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Alienware Gaming PC i7 10700KF, RTX™ 3080 10GB, RAM 16GB 3200MHz, 500GB SSD, 2GB HDD, 1000W Psu, Wi-Fi $3,360 @ Dell


Make sure to use the coupon code. I would suggest upgrading from the 3070 to 3080 for $429.34 if you pick a model with a 3070. 3080 box ticked for title model. The nz cashback sites also do 2%

The 3080 will set you back around 2.5k making this a great deal. Dell 3080 card with only two fans.

Even better deal $3627.26 with screen, keyboard, mouse and headset https://www.dell.com/en-nz/shop/desktop-computers/alienware-...

Some good laptop deals as well. this one with a 2070 https://www.dell.com/en-nz/shop/laptops-ultrabooks-notebooks...

And this with a 2080 https://www.dell.com/en-nz/shop/gaming-and-games/alienware-m...

I have been following the prices for a week now and the laptops have been on sale the whole time but the desktop discount increased this morning.

Note delivery time for my order to arrive before 21st June. Could be well before this date I guess but could be a long wait

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  • Finally what seems a decent deal on computers in NZ. Normally its either still crazy compared to australian, let alone american deals, or its old stock that's barely marked down.

    • It's the RTX 3080 I think people are looking for. People are getting prebuilts because there's so little stock (at sane prices anyway) available.

      I got my RTX 3090 for about $3000 last November, they're now closer to $4000. Insane.

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    KONG7 coupon will end up giving your a lower price which will be $3627.26 for the bundled system unit, monitor, mouse, keyboard and headset as LOVEKEANU does not give a discount to the monitor in the cart.

    • Oh what I could of payed $60 less. Have added Kong7 to coupon

      • Stink mate. I noticed that it wasn't giving a full 7% off the price of the bundled units and from previous experience, KONG7 would work on almost if not all products while LOVEKEANU usually is limited to a specific set so just tried it and noticed it's cheaper.

        • Got a good deal and $60 in overall picture not much but I just can't help but be upset I didn't get the BEST deal.

          • @Robbert: That's cheapies mentality right there! I feel the same way when I don't get the best deal even if it's not that much because all the other best/better deals that I did not or was not able to get would come back to me and then I'll start to add them up and think of how much I could've saved all in all if I've gotten all of them.

            Hopefully, they won't give a better deal than this for the next 6-8 months after I've used my unit, otherwise I'm gonna be upset with myself for not being patient enough to wait for a better deal. haha

  • the white case sold out…

  • I didn't really need an upgrade.. but this is a pretty good deal. Thanks!

    (By the time I got my bank to unblock the transaction, the white cases sold out, so went with the black)

  • What would this cost to build from parts? And is this PC upgradable with its weird case design…

    • Doing a quick cost analysis it seems pretty comparable to building one. The GFX card alone (if we're talking a 3080) would set you back about 2 and a half grand at the moment.

      From what I've seen online, it's a bit of a mish to get into the guts. Not the hardest thing ever, but it's tight in there. Upgrading to a larger GFX card down the line you might run into problems length-wise as the one in the case is designed by Dell for that space.

      I think it's a buy what you need now and would happily do you for the next 5 years type of affair.

    • Definitely cheaper considering the prices of GPUs today and value is even better if you choose the bundle with the keyboard, monitor, headset and mouse. Even before the GPU price surge, the 3080s were selling for $1,300-$2000. If you pay $3,600 for the bundle, here's how it might compare if you build it from parts.

      Case - $200
      CPU - $400
      Mobo - $300
      GPU (3080) - $1100 (This price is based before surge and also a bit lower than cheapest price I've seen because their GPU only has 2 fans so I assume the price goes down a little bit)
      512GB SSD - $100
      2TB HDD - $100
      Power Supply - $300
      RAM - $200
      GPU/CPU Liquid Cooling - $200
      Monitor - $500
      Mouse/Keyboard/Headset - $350
      Windows 10 OS - $50
      Building/Assembling Fee - $200

      Total: $3950 ($4950 with GPU price surge)

      This is a very conservative estimate because I do not know most of the brand/specifications/model of the components so most of the prices I've put in are the lowest possible for each of the component.

      Upgrade-wise, you might bump into problems with upgrading the GPU because of the case, but this should last you a good 3-5 years before you can think of doing a major upgrade. You probably could reuse some parts during that time but I reckon it will be building almost from scratch from there on.

      • pricing seems a bit off in both directions… here's my version of a very conservative price on all components

        Case - not sold individually afaik, but you could buy a much more practical (smaller size, better thermals, less noise) for $75 to $100
        CPU - $493 i7 10700KF
        Mobo - $218 ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4
        GPU - $1200 (going off US MSRP + NZ tax + shipping) which I think is the lowest anyone would have got one of these for without dodging tax
        SSD - $90 Adata XPG SX6000 Pro 512GB
        HDD - $80 Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 64MB 2TB
        PSU - $180 Corsair RM1000X 1000W (I don't expect this PSU to be this price again soon but you could easily use an 850W or even 650W if you're on a budget and not overclocking
        RAM - $91 OLOy DDR4 RAM 16GB (2x8GB) 3200 (through Amazon)
        CPU Cooler - $75 Corsair Hydro H55 120mm (GPU is air-cooled, I would also recommend air cooling the CPU over a 120mm AIO liquid cooler like I believe the alienware has (budget - $50 Cryorig H7, or Scythe Mugen 5 or Fuma 2 on amazon for $70-$80 for high performance)
        Monitor - $642 Alienware AW2720HF (although personally, I'd recommend something like the 1400p 165HZ dell that was listed here for $512 recently)
        Mouse/Keyboard/Headset - not sure whats included in the bundle, but you could buy a much better headset for ~$150, mouse for ~$100, and keyboard for ~$120. If it just comes with basic ones though they'd be worth less than $100.
        Windows 10 - can possibly get free or cheap through education provider or workplace, or for next to nothing from key trading sites, otherwise $137
        Building/assembly - wasn't asked for so $0 and a couple of hours of your time, whatever that's worth

        All up for a conservative estimate I get $3300-$3676 ($3000 if the mouse/keyboard/headset are cheap), the main problem is getting the GPU at anywhere near that price.

        • Good luck getting a 3080 for $1200 now days and that's the point of this deal. Keyboard and mouse are meant to be quality not cheap

          • @Robbert: My comment at the end points out that it's unrealistic to get one at $1200, it's simply the cheapest historic price I can think of, whereas I don't think they were ever as low as $1100. I am aware the main reason anyone would consider this a good deal is because of the ridiculous mark up on GPUs and the worldwide shortage, I was simply trying to provide a more accurate or helpful list for a "very conservatively priced" equivalent build. Some people may have been interested in whether this a good deal disregarding the current events because they may want to buy a new PC but don't mind waiting a couple of years if there's nothing well priced in the meantime (it is a good deal if you want something soon, without having to look out for deals or spend time matching components and building - note that the case design does not look good, and afaik it has a poor CPU cooler, so it is not an ideal system for overclocking (despite having an overpowered PSU and overclockable CPU).

            I missed the part that specified the peripherals before, but on the same page looks like they cost $345 total (so reduce my total pricing by $25), though I would recommend getting a different keyboard. I'm not sure how good the headset and mouse are compared to other budget options but the hyperx cloud stinger and Logitech g603/g703 are decent options around the same price point.

            • @BJ: Yes I did read your final comment about the gpu and just reinforcing that is the reason this is a good deal because getting a Nvidia gpu at rrp is about as likely as winning the lotto. Cheers for ya input.

              • @Robbert: I suppose the best bet would be setting up some sort of bot or refreshing like crazy for the 3080ti launch in the US. You'd have to know the logistics of shipping it to NZ though. If you know someone in the US it'd be a lot easier as afaik the standard NZ post solution is overpriced, although I have no experience with it so may have missed something.

        • Interested in where you could find a $180 Corsair RM1000X 1000W. Pricing was based on NZ retailers not including international ones like amazon and not exact prices of exact same components as well (eg. I priced the monitor as $500 even though they sell the same exact monitor for $600+ just because you could buy a monitor for the same spec close to $500 like the C27RG50). My estimate wasn't that far off from your estimates as well if you remove building/assembling fee and remove price for GPU cooler which let's say $100.

          Also, the point of my post was to be able compare/justify the deal price with the current market of pc components/peripherals. I don't think it's really worth comparing a pre GPU price surge estimate against my estimate if it's only a few hundred bucks off which also is not that far off from the deal's price. We could easily add $800-$1000 on those estimates based on the current GPU prices unless of course we could build similar specs for $1500 without GPU, thereby giving us a remaining budget of $2100 which should be enough to buy a 3080 GPU and still end up with an overall $3600 price tag.

          With regards to the $1100 GPU pricing in my estimate, I did say that I assume it would be cheaper compared to the cheapest 3080 that I saw which I believe was $1300 as it only has 2 fans and I don't think this would be good selling point as this can definitely cause heating issues. I only know of one 3080 GPU with twin fans from inno3d but I don't think they were available when the GPU prices were still close to the RRP so it's hard to say how much would it cost during that time.

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            @ross: Not sure where, just saw it in historic lows on pricespy. I mentioned that I think it's unlikely it'll drop this low anytime soon but kept the price because you can get a better quality 850W unit for $180 as well. And yeah the totals aren't too far off since some components were high and some were low, I just wanted to remake the list when I saw that you put a very low price for 16GB RAM at $200.

            I thought the point of your list was to give both perspectives - thus the pre and post price surge figures that you gave. I only amended the pre surge figure because I could work that one out, whereas putting a price on a 3080 is less accurate right now. But if it's around +$800-1000 then add that to my estimate for comparison to your post surge estimate.

            I think having a comparison between the normal price of components and the prebuilt is useful to someone who is somewhat interested in buying it, because say in America, if 3080's are going for $3000 then this would be an amazing deal in comparison to building it yourself. Tell that to someone who doesn't follow computer component news too closely though and they might pull the trigger on something which in reality, from their perspective is a bad, mediocre, or decent deal, not the "unthinkably cheap" pricing that people told them it was.

            With regards to whether you can build it with current pricing (a $2100 3080 as you say) - yes and no. The PC with no peripherals is around $2500, so add $900 to the GPU and it's similar to this deal. With the $500-600 monitor plus a keyboard, mouse, and headset for $270 extra, definitely not.

            • @BJ: Nah mate. My main point was to justify the deal based on current prices (prebuilt or build your own) specially GPU, thus I started the comment saying it's definitely cheaper considering skyrocketing prices of GPU today. I assumed that @skilhgt is mainly asking the comparison to know how good this deal is compared to buying your own components and building a somewhat similar PC based on current prices so providing a much better deal at similar or lower price point based on current prices would have been better if you think this was not a good deal (I'll be interested as well as I wanted to build one without spending insane amounts). The only reason why I put up pre surge figures was to point out that this price point, you could've gotten close to similar specs if you've built your own, back when GPU prices were still close to RRP which is not the case now because they are selling for $800-$1000 more than the RRP currently, not to mention the wait times are crazy.

              I do agree that it's good to have a comparison for those and I still think the price of this prebuilt unit is amazing compared to building your own or buying other prebuilt units with the current situation (high GPU prices, GPU stock shortage and chip shortages) but I do agree with your previous comment as well that at this price, you might be able to get a better value for the same price range when the market stabilizes but the big questions would be how long would the current situation go for and how long are you willing to wait.

              Short answer would be, based on my or your estimate and the current GPU prices, this would be a good deal but if you can wait for as long as the prices go back to normal then this is not the best deal for you. At worst though, this deal may be just a few hundred bucks over (if not lower or the same price) if you buy per component and build it yourself so I still think this isn't that bad if prices go down much earlier than anticipated.

              • @ross: I don't think current GPU prices are going to be going down much this generation. NZ retailers are price gouging everything so the best bet is managing to find stock in the US and having a way to get it here - far from ideal. Maybe by 4000 series or 5000 series launch, it'll be better. I feel like quite a lot of people are caught up in the hype of GPUs because of the "exclusivity" of them right now. It's a pretty terrible time to buy, value-wise. If you're upgrading from 1080p 60 to 1440p high refresh though it's a decent generational leap from GTX 1080 and worse.

                So to anyone in the market for a 3080 with no PC/peripherals who wants it now then yeah this deal is pretty sweet.

                What sort of price are you looking at? I'm running an i5/3060 ti, so to me everything in this post is already at insane amounts :')

                • @BJ: My thoughts in the prices of this generation's GPUs are the same. Some people are willing to pay insane prices because of the "exclusivity" and that does not help drive the prices go down.

                  I was looking at probably around $4000 and above for a 3080 setup even when the prices were still close to RRP. The same setup would not cost close to $6000. Wasn't looking at overseas, just locals as it's much easier to deal with with warranties and I'm building from scratch. I was thinking I could get from upgrades later from overseas as it would be mostly just a single component upgrade every now and then so easier to deal with for warranties.

  • Cheers OP just ordered. Got the bundle so once I sell all of those goodies wont have cost me more than 3k for an absolute beast of a machine when the card alone is 2600 on the shelf :O

  • Note that after you buy the PC, a week or so later they'll send you a coupon worth 5% the value of your purchase. For example if you spent $3400 you'll get a coupon worth $170, valid for a cart of at least $340. This coupon will be valid for 3 months and can stack with other coupons if applicable. So if you want to buy accessories or a laptop bag you should wait for the coupon.

  • This deal is absolutely insane, i'm tempted to get a loan from the bank to pay it off since prices are usually so insane. Any idea on how long the deal will be on for?

    • It says 6th of may which will be this coming Thursday.

      • Oh I didn't see that. But all last week it said up to 40% of laptops till 23rd April or some date almost a week earlier yet laptops still had 40% off.

    • I have been following the prices for about 10 days. The best bundle went from 34% to like 8% off last Saturday. Then yesterday morning I checked and it was 46% off. My guesses are it will be gone Monday, Friday or just stay until sold out.

    • Do you have a credit card? If yes use it to buy now. Then apply for this card, balance transfer your current card to the new car. Don't use the new card for anything else. Then in the next 11 months you'll pay 2% of the remaining balance on the card, and on the 12th month pay the outstanding balance. 0% interest in those 12 months. Remember the key is don't use the new card for anything else other than the balance transfer, otherwise you'll have to pay 5.95% interest.

      • This might be an obvious question, but does a balance transfer require you to close the original card down? My assumption is that it doesn't…..

      • that is interesting, have you tried this before?

        • Yes, I've used that a few times before. I can't stress enough, the key thing is don't use the new card for anything else other than the balance transfer. If you stick to that, suppose you balance transfer $10,000, then the first month you'll need to repay $200, second month $196 (2% of remaining balance of $9800), and so on, until the twelfth month when you have to pay the remaining balance of $8007, so total repayments over 12 months will be $10,000 (i.e., zero interests).

          Don't cancel the old card, use it to pay for your regular purchases as before.

          • @sunshinenz: Ok, I will do that!
            is it easy to setup the balance transfer?
            Thanks a lot bro

            • @deadfish: When you apply for a new credit card there will be a question "Do you want to balance transfer from your old card?", and "How much do you want to balance transfer?".

              The balance transfer is usually not allowed to exceed 95% of your credit limit. So if your new card limit is $10,000, you can only balance transfer $9500.

              Note that even if your old card has a balance $Y < $X, you can still apply for $X balance transfer. Suppose Y=$2000, X=$10000, the new card's bank will put $10,000 into your old card, and your new card will be $10,000 in debt. Since your old card will have $8,000 positive balance you can actually withdraw this $8,000 like cash. Check with your old card's policies regarding cash withdrawal fees before you do this though.

  • They have taken the R11 off the website so I am guessing stock sold out. A good deal on R12 with i9 abd GTX 3090 for $5,413.48

  • Haven't seen it posted here but the mouse, headset & keyboard in the bundle are:
    AW510M Gaming Mouse
    AW510H Gaming Headset
    AW510K RGB Mechanical Keyboard

    Would imagine the colours of the peripherals match the colour of the case you purchased.
    Looks to be a great keyboard, interested in trying the low profile Cherry switches and seeing how they compare with my MX Brown switches on my Logitech G710+ i'm currently using.

  • The shipping time looks to be several months out so you could always cancel your order if a better deal comes along, or GPU prices miraculously correct back to MSRP.. lol

    The laptops are still showing stock too btw

  • I know this deal has expired, but has anyone seen the XPS desktop? https://www.dell.com/en-nz/shop/desktop-computers/new-xps-de...

    You can add a 27 inch monitor (55% off, comes to approx $280) and the system already comes with a keyboard + mouse (not gaming but still).

    With a 3060 TI, and a monitor, it comes to $2350.61 after you use KONG7.

    Any thoughts?

  • Just a heads up for the ones dying of fomo, I got a "better" configuration and in black for 3,400 trough the chat. you need to ask to use the coupon LOVEKEANU and type the configuration. The offer ends tonight!

    HDAWR1202NZ-Alienware Aurora R12

    1 Alienware Aurora R12 (instead of the R11 from this topic)
    1 11th Gen Intel Core i7 11700F (8-Core, 16MB Cache, 2.5GHz to 4.9GHz w/Intel Turbo Boost Max)
    1 Dark Side of the Moon chassis with High-Performance CPU Liquid Cooling and 1000W Power Supply 1 16GB Dual Channel DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz; up to 128GB (additional memory sold separately)
    1 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot) + 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage)
    1 Power Cord (ANZ)
    1 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X
    1 Killer(TM) Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2x2) 802.11ax Wireless and Bluetooth
    1 Driver Software
    1 Wired Optical Mouse
    1 Wired Multimedia Keyboard (English)
    1 Additional Software
    1 No Microsoft Office License Included – 30 day Trial Offer Only