Cards against Humanity $14.95 @ Best Deals ($13.45 via Price Promise @ The Warehouse)


Try your luck with price promise using these links, normally $54.00 at The Warehouse but should get down to $13.45 with price promise.
As always if you get denied try another chat agent.

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The Warehouse


  • Nice. Trying for the price promise now.

    Edit: Jules is a no.
    Emmie is a yes.

    • My guy Jules is the one I got my lego price beat on :P

  • Ordered , managed to get the Warehouse to price match so $13.46 click and collect . If you use Best Deals they have a $16 courier fee attached.

  • Keep getting Jules…

    Edit: eventually I got Emmie on the chat, who agreed to do the price promise! Thanks OP

  • How good is this game?

    • With a few friends and a few drinks it's well worth the $13.

      • Just don't play it with your parents: you can never unhear them saying some of the stuff and you might be forced to explain to them what a bukkake is

    • +1

      It's OK for a little bit. (And it's not really a game)

      Good with a few friends and drinks. But it does get old once you have played it a number of times.

  • Just purchased it now with Emmie.
    They were a bit confused for a while - loaded the discount as $13.45 instead of the amount to pay but we got there in the end.
    Combined with the free delivery coupon it's a great deal!
    Thanks OP.

    • +2

      They’re surprisingly bad at price matching. Did a price beat on a couple of PS5 games from MightyApe the other day, and ended up going through at $20 each instead of a $20 discount. I definitely didn’t complain…

      • wow which games?

        • +1

          Price beat MightyApe on Ratchet & Clank and Spider-Man (ultimate!)
          $39.80 all up.

  • Fairly crap online process. Got chucked out of one chat session after it went silent half way through and then chucked me out.
    Apparently going to be emailed later today…

  • I got Sheena G and she asked me for my email to place the order! I also had Jude before and they were so rude… what kind of customer service line ends the conversation before the customer is done talking….

  • Got one, $12.79 delivered w/ Warehouse Money 5% disc & free ship code. Can't remember the agent name but started w/ V.

  • Dianne was yes

  • Sheena hooked me up :)

  • With this many price matches coming through I get the feeling this is going to be out of stock soon…

  • There are 378 units currently in stock.

  • Louie was no

    • I would try again.
      Looks like Emmie, Sheena, Dianne are the yes people.

      • +4

        Chat is now offline….maybe they having a meeting lol

      • +5

        Louie said yes to me. Maybe it's love.

  • Mailey was a no

    • Yip for me too - but they did take my email in case it was reviewed as a yes? weird

      • I just retried and got Emmie, let's see :)

        edit: Emmie is a yes!

        • I've asked Emmie - she's checking at the moment for me…

          She said no :(

          • @crimson: Sheena is no - This Cards Against Humanity Game is not eligible for price promise because the item show while stocks last. The item. All clearance products, and limited quantity offers are exclusions for price promise. You may check the details below.

          • @crimson: I feel like there might be a maximum number of items that they can price match per day or something like that, cause that's strange, my request and yours are only a minute apart or so

  • I got sheena just then. She asked for my email then I was disconnected. Unable to connect to chat again.

    • Same. now others are not providing it.

  • could not find no agents to chat with

  • Emmie says no now :(
    Louie is a no as well

  • Another reason for them to decline a price match: "and delivered from within NZ only." ships from overseas.

    Well done to those that got given the price match yesterday

  • Tried price matching at Mighty Ape and got declined as well

  • Has anyone picked up or had this delivered yet as mine is still showing as " in progress ".

    • Not delivered yet but does show as being collected and currently processing at NZ Post Depot.

    • Mine 2x arrived this morning

  • +1

    Mine arrived this morning.