This was posted 1 year 10 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Earn 300 Flybuys Points for Signing up to Disney Plus for $1.99 via FlyBuys


This is $112.5 worth of value for $1.99. 300*0.75 = $2.25 off per litre of fuel * 50 litre = $112.5
Otherwise, new world dollars would be 300/28 * $5 = $53.57 for each time done
Not sure yet how many times it can be done on each account but could be once for every card.

Remember to sign up through the Flybuys link.
The Disney plus website advertises $1.99 but you will not get the 300 bonus flybuys points!

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  • got my points

  • No points yet, but I have already cancelled my subscription, no mental space to keep track of it for so long…haha

  • Got my points on Tuesday!

  • Anyone else here still not got their points?

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    Lmao @ the me movement

    • Flybuys matter! 😆

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣only cause nz hands out so much

  • Hey guys please help my with this…. my partner got her points credited on Nov 30th. But i hvnt got mine yet. both of us signed up on Nov 9th.
    The only difference is, she used the same email to sign up for disney+, which is registered with her flybuys account while I used a different email for disney+.
    Don't know if that makes a difference. Does any1 know???
    Have called flybuys reg my account and they told me to wait 25 days from Nov 9, when I signed up. Also sent an email ystrdy but hvnt heard back.

    • Not sure about using the same email address but you definitely need to cancel Disney before your month is up or you will be charged a full month.

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    300 Flybuys received. Thank you OP.

    • Hey mate, when did it come through?

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        I signed up to Disney+ on 10/11/21 and the 300 points hit my Flybuys account on 30/11/21. Great deal :)

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    Still no points :(

  • We have contacted them response is as follows:25 working days was from the end of the promo.When questioned about why others who had them before and after had there's we were told that they might of qualified for it:no active account already at the address for example.If after the 25 working days from end of promo we could contact them again and they would have to "investigate into the reasons why they are not there.we also asked about canceling Disney before points.They said points might not show…..also they said they have had alot of people asking about the Disney plus points

    • Hopefully they don't screw this up, otherwise, the trust for this brand would be lost and that defeats the purpose of having this campaign…haha

  • Speaking of Fly Buys, get bonus points when you buy particular items at Noel Leeming.

    • MIght be able to pricematch some of these to get the Flybuys for a reduced price.

      Oral B Pro 3000 -…
      Haven't checked the others.

      • Have never heard of price matching with flybuys.

        • The Flybuys are fixed but you can get it for cheaper by pricematching.
          In the Oral B example, you get 50 Flybuys points as a bonus but you can pay $148.99 by pricematching with PB Tech (as opposed to paying $219.99 with Noel Leeming).

  • Still no points here

  • Still none for me too

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    Lets find a patten :those that have not got points :
    1.When did u sign up for the deal
    2.Have u had Disney active before at the address

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      and did they sign up on more than 1 account(flatmates, family etc). A number of people here might have used the same ip address etc

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      Signed up on first day of deal posted, no points, others in house do use Disney plus. No points, just canceled.

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      Cancelled existing subscription on 10th (which was expiring the same day)
      Emailed the other half and asked him to sign up to Disney, didn’t hear back so I signed up while at work.
      We both got 300 points

      • So strange what they are playing at here

    • No points. Cancelled yesterday.

      1. Signed up on the date posted (9th Nov)
      2. Never had Disney plus at this address before.

      However, I did use a different email address for Disney+ compared to my FlyBuys account.

      • I'm the same except I used the same email for Flybuys and Disney+. No points.

      • same…signed up on 9th Nov, never had disneyplus at the address, used different email id to that of flybuys. Also, no one else in my house signed up. No points yet.

    • Signed up on 10/11.Cancelled 8/12.
      We've never had Disney+ but I had tried to sign up for a free trail before but never completed it, so I used a different email address this time just in case.
      I probably used my partner's flybuys number, it's the main one we use.

      • Try contacting them now they will ask for a list of things like the number and date to investigate

        • I contacted them just before I posted this. Got a message this moring saying the points have been loaded :) 150 NW $$ now, just need my wife to find her card to call to get her account unlocked so we can use them :D

  • Has signed up on the 9th?

    • Signed up on the 14th and still no points yet

      • Does anyone else at the address have Disney or had at address in the past.and did u go through the flybuys link with the same email address

        • Yes, I wonder if that’s why I haven’t got the points yet. My Flybuys email was different to my Disney+ email

          • @Lucifer: Did u input your flybuys number at anypoint

            • @geardropper: When you sign up with Disney+ using the Flybuys link you need to enter in your Flybuys card number which I did

              • @Lucifer: No worry's just trying to work it all out.Have you canceled Disney ?

                • @geardropper: Not yet. Will cancel in a few days time just before renewal. Flybuys better honour this deal.

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    Why have the staff from flybuys gone silent here

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    Still waiting for the points.
    Bought the subscription on the 9th of Nov.

  • Did some of us really get scammed 😱

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    Same. Signed up on the 9th, same email for both accounts. No points.

  • Cancelled Disney plus, hopefully they still honour it.

  • And I'm out also

  • -1

    I'm out. 1 account failed. still came out ahead + watched all the new marvel moves and series:)

  • -1

    Signed up 11/11
    Used New Credit card,
    Used My flybuys email as my disney plus account.
    Never had Disney Plus before.
    Disabled adblocker.
    Cancelled straight away

    Points arrived 30/11

  • I haven't received my points yet.
    So I messaged Flybuys:

    I'm following up on two bonus points schemes I'd signed up for. The first one was with Disney+ 300 point bonus and the second was with New World club card 30 point bonus which was supposed to have come into my FB account end November. Are there any updates?

    Response By Email (Haelee Maxwell)


    Thanks for your email.

    Upon viewing the terms and conditions for this promotion, I can confirm that the points will be loaded in to your account within 25 working days after your sign up date.

    If there’s anything else we can help with, just email us back, or give us a bell on 0800 FLY BUYS. We’re open Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm.

    Kind regards.

    I'll play the waiting game.

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      So why have some people got their points earlier than others. Why couldn’t they allow people to get the points at the same time?

      How are they choosing who gets the points first before others?

      • It certainly seems random.
        I got my points on the 30th Nov, yet I signed up on the 11th Nov - after a lot of others here.
        It looks like those that signed up on the 9th Nov seem to be the majority that have fallen through the cracks and not yet been allocated points.

        • I get a downvote for this comment? 🤷‍♂️

        • Was there more than 1 member of your household that applied for the deal?

          • @Dunno: Only one person. I've also just checked email addresses. I used two different email addresses for flybuys and D+

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    I still haven't received them. I signed up Nov 10

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    Signed up on 9th, still haven't received mine.

    • +1

      Same, signed up on the 9th and nothing.

  • Signed up on 12 November. Same email address. Just got the $2.25 off per litre.

  • I might be wrong but the 25working days mark would be round next week

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    I contacted Fly Buys today aboutthe missing points for 2 of our linked cards.
    They told me I will receive the points by the middle of this month.

    • thanks for the info.

  • Not sure if I’m thinking correctly here but when I log into my flybuys on the app, it says $2.25 expiring by the end of Dec 2021. Does that mean it expired AT the end of 2021 or some date beforehand which they are not stating?

    This is under the fuel discount which was what I changed to for this promotion.


    • It will expire the fuel you have so long to use

      • Hi, yes I realise that, but my question is will it expire on the 31st (end of the month) or a date beforehand?

        • It’s the end of the calendar month after allocation.
          So it will be 31st Dec

          • @bigcheese: Thanks

          • @bigcheese: so if the points are allocated this month the fuel discount wont expire until 31/1/22?

            Still waiting for mine but car was running empty and couldn't resist filling up yesterday at $2.11

            • @n908671: Correct.
              Whenever the points are allocated the fuel discount expires on the last day of the following month.

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    Signed up on Nov 10, no luck yet.

    • +1

      Same here, signed up on Nov 9th.

      • +1

        Same, signed up on the 13th. I hope we all get our points by the end of the week.

    • No email reply yet. I just called them. They said they'll update me on the week starts 10th Jan.

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    Still waiting

    • +1

      Same here!

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    Still waiting, over 25 working days now, unsure why no points and Fly Buys haven't replied to me.

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    Signed up on 9th November, still no points. Have logged request through FlyBuys. It didn't ask me for FlyBuys number but I was already signed into my FlyBuys account and followed the link straight from their website?

    • There was a specific landing page that asked your flybuys number before signup

  • They replied today asking for my flybuys number, email address and where I receive the link for the disney+ sign up… Otherwise still waiting…

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    God damn, me too. Has anyone who contacted Flybuys since had any luck?

    • +1

      If I don’t receive my 300pts by the end of the day I will email them tomorrow.

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    To everyone still waiting the word is :they are haveing "computer problems"things are alittle slower.If everyone contacts them to let them know they havnt got there points they will be in touch by end of today or tomorrow via email about the points

  • Fyi

    I contacted them this morning about 10am this morning via phone call

    Advised I hadn't received points. The woman advised me points will be loaded within 25 days of the promotion ending

    I asked her when the promotion ended she advised on the 16th November.

    Lol I guess I'm being impatient, but just really does seem like ages to get points and with them already giving many ppl the points it makes me go hmm wtf.

    Of course will be grateful when I receive points as was a fantastic deal.


    • I would ring again…it even says 25working days after purchase…not when it's over it's just a run around…..we are all being told different things…I'm going with people have gotten there's and emailing them and calls I just got told end of today or end of tomorrow…..that's what I was told

      • Yea I see where you are coming from. I'm trying to give them some benefit of the doubt. It is pretty frustrating

        • Hell yeah it is will be worth it tho 😉

    • I haven't got mine yet and signed up on the first day.

      No rush for me though and I would prefer it in January so I can use the petrol discount until end of Feb. I filled up a few days ago and that usually lasts me a month or two.

  • Still waiting for their reply. Last I got was they are forwarding my request to the admin team… Has been 5 days and no reply.

  • +1

    Looks like they screwed up and haven't got the technologies in place the first couple of days, those who rushed to sign up (myself included), might have to spend some time chasing them up…sigh

    • +1

      did you enter your flybuys number on the landing page when you registered?

      • +2

        I entered my details on the landing page when signing up .

        As Akrotihur said we may have to chase them up a bit.

        It's abit of a shit show. I want what I'm entitled to so I'm gonna be on their backs lol

        • +1

          Sent an email on Thursday and they haven’t replied. If technology is the problem why did some people get their points at the earliest the end of November?

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    This is getting to be a bit ridiculous. Had this response this morning:

    "In order for us to take a further look in to this, can you please respond to this email with the below information, and I'll get our team to take a look in to it.

    • The Flybuys card that you used upon signup
    • Email address
    • Date of sign up
    • Subscription type (monthly or annual)
    • How did you sign up (eDM, Social or FB website/App)
    • If you can, a Screenshot of the purchase would be great

    Once we hear back from you, we'll proceed accordingly."

    Anyone else having such difficulties?

    • +1

      That was exactly the same response I got last friday.

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