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Kyocera ECOSYS P5026cdn A4 Colour Laser Printer $156.54 incl. shipping (was $423.68) @ Doolz


Don't know too much about printers but saw this one on massive discount on pricespy


Removed expiry as its goin on sale at different stores pls check below:




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  • Got 1, cheers

  • From office max

    No WiFi or wireless by the looks of it.
    Replacement cartridges $200 ish each.

    Get brilliant colour prints in no time with the Kyocera Ecosys P5026CDN, which is a high-performance colour laser printer. Featuring print speeds of up to 26 pages per minute, a short warm-up phase and 9.5 seconds to print first page, this printer is great for productivity in the office and getting the job done quickly. It includes a 2 line backlit LCD display to assist with visibility and easy function selection, as well as USB and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

    High-performance A4 colour laser printer - print only
    Print speed of up to 26 ppm (mono/colour)
    2 line backlit LCD display
    250 sheet input capacity
    Up to 1200x1200 dpi print resolution
    Duplex printing
    Approx. 9.5 second to print first page
    Warm up time of approx. 29 seconds
    Suitable for SMEs, corporate and government
    512MB RAM
    Interface: USB, Gigabit Ethernet
    Printer dimensions: 410x410x329mm (wxdxh)

  • Got 1, thanks.

  • Thanks OP bought one.

    You may want to know:

    Starter toner: black toner yield 1,200 pages A4
    Starter toner: cyan, magenta, yellow toner yield 1,200 pages A4

  • Great buy all that's missing for me is a scanner

  • I wonder if this is a pricing error.

    • I don't think they'll honour it to be honest, It's far too cheap.

      • Just received email update, I guess it would be shipped.

        Good morning
        Thanks for shopping with us!
        The details of your order have been updated.
        Order Status
        ✔Ordered ✔Paid ✔Processed ✘Shipped
        To confirm the latest details, please click here

        • I received the update too.

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    OP one is expired but you could still try the wifi version with NZ$236.56.


  • Wonder what the ink/toner cost is

  • Just got an email from the company.
    Sorry to inform you that these have all been snapped up.
    This was a clearance and we can't get any more of these.

    • Should have had a stock limit then.

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    Friends don't let friends buy Kyocera. Everyone who bought one is in for a world of frustration.

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      I bought a brother h1210w second hand from facebook marketplace..works better than the Canon one I got off Cheapies for $1 a few years back and ink and toner is cheaper than Canon

      • What's wrong with Brother?

        • Nothing? I said it works better than the Canon i got off here. I bought the brother for $15 the Canon was $1

          • @saxasianguy: You replied to Danvelopment's post dissing Kyocera, hence in the same sub-thread - made it look like you were saying the same thing about Brother.

        • The canon occassionally stops mid-print or even doesn't start the print at all with third party inks. I've tried all sorts of trouble shooting, even if I don't do any colour printing, it wont let me print black and white unless I insert new coloured inks(original) and I've tried hacks from youtube etc and it still wont work - was considering chucking it out my window! Such a headache. The genuine inks aren't worth it considering I only paid $1 for the printer

      • Consumer printers are also balls.

        Unless you're printing photos, get a Fuji Xerox or HP Colour Laser. Both are rock solid, even the cheaper ones. On top of that they're cheap to run, usually have compats available and the toner doesn't fake expire like ink, or stop printing black because a colour is out.

        I bought an M277DW for like $200 with a cashback around four or five years ago, and we're on our second set of compats now with zero issues.

        Looks like the modern equivalent is the M283.

        The HP Inkjets are also a major headache.

        My old workplace still had dozens of HP Monos over 30 years old running on a production line. They just keep going and going.

        If you have to print photos…well, that's unfortunate, you'll have to stick to inkjets. Although I'd probably run the maths on just paying a company to do the photo prints, and switching to a laser. Doesn't Snapfish do like, 60 prints a month for free?

        Haha, this is the one I bought, $200 was the cashback apparently, it was $70.

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          Yup still got this one too, been a great buy, don't use it much till of late as had a hp laserjet 1100w for all b&w printing which got for free.

          Miss those printer deals of the early cheapies days

    • I'd have to agree in general about Kyocera.

    • As an indication of how awful Kyocera is, here's a random Russian video on how to access and replace the drums on a M5521CDW. A video I had to find and follow after sourcing drums from AliExpress because no one else would sell them. He actually cleaned his, whereas I replaced mine.

      The drums, a basic consumable part.

      Are locked.

      Into an entire drum and transfer unit, and are not made to be individually replaceable. And the unit is screwed in via both the back and front.

      One drum making lines? (profanity) you, pay a service technician to replace the whole unit at a price greater than the whole printer, plus his time and labour. Because Kyocera won't just ship you the maintenance kit that already costs the earth and replaces good working components to fix one small faulting aspect.


      My old company were constantly pandered to by Kyocera and fell into their trap briefly, before clawing their way right back out again in favour of a full Fuji Xerox refit.

  • Either way who care deals over lads

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      Please could you translate into English?

  • They offered me the wifi one for the same price but declined and asked for refund.

    • That's generous of them, I would have been pretty happy with that offer.

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      Isn't that better than the original offer?

    • When I placed the order there were 2 in stock, and doolz said i got my order in too late. He didn't offer the wifi version at the same price.

    • Nice searching skillz.

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    I'm still waiting for Brother to start doing cash backs again so I can get an all-in-one laser printer for a steal

    • same here. with the 1210w i have i have to manually flip pages to print double sided. such a hassle lol

  • Looks like it's not easy to get cheap compatible toner for this printer, maybe good for single use then throw away…LOL

    • I appreciate you were possibly joking, but seems a bit expensive if you go with the rates posted above and you got 1,200 total pages out:

      $156.54 / 1200 = 13c per page

      I might be way off, but for business clients, I usually work on B&W costing about 1c per page and colour around 10c per page for very easy reckoning (obviously higher volumes would be lower unit costs). I haven't looked into it recently (maybe five years), but if anything I would have expected the price per page to have come down?

      Home printers might be vastly different though?


      • If you check the prices of the toner cartridges for this printer, you'll probably see my point

        • Not sure how the prices of toner cartridges come into it, if you are suggesting to purchase, single-use, and throw away?

          I must be missing something?

      • Would not be surprised if the printer only includes half full (or less) toner to start off with. Would expect inkjet to cost a lot more per page than laser. I have brother laser and replace black toner normally only once every 18 months. You can also reset the software so it thinks the toner is full, and then print until it actually runs out. I normally get a few hundred more pages.

        • It does - starter toner included only has a yield of 1200 a4 pages.
          The replacement toners are 3000-4000 pages.