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20% off KitchenAid NZ (+ Free Delivery over $49 Spend)


20% off at kitchenaid.co.nz - includes sale/refurbished.
From the Auckland Food Show

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KitchenAid NZ
KitchenAid NZ

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    Bought a 60s Kenwood Chef not long ago.

    You haven't lived life until you've owned a multi-function mixer.

    That sounds sarcastic but it's actually not, I use mine non-stop now and the fact that mine is 60 years old now is testament to them lasting forever.

    Although the meat grinder attachment alone on a new Kitchenaid is more than double the price of my entire mixer plus meat grinder attachment (plus some other accessories).

    • Those things are bulletproof. Been keeping an eye on Trademe for a second hand one

  • was planning to get one of those kettles with no plastic parts inside but they are sold out, briscoes has them for $150 this weekend.

    • I use three instant water heater , one made by

      Panasonic VIP / vaccum insulated panel imported from Malaysia coast about 200 nzd including shipping it will keep water ready to use at 80, 90 98 uses only 18 watts to maintain hot water

      Zojirushi made in Japan I have set it at 60 c can also set it at 90 and 98 suitable for warm drinking it's not vaccum insulated but I got it 7 years ago

      Xiaomi instant water heater got it from china works well and is very good works with Xiaomi home app

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