how they worked and put their music together.

    • Same here. And I’ve got Apple TV + Amazon Prime Video. Don’t watch any of em. But free (ish) is free.

  • Still no points…also Dopesick on Disney+ is really good.

  • I signed up Nov 9 and didn't get the points yet. My flatmate signed up later and got her points. Strange.

    I hope cancelling my Disney+ a few days ago didn't stuff this up for me (Shang Chi was the only thing I was interested in watching)

    • I got mine and cancelled pretty early, might be to do with using the same IP address..

    • Haven’t canceled, one of the first to sign up on November 9, yet to receive points.

    • Still no points here either, has anyone called them to ask?

      • +2

        I messaged them earlier today. Will let you know what they say.

        • How did u go

        • I messaged them also, this morning. Will report back

        • I've messaged them the other day and they still haven't come back with anything. I might just give them a call.

          • @ross: Let me know how u get on

            • +1

              @geardropper: I called FlyBuys and they told me to wait approx 25 days after the promotion period has finished (which is the 15th Nov) - so it might come next week or the week after, they are processing it manually so might take some time

              • @dealhunters: Did u tell them to hurry up 🤣it's just weird how they have done it..most waiting did at the start

                • @geardropper: Exactly, they did say to contact them again if it is still not there by end of next week - my partner's flybuys account has received the points but not me (both signed up on the 9th, but my partner was probably 1-2 hrs later than me). So quite strange that it is not credited based on the people who signed up first….

                  • @dealhunters: Thanks. Saved me the trouble.

                    If they say end of the week though, you'd be charged by then since your subscription would rollover to the next month? Did you ask if you can cancel it before your subscription roll's over and still get the points?

                  • @dealhunters: Sorry, I meant end of next week not end of the week in my previous comment.

                    • +1

                      @ross: I told them that, and they said that the only thing that we need to do to get the points was basically to sign up to the Disney+ within promotional period (9-15 Nov), so all good if we have/going to cancel the subscription.
                      So fingers crossed should be all good :)

                  • @dealhunters: same here. my partner got hers. i hvnt got mine. both signed up on Nov 9th. though she used same id for disney+ as which is registered with flybuys while I used a different email for disney+. don't know if that makes a difference.

  • Our family of 4 have all our cards linked together.
    The 2 people who signed up on the first day haven't received any points but the other 2 who signed up few days later have already received theirs. Weird

    • same here. the early ones didnt get the points.

      • +1

        Maybe they process the signups from most recent to least recent…

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