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TP-Link KP-303 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip, 3 Smart Outlets, 2 USB Ports NZ $50.62 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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About $NZ80 + delivery elsewhere. Has three independently controllable mains sockets and two always-on USB ports. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Bit skeptical abouT TP Link name after a failed modem and wifi extender. But it's cheap and i need one. Got extra $10 off from TAP10 via their mobile app.

    • They make some really solid, good value stuff. I use their Kasa security cams, and they're really good.

    • I bought a few of their smart plugs over a year ago and haven't run into any trouble. I quite like their interface on their Kasa app

    • Thanks for that $41 delivered

  • What do most users utilise this smart plug for? Trying to get ideas :)

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      Alexa, turn off life support.

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        Love it lol

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    • Use voice to control the electric blanket or fan, or any lights that aren't smart.

    • Turning on a coffee machine if it requires preheating

    • I use a smart plug ($10 aliexpress one) through google assistant to:

      • Turn my heater on, when I am on my way home on cold nights.
      • Automatically turn on heater 1 hour before I wake up using google routines
      • Last year I used a digital timed switch (would be easier with above item) to automatically turn on heater for EK hour of power but I'm with contact now so no hour of power

      Through google assistant I also:

      • Turn on smart room lights 10 minutes before wake
      • Voice controlled music, lights (On/off, colour, brightness), heater
      • Routines to do a mixture of everything above at once using custom phrases
      • Which plug did you get?

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          NZ$ 15.98 https://a.aliexpress.com/_m01pCdZ
          Price seems to be a little higher now. it's a good quality plug but:
          I would recommend looking for a different "au smart plug" as this one takes up 2 slots on a multi board due to its width, and can't be plugged into my wall outlets as it pushes on the switch
          When looking for one just check they have Google assistant compatibility and au plug :)

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            @Rowjo: As a general rule I don't trust anything from aliexpress that plugs into mains power, it's probably overkill but I've bought enough shoddy stuff from aliexpress that I wouldn't sleep well with something 240v plugged in lol

            • @ognsoign: I'm the same. Plugging expensive equipment into a cheapo generic smart plug doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

            • @ognsoign: Yeah I get that, I've had quite a bit of luck from aliexpress but definitely avoiding electronics is a safe bet. The worst ive had has been a head lamp I think the charging controller broke in (could smell the burning plastic from the charging battery) - ever since then charge in a separate charger - the headlamps are just too good value not to keep buying

              light bulbs, no issue
              plugs, adapters etc, no issue
              Led strips (wouldn't recommend the premade combos they look awful, get each part yourself and pick decent options), no issue
              Power supplies (for leds and little bt speaker amp I also got from aliexpress), no issue
              Speaker cable, no issue
              voltage step up converter, no issues

              I'd just recommend running items for several hours while awake and checking for plastic deformation, burning plastic, and feeling how warm it gets etc.
              Plus generally you can get an idea by look and feel if the product is decent quality (some weight, a nice finish etc)

              Obviously if something fails there's noone who's going to be responsible except yourself when buying from aliexpress but people for some reason will trust the same item when sold on trademe hahah

      • Nice. I'm tempted to try set something up to turn on my bedroom heater at night if the temperature drops past a certain point.
        It's just an oil heater so works great on cold nights with no noise, but if I accidentally leave it on on a warm night I wake up drenched in sweat.

        • I have seen smart thermometers and I've been tempted to do the same! and exact same set up with the oil heater
          Or even if it only turned on in the morning if it was below a certain point - I have just yet to find one at a decent price, so let me know if you see anything :)

        • Don't most oil heaters just have a thermostat in them? They aren't great but definitely better than leaving it cranked to full.

          You will need a thermostat to do this though and set up a routine. Bunnings sells arlec kit that does the same stuff, so pair this with a plug and it shouldn't be too difficult to set up.


    • Can't seem to get enough of these things, I have 9 Smart plugs, lights 4 50W led for shed I can turn on from the car, security lights that come on with the camera, TV on a timer auto switch off manual turn on, swimming pool pump filter on a timer, 2 100 W LED security lights outside the house. 1 halogen desk light. Hi-fi and projector all turn on automatically with a smart switch.

    • Hmm they can't even spell "Goole Assistant" in their title correctly.

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        Still made by the same factory no matter who sells it.

    • Those are sold here under the "Brilliant Smart" brand name: https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/SURBRS0001/Brilliant-Smart-…

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        Isn't it amazing that the price is cheaper overseas but more surprisingly the postage especially to rd address? .

  • Absolutely go for it, I have been using one for 2 years. Works with Alexa and my Google nest hub. The app is just a delight to set schedules and automation. Bought mine for $100 on mightyape. Too bad I do not need another one.

    • Could be an option to replace the older belkin wemos we have.

  • Ah damn, no siri or homekit support :(

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      Just use an old computer or raspberry pi to set up homebridgbe. It's super easy to get running and I've got all my TP-link, Lenovo, and Kogan smart devices working with homekit and siri.

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        I'll look into it thanks!

  • I've been looking for a cheap IP power switching solution that doesn't need internet access to be controlled. I don't like the security risk of these products.

    Something with a built in webserver would be perfect…they exist, but are expensive.eg, the IP Power 9258T.

    • We use Home Assistant for this, running on an old laptop. Ours does have internet access, but could easily be run without after initial setup. Could just connect the smart plugs/switches to a WiFi network without an external gateway as a cheap solution. We use Xiaomi switches and a modded version of Mi Home to get the access token for them.

    • They do have a local API (TP-Link Smarthome API) that works without internet access. There are various open source apps for it and a Homebridge interface. But yes if you want to use it out of the box with the TP-Link Kasa apps you need to connect it to the internet.

    • I read that some smart plugs do work locally, for security you could keep them isolated from the main router and connect them via a raspberry pi and/or on a separate router.

      Alternatively if you're good with electronics you can get cheap arclec remote-controlled power plugs, then rig the remote control unit to the GPIO pins on a rpi.

  • I'm guessing these whine like crazy like their single-socket smart plugs? I had to get rid of mine because the noise was so irritating.

    • I have three of these Single Kasa Smart plugs and none of them make any noise. Also have another three brands and they don't make any noise. mydlink 1 and 2, Kogen, and one obscure 'smart home' brand from eBay.

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