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Free Delivery and Click & Collect When You Spend $50 or More Online @ New World


When spend $50.
For the month of November get Free delivery and Click & Collect when you spend $50 or more with New World Online!*

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    Get ready for a New World Order.

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    Where does it say this on the page?

  • Yayyay I'm so happy about this

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    any good deals for the north island fellas ?

  • excellent, time to accidentally order 3kg of onions heh

  • Odd.. it says north island only but doesn't work for wellington… Am I missing anything ?

    • Yea, doesn't seem to be working in Wellington, even though it should:

      For online Click & Collect and Delivery orders with a value of $50 or more on qualifying products during the month of November, no service fee will be charged for all North Island New World stores.

    • +8

      Sorry guys, didn't you know? We reclassified you as the South Island.

      There was a vote in April 2020. I understand there was a bit of stuff going on at the time but that's no excuse not to exercise your voting rights.

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      Such a stupid statement.. they are offering free delivery… you know on a broom, broom truck. That costs labour, fuel & maintenance on said truck. Sure, they are creaming it but that doesn't mean that extends the right to have your goods delivered for free.

      That also extends to free click and collect, you are paying for an additional service, things aren't free..

      cuts to Homer Simpson goods and services scene

      • +1

        This comment is such a stupid statement. It's pretty obvious people appreciate the free delivery just as I have. I have never had a delivery from supermarkets before this offer due to the high shipping fees.

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          When your local supermarkets are locations of interest just about every week for the last 2 months.
          I am very greatful for the "free" delivery

  • Can't get it working in Auckland :/ still have the $15 delivery fee Okay nvm, it works now lol

  • Now it seems to be working in Wellington.. 👍👍

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    for those that havnt used online shopping before.
    Remember you can edit your order up until 12 hours (I think) before delivery.
    so do a small order now to book your slot, and add stuff during the week

    • +1

      wow, i've been using countdown and it doesn't have that option. I just ordered from new world, but forget something so I'm going to edit it now :)

  • Just ordered in Auckland, free delivery, thanks! Grateful for all the work delivery drivers do during lockdowns.

    • Is it possible to share what did you buy? I can't find anything that's worth buying @ New World, most of the stuff seem overpriced.

  • No delivery slots for a week? How ? I'd there any trick

    • They Open up on the hour for 7 days time. So you can wait until 10am, and book in for 10am next Friday.
      This is handy as per my comment earlier, book the slot now with a basic order, and add stuff to it throughout the week.
      Keep in mind, editing the order after Sunday will mean any specials from this week will be lost and the next mailer will apply.

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