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$10 off $30 Spend @ 1-Day


1 per person. Cannot be redeemed on shipping or 1-day bottle.
Valid until 30th April 2021

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  • Have never used 1-day before , is the delivery free? And how long is delivery time? Cheers

    • $5 delivery I believe! And delivery timeframes always vary.

    • The quality of many items sold at 1-day is generally below average, and shipping costs could be high is you purchase multiple items

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        Pro-tip - if you're already a The Market member try searching for the exact same items on there. 1-day is a front for a lot of different companies/brands which is why the shipping costs go through the roof when you get a bunch of different items - same as The Market, but if you're a market club member shipping is free over $45. I've found that the same companies/brands sell through both The Market and 1-day (like Brand Colab).

        • Yes also gotta watch the prices, sometimes significantly more expensive than Noel Leeming for example which is the same company.

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      Delivery charges vary depending on the size of the product ordered, also they charge delivery per item and that includes multiples of the same product. For example a Micro SD card has a $4.99 delivery fee and if you buy more than one then you're charged an additional $2.50 delivery per unit on top of the $4.99. I understand this for larger items but for smaller items the extra shipping charges make little sense seeing as it costs the same to send one Micro SD card as it does to send 3 or 4 of them.

      Larger items like 12 pack of Pringles cost $6.99 and an additional $3.50 per extra item but then you have 40 packs of Oreo cookies that are about the same size and weigh more that only cost $4.99 and $2.50 per extra item.

      An iPhone 7 has a $9 delivery fee and it's $4.50 per extra item.

      Their shipping prices are really all over the place.

      As for delivery times I've had things delivered within a few days and others took a few weeks, the average seems to be around 7-10 working days.

      • Things like the iPhone costing more despite being smaller could be insurance related, much like consumer post options parcelpost has a much lower max insurance value than tracked courier etc which costs 2-3x more.

        With you 100% on the point about small items(sd cards etc) when they are typically lower value theres no reason for multiple/additional shipping fees. You could always ask live support to see if they will give you a one time discount for that order.

      • Chicken Souvlaki Flavored Pringles?

    • If the items from AUS it can be a while, my pringles order last time took 2 weeks but there was the auckland lockdown too which might have come into it.

  • thought it would be good….shipping was $10(overpriced as F), so it only cancelled that.

  • Got 3 of these for $41, thank you for the post OP.…

  • When what you want comes up $0.02 short of $30…

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