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Nice Chips 100g 14x Bags for $5 @ The Warehouse


Online Only - 14 for $5 on selected Nice Chips - Only while stocks last! - Best Before Date October 2021

NOTE: You need to add something else (not just the chips) for free shipping code to work.

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    Thanks, purchased some baby wipes for $1 to get the free shipping.
    Great for cleaning the grease off your hands after polishing off 14 bags of chips.

    On a side note, if you select payment as warehouse money as your payment option, it sneakily disables the free shipping.

    • I paid with warehouse money and the free shipping luckily stayed, were you able to put the free shipping code back in?

      • It's weird, I had a Warehouse Money card with 1 extra item at $1.49 and it removed it, but when adding another of the $1.49 item it returned. So the requirement is somewhere in the between that, maybe $2?

        • Oh that might be why, the item I added was $2

      • yeah, I ended up just switching options to a debit card and the code added back automatically.

    • maybe you already used that free shipping code on your account, it's single use only.

    • Thanks mate! Works like charm!

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    So I was doing so well not getting stuff🤣🤣🤣

  • Do you all remember when a bag of chips had 200g?
    No, they didn't shrink the bag, just filled it with more air.

    • Yeah I do and there was 50grams of powder at the bottom of the bag because there wasnt enough air in there to stop them from getting squished :P

  • So 15 chips for $6 delivered?

    adding extra chips worked fine

  • Are these any good taste wise?

    • They are ok flavour wise but don't quite have the crunch of bluebird.

    • Just make chip sandwiches

    • They have enough positive reviews to warrant giving them a chance.

      "NZ grown potatoes" but I assume made in China like all the other Nice branded stuff?

      • I don't know for sure, but it does explicitly say 'NZ Made' on the web page (salt and vinegar at least).


  • Salt and Vinegar plus grape zero sugar fizzy drink for me. Many thanks.

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    • Wasn't sure whether to up or down-vote!

  • Some best before in Nov 2021, if you're lucky.

  • Thanks OP! Heart attack here I come!

  • Has the deal ended?

    When I got to the link in the OP, I just see single packs for $1 each?



    • Go into one of the chip pages.

    • Add a single unit then adjust to 14 in the cart

      • Doh! Thanks!

      • Note you don't need to order all a single flavour, you just need 14 total or a multiple of 14

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          I suspect the lots of 14 are a complete box. Having experienced Warehouse packing of items it might be better to opt for the complete box rather than have them throw assorted bags together.

          • @looseleaf: Good point. Wish I'd thought of that myself, having also experienced their ridiculous chip pop packing in the past.

  • They're 47cents each in store atm

    .47*15 =$7.05

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    Damn it, I saw this post this morning and had enough will power to not order but log in now and see it is still active.. Order but hope it is cancelled. Thanks OP! :)

  • Ordered at 9:15am this morning. Are others getting the below message now…

    Unfortunately we've not been able to locate the following items just yet.

    We’ve got our best people looking through our stores around the country for you. This can sometimes add a few additional days to the delivery and we apologise for the delay. We'll get back to you with an update within 5 days.

    • I ordered after you (not sure exact time - pretty sure after 10am though) and I have not received that message.

      Maybe depends where they are shipping from? I am in Auckland.


      • I am also in Auckland…. I ordered other items as well and it’s already been split into 3

        • Mine is splits into three too, but no indication of a delay.

          I suspect that just means that all three products are coming from different locations. Having said that, TWL aren't exactly well managed in general - they often process orders very inefficiently.


    • I ordered last night (shortly after the deal was posted) and my order shows as "picking" for the chips, and "shipped" for the other food item I added to get the free shipping.

      A bit suspicious that you'd get a message like that, though, when the site currently shows 49 packets of the salt flavour in stock, and 550+ of the other two flavours.

    • No I ordered lunchtime, salt and vinegar, are ready for delivery. Used the free postade and looks like my $25 order is, once again, in several boxes.

    • Most of mine shipped, all but 2 bags of ready salted. Hope I can swap out those 2 bags for more salt and vinegar if they can't find them

  • Thank you, very handy to order online to avoid long wait in supermarket..and cheaper then countdown..and free delivery..

  • Guess deal was too good or they ran out of the oldest stock. Now they only have 4 for $2 i.e. would be $7 for 14

  • Yeah as above this is no longer at the 14 for $5 price. How do we tell admin that this is no longer valid?

    • someone has reported the deal it will be updated tor eflect that

  • 10 Chicken + 4 Salt n Vinegar arrived this morning & surprising has a good crunch. Not quite as mushy as I recall.

  • 20c a bag in-store at the base in Hamilton. Short dated 16/9/21 . A bit in stock but I imagine they will go quickly

    • Nice, I guess thats why the offer was taken away for the shipping costs, tell stores to get rid of it themselves.

  • Waste of time, got the $1 wipes and chips order was canceled as no stock yeah right.