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Veon 55inch 4K Ultra HD TV VN55U22020 $530 Delivered (normally $949.00 + shipping) @ The Warehouse


Veon 55inch 4K Ultra HD TV VN55U22020 $530 Delivered (normally $949.00 + shipping) at The Warehouse.

This includes in app:
$5 off $50 spend.
$10 off $100 spend.
Free shipping code.

Huge bonus having a 3 year warranty. Basically the slightest hint of anything going wrong with it you can return it for a full refund. (Keep the receipt or at least a photo of it).

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    I dont need it….. I dont need it….. I dont need it……


    • New TV delivered to your door? Perfect.

  • Please can someone talk me out of getting this

    I have a Panasonic 42" plasma TV which is is perfectly fine it's prob 10 years old, does have a cool active 3d feature which I never use..

    Would this be significantly better?

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      As long as your plasma isn't one of the very early models then this tv would be a huge downgrade in picture quality. I'm guessing your tv is 1080p so the picture of this would be higher rez, though because of the technology and size the difference would be negligible when viewing from a normal distance, but your tv will have better contrast and deeper blacks and due to the high refresh rates of plasma's won't have any motion blur so is better for watching sports, racing, fast moving images etc

      Honestly if you want the same picture quality as your plasma you're going to need to look at OLED or at the very least a good quality led with local dimming and HDR for the better contrast. The only reasons that plasma's stopped being produced was because it was very costly to make them 4k and their power consumption is considerably higher than led panels, plus they're kinda big and bulky and their screens being glass are prone to annoying reflections, apart from those things they're superior to your non OLED led's in almost every way. I was very sad when mine died.

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        Thank you for this detailed feedback and making me appreciate my tv. It survived being shipped half way across the world 6 year ago I probabily owe it a bit more respect :)

      • Agree, perfect blacks and 5 meters away keeps me from replacing my 50inch 1080p plasma with a cheap 4k

    • The size alone already make a big diffence, I would get it for the size differences

    • +2

      I posted the deal.
      I will not talk you out of it.

      • Haha fair enough I think @HmmYepNah has convinced me not to part with my money but still clearly a great deal!

  • Really great deal. I picked one up for $550 last year, hasn't seen it this low ever. Quality is good, often these panels (like Konka) are the exact same as higher priced brands. Usually where they cheap out is the sound, but a soundbar fixes that easy, and is definitely recommend if getting this.

    I did have an issue recently- mine got a bright green single pixel wide line going the full height of the panel. Super impressed with how easy it was to get resolved- called the Warehouse support line, and 2 days later they had arranged a third party TV repair guy to confirm it's faulty and a writeoff (cheap tvs like this are almost always a write off due to the fragility and complexity to disassemble). Next day I was able to take the tv to my local warehouse and they gave a brand new replacement, also re-setting the 3 year warranty! A bit odd it had an issue like that after only 1 year, but can't complain much with the long warranty and support. Nice benefit with the replacement I got vs original - Newer model (this deal) lets you adjust the backlight brightness. This is different to normal brightness/contrast setting and not usually in cheap tvs. Setting a little lower makes it easier on eyes and more likely to last longer.

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      Unless they told you a new warranty period applies a replacement product warranty period is often from the date of the original purchase. ie TV1 fails 700 days in, TV2 warranty covers up to day 1095 from TV1 purchase.

  • How do these compare to the DS/Kogan ones? Eg https://www.dicksmith.co.nz/dn/buy/kogan-55-4k-uhd-hdr-led-s... is $599, 55", Android TV built in etc.?

  • How do you get $5 off $50 spend and $10 off $100 spend in app?

    • You just sign-up for give it in the app

      • Is it actually possible to use more than 1x give it code on one order, on the app? I’ve tried but had no luck adding more than 1x code.

  • Not showing discounted price anymore :(

  • Available again

    The Warehouse
    The Market

    • +2

      Also only $490.50 at The Market with code AFTERPARTY10

      • Just tried to order it but getting following: "Payment unsuccessful. Please check your card details, and try again."

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