Makita Summer Promotions @ Makita

  • Purchase the 18V LXT Brushless 5-Piece Combo Kit DLX5064TX1 and claim a free 18v volt DUB185Z Blower.

  • Purchase selected Makita tools and claim 2 bonus 5.0 Ah batteries

  • Purchase the DK0139G201 40Vmax XGT Brushless 2-Piece Combo Kit, or 40Vmax XGT Brushless AWS 260mm Rear Handle Saw Kit, 40Vmax XGT Brushless 3-Piece Combo Kit and get one bonus 40Vmax 2.5Ah Battery (BL4025-L).

Makita's got a bunch of promo's running for like free batteries & other tools when purchasing their tools
Some of them are specific to the stores others are general with promo partner stores

Have a look here, and comment if you find any Makita tools on special between now and end of 2021

Stores: (Some deals only apply to these specific stores)
Powertool Centre
Konnect Online
Mitre 10

Pro Tip: You can price match between most stores for the tool and then get the redemption

Bosch also doing a few

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  • +1

    As someone that owns and uses Makita tools daily makita normally has weak promos compared to rival companies such as dewalt and even weaker promos compared to Makita US etc.
    They also need to release a jig saw with quick angle change system that doesn't need a bloody hex key to loosen and tighten a nut to change angles

  • In the market for a good electric lawn mower. A bit disappointed that the bonus for lawn mower kit set is … 2 more batteries. So what do you use 4 batteries for? I have only small lawn no more than 200sqm.

    • You could sell them, they're worth a bit.

    • Having upto four batteries is handy.
      Especially if you start you using the more powerful tools that require 2 of them each. Or like if you have someone helping when you're doing building or renovating stuff and you both need to use tools.

      Alternatively you can sell them off to get some money back.

      I've sold off extra chargers and lower ah batteries keeping just a dual charger and 4 batteries

    • People are asking $130 - $150 for new makita 5ah batteries on facebook marketplace. (assume that means they sell for around $110 - $120? - So you could just sell them off.

      Obviously an extra pair of batteries is ideal for somebody who has a lawn that need more than one pair to mow.

      And I think Makita's hope is that you hold on to them and now have 4 batteries on hand, makes the purchase of other makita 18v bare tools much more attractive, locking you into their brand ecosystem.

      • +1

        most cordless power tools are about their ecosystems now.

        Having bought tools that aren't in a ecosystem (smaller brands) the problem you face is if the company decides to stop producing parts or consumables for it, you're kinda shit out of luck, unless you find a 3rd party is making it for them.
        The whole device becomes useless.

        • Having Makita is actually sort of a plus, because all the Chinese knock-off tools all use the Makita-style battery system.

          • @Avantime: Good point - I've tried several of the Chinese brushless tools that use Makita batteries, and they're generally pretty impressive, especially for the price. I've ended up with an angle grinder, small drill, impact wrench, a finishing router and a little 8" chain saw and have no problems with any of them. None of them were over NZ$100, and most were under $50.

            • @tieke: Where did you buy them from especially the little chainsaw?

              • @Wolfy: Probably AliExpress. I've seen that little chainsaw online quite a few times lately.

                Here's a review:

              • @Wolfy: As @Avantime mentioned, I got it through Aliexpress. I checked with the seller I bought it from, but they don't have any more. If you search on something like "1080W 8 inch Electric Saw" you'll probably find the same thing. I paid around $60/$70 I think, and it works really well - easily chopped through numerous thick branches.

            • @tieke: Battery powered tools are probably ok, but cheap Chinese power tools are to be avoided at all costs. I bought a copy of Makita Rt0700 router from a flash sale on Bangood for $47 delivered. It’s dangerous. The power cord comes without the grounding wire, and the tool has 2/3 metal exterior housing, which means it’s not double insulated. I opened it to replace the euro power cord and was shocked by what I saw. Exposed wire connections, no heat shrink anywhere, thin wires twisted, kinked and pinched against the housing. On top of that the rectangular router base was bulging at the bottom and wasn square. Went straight into a trash bin. Posted a negative review on Bangood, they deleted it.

              • @Waldorf: I suppose it's generally a bit of a crapshoot with chinese knockoffs, (especially where mains power is involved), but the Makita battery-powered ones I've bought have mostly been great. I've pulled several of them apart to check on wiring etc, and all the ones I bought do genuinely have brushless motors with acceptable wiring etc.

                The router was the worst of them, with poor tolerance/machining on the plastic casing and the power switch installed the wrong way around, but the motor was fine, and I replaced the switch and cleaned up the casing a bit until it was acceptable. My associated poor review of the router stayed up on AliExpress, although on AE the seller can always delete their account and start up another one with if they get too many poor reviews, so I try to buy only from sellers with plenty of existing feedback.

                • @tieke: There's no real reason to buy these knock-off power tools, maybe apart from the mini chainsaw. Ozito tools are now pretty good quality after the Einhell takeover, and are backed by a solid warranty from Bunnings. Even the Mako tools from the Warehouse looked somewhat decent.

                  Also some of these power tools are rather heavy and shipping is now getting quite expensive, so another reason to buy local.

                  • @Avantime: Most of my frequently-used gear is local Makita, but there's definitely a place for these cheaper tools, especially with the premium Makita still put on brushless versions: the Aliexpress brushless impact wrench was $45 incl shipping, and the Makita brushless driver is currently $226 at Bunnings and their brushless wrench is $340.
                    If I want to buy a cheap version of a tool that will only get occasional use, it makes a lot more sense to buy a Chinese brushless one that works with my exisiting LXT setup than to pay a similar price for a non-brushless house-brand version with a different battery setup, or pay well more than double the cost for a brushless Makita.

    • Did you end up finding a mower you liked?

      • +1

        Not yet, before Makita, I was heavily leaned toward DeWalt or Ozito, these two systems that i already have (batteries and few power/tools here and there). But then the more reviews i read, the less interest I get with Dewalt's, and at this moment they are very hard to get in NZ (not sure why?). I like Ozito's, they are cheap but actually very well built albeit maybe with cheap materials - and their lawn mower only priced for about $400 skin only. I still have an Ozito drill and a sander from back in 2011 or 12, and yeap still have the original and working 2Ah batteries. So yeah, not sure how to decide really.

  • +1

    Also for anyone who comes from a non trade background like me

    Fellow kiwi Aucklander does reviews of tools, many makita ones too, been following him the past 2 yrs.
    Has made choosing a tool here easier, rather than having to go super in depth researching trying to figure the dumb different sku names between usa/aus-nz/ japan etc

    • It's a great channel, although it did make me seriously consider changing to the 40V Makita series before deciding that my 18V LXT gear didn't really need upgrading.

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