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Kogan NZ Free Shipping on "Almost Everything"


If you're anything like me the high shipping costs at Kogan far outweigh the good prices so now is a great time to stock up as they have 3 days of free shipping on nearly everything. They wanted $15 to ship a pair of $23 shorts so this finally makes them cost effective, at least until Friday night!

T&Cs Use the discount code “POSTIE” to receive free shipping. Free shipping excludes presale. Free shipping is not applicable to commercial or wholesale orders, or orders to delivery addresses outside New Zealand. Kogan.com reserves the right to not ship to some remote or rural locations. Offer ends 11 June 2021 at 11:59PM (NZST) unless extended. Discount codes cannot be used with any other offers

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    Thanks, looking at something myself that fell into the shipping is more than 50% of the purchase price territory.

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    Also worth noting that you can use Humm as your payment option at Kogan. Great time to use the $15 cashback deal.

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      Only if you're a new user for humm

      • Yup. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

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    Time to stock up those kogan sims

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      I tot Kogan sim is free shipping anyway?

      • got them for many times now, all with free shipping

        • Apologies for a little off-topic. With those Kogan $5/15GB voucher codes, can I apply to an existing number? Or I always have to create a new account using separate email addresses?

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            @eug: Does not according to their T&C and I have tried to top up a previous existing number with the top up code, saying only for new customers. I would use the top-up vouchers I stocked up before from countdown skinny deal $10 for $20 top up, to transfer my kogan number to, and top up. Next month you will be bringing over your number that's with skinny as a new customer and enjoy their $5 package. And repeat the process

            • @Fuzzy Peach: Hi do you use new sim each time you transfer your number between kogan and skinny?

              • @Geoffgo: yup, the kogan one is practically free, and skinny costs $1-2 depending on the deal

                • @Fuzzy Peach: I have stock up a few from countdown skinny deal as well lol

  • Is it a single-use or multi-use coupon?

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    Just saved $84!

  • thanks for this code

  • Damn those are some cheap air conditioners, time to do some research…

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    Looks like they have increased the price for some of the items. A bit cheeky, like how Briscoes does the "discounts / sales"

    • I'd be interested in an example or two as the items I've purchased with free postage were the same price as before the free postage offer? It'd be good to know so we can look at prices after the free shipping ends to see if there's a certain type of product worth paying shipping on rather than waiting for offers.

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    If only they had free return shipping to send back all the crap when it breaks… Now THAT would be a deal from Kogan to write home about! 😂

    • Do they not? I was looking into buying something big and the warranty seemed to imply they would pay for return shipping.

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      Kogan is held to the CGA which covers the cost of returning goods for repairs if you push for it..

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    Thanks OP. Has anyone had any experience with there stick vaccums?

    • Second this, want to buy one also, or a robot vac

  • General FYI: Dick Smith usually does 'free shipping' a couple of days after the Kogan one finishes (unless it happened before this week and no one noticed?).

    • I think the code also work on dick smith? Tested it last night.

      • oh true. This might be it then.

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      FYI, Kogan owns the Dick Smith brand. Same company I am pretty sure

      • yep for a few years now. Mighty Ape too.

      • Kogan and Dick Smith are two skins for the same website.

  • Anyone know which courier company does the final stage of delivery? I’m based in Auckland central and looking at a robot vacuum cleaner. Thanks

    • If it's coming from Australia then Courier Post or DHL

    • Can you share which one you buying please cheers

      • I have only looked into it for a couple of days. These are the models that I am considering (1)Xiaomi Mi 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping Function, (2)Kogan SmarterHome™ LX10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. You have any sggestions?

        • I own the 1C, quite happy with it. I would only suggest you be wary if you have thick carpet. Otherwise, it can take on anything! P.S I got it for $350 at PBtech

          • @kaz: I also own 1C and very happy with it. got it for $399. When was it $350? Also, if you have very dark grey/black carpet it might not work well. Fyi: none of the smart vac will work for dark carpet. It's really amazing on bare floor. Got 1C accessories from Aliexpress and very happy with it as well.

            One of the review site for 1c

            • @ace310: What do you mean by dark carpet? I think I have a dark black carpet and my house is mostly carpeted…should I still get a robot vac??

              • @Geoffgo: I won't recommend robot vac, if you have black carpet. Look it up online about the issue. I believe all robot vac's have issue with black carpets.

                Go to any store and ask the expert about it. Even, pbtech & Mi store won't recommend robot vac for black carpet. Atleast the sales person asked me about it when I bought it.

                • @ace310: Yeah I would reconsider if you have dark carpet - essentially the stair detection is triggered by the dark spots.

                  @ace310: I got it last year between lockdowns :)

  • Got a Kogan ad on cheapies and saw they were selling the Edifier 1700BT for $119 and got excited.. turns out it was for the AU website :(

    • Yeah I know that feeling, the AU website had me too. Was looking at a Kogan Mobile deal (I think $5 for 6 months or something like that?) but it's not available in NZ.

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    Sorry for the spam but just wanted to check again to see if anyone has purchased a stick vaccum from Kogan?

    Would be very keen to hear any feed back

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      my sister bought this one https://www.kogan.com/nz/buy/kogan-e8-corded-stick-vacuum-cl...

      for the price it does a decent job

      • How is the suction mate? I'm looking for a small stick vacuum so it could easily use when kid make a mess at living room or kitchen

    • Which one did you bought? I got Kogan 2-in-1 Cordless 29.6V Stick Vacuum Cleaner, hope it's a good one

      • Quite like the look of that one reviews seemed pretty decent. Haven't bought one yet but will probably grab The MX6 Pet Stick Vacuum as I'm after one I can mount on the wall

  • So scummy how they put up their prices for sales etc..

    • I hadn't noticed but it must only be on certain items as both the shorts I mentioned in the original post were the same price as when I saw them a couple of weeks ago so the free postage has been a genuine saving for me.

      What have you seen with a higher price during this "sale" (technically not a sale) so we can compare the price today with tomorrow when the postage offer finishes to see what they changed it by?

  • Anyone know if their mechanical keyboards are any good? We are after another one for occasional use and $40 seems a great price despite the hideous font in the keycaps, as we only really need it the odd day we will both be working at home $40 seems a good price, k just can't face typing on a loaf of bread those days.

    • It's pretty good for the price, I had a Corsair Strafe RGB but it was a bit too rich for me, so I sold it for the Kogan.

      Make sure that you buy the "Full RGB" keyboard if you want actual RGB. The plain "RGB" keyboard only has static colours (e.g. The bottom row will always be orange). Neither are currently at their cheapest prices however, the Full RGB keyboard can be had for $50+shipping if you wait.

      • I'm happy with no RGB at all to be honest, I only use it on my Logitech stuff to know the keyboards in the right profile when switching programs as it sometimes doesn't switch on the fly properly and this keyboard won't have any of that nonsense going on as I can't install the software in my laptop. As I said it's more for occasional usage on a spare monitor for those days we both work from home so I really can't justify $150 for a G512. I could wait for a G213 to go on sale again as I don't mind my one of those at the office too much but I do prefer typing on my G412 at home, the non mechanical 213 is just less annoying to my colleagues and at $60 when I got it was about as much as I was willing to pay to take to the office. Wish I'd picked up another 412 when I got mine for $60.

        This is the one I was looking at though:


        Also considered the Kmart one but it actually sounds like the Kogan one is built better with aluminium top and braided cable.

  • +1

    Looong time lurker, 1st post, be gentle ;)
    My recommendation - small grow tent:
    3 x cheaper than anything similar in NZ, fits in a wardrobe. Small LED grow light (eg. AliExpress, ideally 100W true draw - not "equivalent") and a smallest fan attached to the top vent and for around a $100 total you'll have an all year, indoor garden with a running cost of $10 a month. Grow bags like these work best as pots:
    https://www.tradetested.co.nz/p/gardening/pots-planter-boxes.... NOTE: The package it arrives in does say "indoor grow tent" on it. For plants with unwanted "smells" you will eventually need a proper fan with carbon filter. Thx.

  • Anyone know how often did they do this kind of free shipping on almost everything?

  • I got into my email and see Koagn have an Ad (dated today) that promote "Free Shipping on almost everything" with the same code POSTIE, so I went to Kogan website and add something to cart want to try out if the code still working, but I could not find any box for me enter the code???! Anyone know is the box only appear when they have a voucher code available or what is happening here??!

  • For those of you ordered, has your tracking moved? mine says "Shipping information approved by Australia Post" since 15 June.

    • Probably will place all NZ orders into a container(s), then ship it to Mighty Ape's warehouse.

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