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LG 55 Inch C1 4K OLED 2021 Television $2,499.00 @ Noel Leeming via The Market


This is cheaper than even LG A1 55โ€, I cant find it on Noel leeming website but its available on the market, might be a price error, grab it if you want a nice oled at great price

Harvey and jb selling it for $3193

Original coupon deal

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    Add market and zipit discounts for further $15 off

    • Codes added now, sorry I donโ€™t post many deals so not a pro, hope Iโ€™ve done it correctly

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        All good, its a given that when you go offroad you leave society behind ๐Ÿ˜›

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  • So anyone can tell me why this is bad or cheap ? for a OLED screen.

    • Iโ€™ve only heard good reviews of LG C1, if you want a tv for gaming go LG, if you want more for watching then go Sony oled

      • Cool, although im waiting out on the 65 inch version to cheap and they ain't cheap. Still rocking a 1080p LED lol.

        • Good on u mate, i have a sony 4k 65inch but i am waiting for a solid price drop on some 75 or 85 inch tv (either oled or at least some 4K/120fps Compatibility so i can get good next gen gaming experience)

          • @offroad: yeah anything above 65inch above is still way too pricey and I only want OLED after looking at the picture quality. I would have to sell a kidney to go for a 75 inch oled

        • noel leeming had a huge sale like a weekend ago or two which looks like you missed out on.

          • @fsmith: 65 inch oled were still too expensive.

            • @Saint: are you saying that low 4000 dollars is too expensive? it was the cheapest price ever to date. i paid $4399 for my cx last year.

              • @fsmith: Yes it is expensive. Im waiting for general OLED prices to come down overall.

          • @fsmith: Unfortunately 73โ€ was still not under $7k and 83โ€ not under $12k. Would love to see 73โ€ prices going for around $4k-$5k ๐Ÿ˜›

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      I use a 65โ€ C1, and it was the best (expensive) purchase Iโ€™ve made.
      Most noticeable upgrade Iโ€™ve ever had, and I came from a decent 4K, HDR LED.
      Colours are great, motion is incredibly smooth, and UI is decent. Even the speakers are okay (though I donโ€™t use them).
      Super future proofed - all 4 HDMI ports are 2.1, and it supports everything except HDR10+, which is pretty much just a Samsung thing.
      I sit in a moderately dim room, and it looks super bright. Anecdotally, itโ€™s a bit less good in a bright room.

    • It's the same as the regular price for the 48" C1, but you're getting the 55".

  • Only issue with LG is they don't support DTS audio, not a huge concern if you run an external receiver, you just need to make sure to route audio directly to the reciever rather than through the tv.

    Sucks for things like Plex though, as you can't use the built in app to play DTS audio movies.

    • Built in apps on any given TV is under powered for decent Remux files thanks to their average af CPU. You need either Apple TV 4k or Nvidia Shield Pro to make the most out of these tvs. Or buy the Blu-ray disks and play via bluray player. Noticeable difference compared to the streaming 4k vs 4k Blu-ray disk.

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    Has anyone successfully challenged LG and won over the insanely short 12 month warranty and image retention / burn in? Apparently that is the only disadvantage to these panels if used as a monitor for PC gaming / desktop.

    • no idea on the burn in, but CGA will cover other faults longer than 12 months.

    • We own an older gen LG OLED (C9) and our TV was 15 months old when we noticed some pixels dying. Contacted Noel Leeming and spun the CGA argument and got t he panel replaced for free

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      Burn in simply isn't a thing anymore. Modern day OLEDs have built in protection against it. They're not 2010 Plasmas.

      • Not true, it can be mitigated through pixel shifting and using your screen at lower brightness levels but image retention is still happening. See the latest โ€œapologyโ€ video from Linus Tech Tips.

  • The price changes to $4,299 from $2,499 in cart. Kiwiwallet 3.5% cashback for TheMarket is unavailable at present.

    Hope your orders aren't canceled. I almost pressed the button last night. Back to original plan of buying a 48" for bedroom.

  • Its showing as 4,299.00 for me on the site, even when adding to cart. Did the deal expire?

  • Expired today guys, i will mark it expired now

  • Looks like Noel Leeming will honoured the deal - my order is still alive and is now confirmed and awaiting shipment.

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      Happy for you mate ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • FYI for anyone buying stuff @ The Market

    shipping delay announcement

    • this applies to all retailers in Auckland who use courier post. massive delays