$400 off All iPhone 12 Models (When Bundled with $55/mo Plan for 12 Months) on MRO with 2degrees


Feel like this is a good deal if you already have a contract with 2degrees or are fed up with your current Telco and want to switch.


Discount repayable if you end your eligible plan within 12 months

Only on plans $55+

Not for everyone but if you were looking to upgrade and are already on a $55+ plan its worth a look given how rare it is to get a discount on new apple products.

Personally what i intend doing is front loading the initial deposit leaving something like $400 on the MRO and then trying to down grade the plan after a few months once my carry over data has built up paying off the remaining balance on the phone.

I doubt they will enforce the repayable discount unless you do it immediately after purchasing the phone

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  • Link seems to be broken, can u pls fix it, thnx

  • Great deal. Thanks OP. I’m going to order.

  • Has anyone had any past experience regarding the repayable discount and avoiding it? Cheers!

    • I picked up mine today. Asked about paying off the phone early and they didnt say it would be an issue.

      This would suggest to me that no comms have been sent out about applying a $400 penelty if paid off early and plan down graded.

      But there is always that risk I guess.

      • "Discount repayable if you end your eligible plan within 12 months.

        Offer available 22/02/21 to 6/04/21, or while stocks last. Available when you purchase a iPhone 12 or Samsung S21 series phone interest free on a $55+ Pay Monthly plan. Phone balance repayable if you end your eligible plan."

  • I have already popped that in the original post.

    I think what we are wondering is if it will be enforced this or not.

    My thinking is if i pay odd the phone balance after 1 month and then after 3 months down grade the plan when there is no MRO attached I do not think they would apply the S400 discount.

  • Hey, I can confirm it is enforced.

    I work for 2D Retail. Obv I am not an official comms person for 2D, but I understand how the systems pick these orders up.

    • Hi, thanks for letting us know.

      I'm curious does it get automatically applied if the plan is dropped or cancelled with in the 12month period or when the MRO is paid off?

      Im still happy with the decision as I will usually fluctuate between the $30 and $55 plans depending on my carry over data so still works out as a pretty decent saving.

  • Yep, its automatic. Even if you opt to pay it off within 12 months, the discount is still repayable. Same goes if you change to a plan to a plan that isn't applicable, you will be charged on your next/final invoice.

    • Cool thats good to know.

      I feel like it woild potentially be against the t&cs if the phone was paid off but the customer remained on the $55 plan is it only stipulates if the plan is changed the charge will be applied.

      Is this a new policy 2 degrees has enforced as im sure ive seen examples of people ending there contract after a discount has been applied when 2degrees ran a similar promo a few months ago.

    • Yeah spark has the same T&C .It's probably because of social media sites like this when they saw large spikes in sales but also a lot of broken contracts.