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Refurbished Google Home Mini $22.99 Shipped @1Day


$22.99 Refurbished Google Home Mini Shipped @1Day

Add product -… (To bring total above $30 minimum spend)

Please note they are "refurbished" google home minis.

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    Might want to include refurbished in title too just in case

  • When I add the second product to bump it that 1cent, it seems to add $4.99 shipping. I remove it, it goes back to free.

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      Might have to try this product instead -…

      • Thanks.. that did the trick. Im pretty sure its some sort of fault in the way they setup the products as all the ones I found added extra, as I was looking for something that worked but couldnt find it . They seemed to fix the other one half way through my checkout process - as it failed and then wanted the extra shipping. Perhaps big brother is watching.

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    I've found my Google home is getting dumber and more frustrating to use recently.
    End up yelling at it when it can't do simple tasks

    • Be interested to find out. We have lots of Alexa's which are great, interested in seeing the diff. Worth a shot to find out for 20 bucks.

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    what do you use these for?

    real examples?

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      We use ours to:

      control our lighting
      Control the heating using smart plugs
      Multi room audio(not the best sound quality but good enough for background music)
      Adding to the shopping list
      Basic Google searches like tomorrow's weather, what is X kg in lbs
      Setting alarms and reminders

      You can also program routines of various tasks, so we have a routine that turns on a couple of lights at sunset and one that tells us the weather and puts on the radio first thing so I know if it's a day to cycle or drive to work. your mileage may vary but the more stuff you have for it to control the more use you'll get, one on its own is fairly pointless but a if you have one in ear shot all over the house it's far easier to bark orders at it without thinking about where they are.

    • I use mine for the following:

      • setting timers when cooking "set timer 10 minutes'
      • conversion of units when baking " how many grams on one cup of butter" or what is 400 farenheit in celcius
      • turn off my TV
        -shopping list
  • I bought a pair of Google Home Mini cheap in Australia 4 years ago (78AUD for 2 back then for 1st Gen).

    After few months of using it, it became clear that I don't need them given I have my phone with me most of the time to execute Google assistant commands with "Ok Google", coupled with tasker, and there are better speakers at home.

    Gave them away, haven't used any Google Home/Nest speaker devices since.

    In my opinion, these are semi-useful if you are at home and don't have your phone close to you all the time.

  • Best use 'where is my phone'

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