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Free Uber Commute until End of July [Auckland Only]


Just got a notification on Uber App that Uber Commute rides are free until the end of July to celebrate the launch of Uber Commute in New Zealand.
How to redeem the deal:
1. Go to Uber App, and set up your Commute profile (select that you are requesting ride)
2. After creating your commute profile, you can set up your first commute by requesting AM and PM rides every day for the next 6 days.
3. Select Riding, and your pick up location and drop-off location, the time where you will be available to meet up, and the contribute amount should come up to $0.00
4. Click on Request ride

Your request will be shown to other commuters (drivers) with similar routes, and you will be matched with other commuters by midnight before your requested rides.

You can request as many rides as possible until the end of July.

^Don't think this is targeted but let me know if it is :) Hopefully you can find a match for your commute rides!

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  • Loks like it's targetted. Can anyone else confirm? I would like to take part of course

    • I'm not 100% sure, I sign up for Uber Commute prior to its launch and hence getting the notification. Have you tried to sign up for Uber Commute?
      If not, then they might only do the deal for the people who have previously expressed interest in joining the pilot program. There seems to be no conclusive information on the Uber website on this. Sorry if it doesn't work for you!

  • i think its targetted, doesnt work for me (no commute profile found anywhere)

  • Looks like Auckland only too

    • I went looking and all the press releases last year say Auckland only.

      Also once it's not free it seems very expensive for the passenger at 71c a km. Rolleston to Christchurch where you'd probably need it most will be about $14 at which point you may as well drive yourself in to town and pay up for the car parks. Don't mind spending that on a regular Uber but for a commute it's just too much.

      • Thanks for that - and yes, it is only for Auckland unfortunately. And I do agree, it is actually quite expensive, especially when Ola in Auckland is offering $5 for 5km, practically almost the same price with more flexibility in terms of ordering at any time instead of only at specific times - especially when your workplace is within 5km of your home.

        However, for everyone who can benefit from the deal, this is really good as it means that you get about 1.5 months of free commute to your workplace, so definitely saving some money on that. I do still see the benefit of using the Uber Commute for people who might not have cars or any form of transportation and usually relies on public transport. I would not say that the price is cheap, but it is also not as expensive compared to public transport for shorter trips below 6-7km. Below are some examples:
        - Auckland CBD to Newmarket (approx 3km): AT hop bus fare is $2.20, and Uber Commute is $2.13 (cheaper than public transport)
        - Auckland CBD to Morningside (approx 6.5km): AT hop bus fare is $3.90 and Uber Commute is $4.79 (only slightly more expensive than bus fare)

        But we shall see whether the driver is on time when picking you up or how long does the trip actually take!

        • Yeah I don't get any matches so far from CBD. It's crazy

  • +1

    Just an update. The free commute promotion applied on my account this morning also. I only set up commute when you put up the post (19 July 2021). Looks like there are batches of registrations that the promotions apply to. Thanks!

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