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Countdown Online 4.5% Cashback (Was 1.5%) via Kiwiwallet


Kiwiwallet will be offering a triple cashback of 4.5% (not 1.5%) from 27/9/2021 for a week.

Not a bad cashback for grocery shopping, available online only.

Kiwiwallet have now reduced their cash-out amount to $15, but still takes a few months for payments to be confirmed. Use referral system below if new user.

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Referrer gets $5 after $20 of purchases from referee.

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  • neat was just gonna order some

  • +10

    My experience with Kiwiwallet so far:

    • only half of the orders will be correctly traced.
    • submitted missing cashback for some of my orders but no update for more than three months (still nothing yet)
    • tried emailed them but they will never reply

    Based on comments I read on cheapies, it seems that other people have similar experience as well.

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      For me it's been 85%, works best if you have your order and account all prepped before hand and then on a browser goto incognito mode and login to kiwiwallet and the click the link, sign into the site and go straight to cart and make the purchase. Have claimed $140 back so far and another $40 pending claim.

      Re: the missing cash back yea they suck in that area.
      Dunno if screen recording the transaction helps coz having the link time and transaction time being one after another doesn't seem to help for the missing stuff.

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        Just seems like a lot of effort for very little reward.

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          Not sure how you shop, but for me it only takes an extra 30s-1min to do these steps. So not really a lot of effort.

    • I hope this works out. I have around $159 in cashback

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      Same experience here. And some cashback's won't be the correct amount even if they do track.

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      It seems like a good idea but not the company..Sounds like an underfunded startup!

    • Kiwiwallet has been much more reliable for me than shoprewards. Shoprewards doesn't even track my stuff half the time (and they stopped responding to my support requests on a couple of untracked big ticket purchases), whereas kiwiwallet I get purchase confirmation within 24hrs.

      • Haven’t tried shoprewards yet but sounds like they are even worse than Kiwiwallet!

      • +1

        Shoprewards is terrible. Some purchases 11 months ago still appear as pending!

        If you complain here the rep will appear and say "drop us an email, we'll look into it". I've lost count on the number of emails really. Gave up long ago. Cashrewards (Aus) is so much better.

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    I can't say I really check but it appears all mine get tracked. I always wait until cart full then go to kiwiwallet click the link and check straight out. I don't click the link and then go shopping. Haven't tried cashing any out yet.