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Playstation 5 Digital $649 @ Noel Leeming


I've marked the deal expired until we know more about stock, At this stage(1am) I would not buy. Hundreds of orders are already in ahead of you and this may well be a refund or waitlist situation.

Coupon is $10 off $100 order

PS5 Digital.

Page says 'This item is not in stock and is a special order item. Your item will be delivered as soon as we have received it from our supplier.' Not entirely sure what that means timeline wise.

‘Special Order Only’ items are products which our stores do not keep readily available and need to be ordered in from our supplier. If this is the case, the lead time is dependent on the availability of the product with the supplier and may take longer than three working days to arrive.

For more information on the lead time for a specific product, please contact our Customer Support team on 0800 44 44 88 Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm who will be able to get in contact with our supplier for further information.


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  • How many?

    • no idea

      • all gone it seems
        Edit: nvm, site just crashed for me

  • +1

    Got one

    • This item is not in stock and is a special order item. Your item will be delivered as soon as we have received it from our supplier.

      Are you sure you got one?

      • Yeah I saw this on the website after I ordered. However my delivery estimate says 5-7 days.

  • Page says 'This item is not in stock and is a special order item. Your item will be delivered as soon as we have received it from our supplier.' Not entirely sure what that means timeline wise?

    • Thats what i saw. Its not actually in stock.

  • Grabbed one too… lets see how true "Delivery estimate - Estimated delivery 5-7 business days" is.

  • Good way to get lots of pre-orders lol could all be waiting a year with this order lol

  • +2

    I was able to order 2000 - so somthing isnt correct …

  • scalpers are now hoarding

    • Aren't TWG of companies the hoarders? A comment was made that they accumulated stock before the last school holidays and then released a larger than normal stock allocation? Remember the PS5 DISC Edition even lasted overnight!

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    9999 units for me. good deal for 6$ delivery

    Local delivery
    Total Flybuys

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    I've marked the deal expired until we know more, NL did have a stock allocation given to them and didn't ship any units this month so theres every chance there are consoles available but there is uncertainty because they are not listed as in stock. Buy at your own risk, money could be tied up until you request a refund or stock is secured.

  • Someone here on Cheapies who works for a company associated with NL said they could see around 700 PS5's in the system last week and didnt know when it could be released. this could possibly be it?

    • I thought on reading that comment that history was going to repeat itself with a larger than normal drop before the school holidays. Last day of term is next week on Friday, 1st October.

  • Looks like a preorder to me, it doesn’t even show the stock bar which turns red yellow green. And also, it allows you to buy even 1000 units

  • Good news, we have processed your order. Below is a copy of your e-receipt, please make sure you hang on to it in case you need to refer back to your purchase at any time.

    • But what's the ETA?

      • My order is Click & Collect. The next email is when the order is ready for collection. I don't see any ETA on this order or previous.

        • Probably 2nd week, next month with their next stock drop

          • @Huntakillaz: You never know with TWG of companies. They may have stock put aside for the school holidays like last time. Otherwise, there's consistently been PS5s dropped the first week of each month.

  • Comment from NL chat.

    Yes, this is in stock and for allocation to pending orders.

    • Did you chat with NL about the XSX stock in Te Rapa? I checked the stock and there's one less unit at six.

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    Ordered about 10 mins after stock came online last night, just got my track and trace number. Has moved from Tracking label created, to Awaiting next collection

    • +1

      yeah I see a few on twitter commenting they got shipping notification over the past hour so some were available.. Good luck to everyone here who put an order in.

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      Same here. Hopefully this helps to put an end to scalpers soon with more supply.

  • It's been taken down now.

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    Noel Leeming just emailed - " Thank you for your recent PS5 Digital Console order.

    Great news! We are going to upgrade your PS5 Digital Console order (on invoice # ) to the PS5 Disc Console at no extra cost.

    You do not need to do anything to accept this offer and we expect to fulfil your order within the original timeframe. Keep an eye out next week for your updated invoice and automated order notifications."

    • Really generous offer from them, hope it buys NL some goodwill in the future from those who got the discounted Disc SKU :)

      • I've been waiting since 8th July for second of two Sonos One SL speakers I ordered. Bizarrely they fulfilled the order in reverse chronological order. The order placed at 9am was backordered and the order placed at 3pm was shipped. I think I've fallen through the cracks as stock has come and gone with none shipped to fulfill my backorder. Maybe this sets a precedent and I'll get a free upgrade to Sonos One from Sonos One SL?

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    Did anyone else get a email to say they have been given a free upgrade to the digital model ?? I got the email .. except it has a random namw on the email .. odd.

    • yup I got the same email but addressed to Eammon. made me panick and check my profile but no mention of Eammon anywhere…

    • I got Falaniko. Not my name. Invoice # correct.

  • Yea I got a Vaibhav lol , is that a name ? 🤣

    • Yes that's an Indian name. I got Denise 😝

  • Second email with correct name and invoice number. Did anyone get an incorrect invoice number in the first email?

    • Nah both emails had the correct invoice number , but the second email had the correct name this time. Full credit to upgrade people.

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    Just picked up my "Digital" version (actually disc version) from NL!

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    I just received a notification from Noel Leeming in Christchurch yesterday saying its ready for collection! Will be picking it up on the weekend :)