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SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 / S21 PLUS /S21 ULTRA Pre-Order Deals from PB Tech


Nice pre-order deals for the new S21 series from PB tech.

S21 - $1399
S21 PLUS - $1799
S21 ULTRA - $2199/$2499

They're throwing in the Sony MX4s or UE HYPERBOOM or the 2in1 smart robot vacuum cleaner.
You also get the Samsung pre-order gift - either Galaxy Buds live for S21 /S21 plus or the Galaxy buds pro for S21 ultra.

Devices will start shipping from the 29th Jan 2021.

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  • That's a very good value preorder bundle, especially the S21 5G & MX4 personally. Only if my phone was old/breaking down… Oops dropped my phone. And again.

  • Who the [email protected]#k spends $2k+ on a phone?

    • people who spends $3k+ on a phone

    • Lots of people do. When you think of how much time some people spend on there phones it isn't that excessive. Some people spent thousands a year on booze or 5k on a gaming computer or just have too much money.

      • Nevermind the thousands of such devices that are purchased as a business expense.

        • Yes. I think 99% of new Ford rangers would be brought as a business vehicle. Likely only about 20% of total use is business use though. Most are towing boats and jet skis around the country at the moment.

        • Smart phone Depreciation is like 67% pa so keep it two years then give it to your kid or sell for cash to someone.

  • Has anyone got the UE Hyperboom? I was looking at getting a sound bar and was wondering if this would do the job given it has a digital input.

    • The latency will be horrible. It doesn't support low latency codecs so I wouldn't even go there personally.

      • +1 vote

        Even via an optical cable? I was going to buy a sound bar for my TV in the ~$400 range but I figured since I am going to get the S21 pre-order, I was wondering if the Hyperboom could double as a TV sound bar (via optical cable)

  • Good deal but you need the money to spend

  • So expensive for a phone

  • Any of you know if they are still selling through 2degrees?

  • Is this basically the best S21 pre order deal around?

  • Are they going to do another buy 1 get 1 free 3 months later? :D

    • They've basically made a cheaper version of the S 20 with no SD card,Plastic back , lower resolution screen and not to mention no charging brick

      • This is the internal battle I'm having. The S20 FE has a bigger battery, better screen, SD slot and a charger (lol), while the 21 has more RAM, a better processor, and a better fingerprint scanner My biggest gripe with my current phone (Huawei P30) is the fingerprint scanner, so I'm leaning toward the 21, but it's tough.

        It doesn't help that the review embargo on the 21 hasn't lifted yet, so we can't get any informed opinions on what it's like.

  • I think the S 21 is the best bye at the moment from PB as it has a pair of excellent Sony M4's worth probably around $380 and the Samsung buds so there's probably $500+ worth of value there ,if you want them or put them on trade me or Facebook .Only 128 gigs of storage but you also get a duel sim card slot.They have obviously tried to cut a costs hence the drop in price overseas from last years model.

  • Just a heads up. The S21 Ultra is 200 cheaper now on both PBTech (if you buy on repayment through 2degrees, IN STORE ONLY) and 2Degrees.

    I ended up giving up PBTech's awesome XM4 bundle in favor of an amazing TradeIn deal when getting from 2degrees. They are offering 500 bucks total trade in on my Galaxy S8, which I would never get this amount of money for it anywhere.

    Also, I got an extra $100 when I setup the new phone in store at 2 degrees.

    So, in total I'll be paying $1399 (2199 - 200 (default pre-order discount) - 500 (S8 trade in) - 100 (in store setup)) for the S21 Ultra.

    • Do you have to be on a plan with 2degrees for this, or can you be on prepay?

    • How'd you get $500 trade-in, my S10 they're only offering $470 according to their website

      • Have you looked the Turbo Boost? That's added to your trade in value.

        • Thanks! did you go instore at 2degrees to sort it?

          • @wellydeal: Man, I did but decided to do it online instead.
            For some reason, the trade-in value in store was giving me 400 for my S8 (200 + 200 boost) whereas on here https://www.xchangemobile.com/NZ/2degrees it was giving me 500 (300 + 200).

            • @Neotk: How did you get that much for your S8? On their website it only comes up as $300 which includes the boost of $100.

              Just to clarify, you can't get both the PBTech bundle deal and this 2degree trade-in deal. But you can stack the PBTech bundle deal + the 2Degrees $200 credit if you join a monthly deal?

              • @OBH: "How did you get that much for your S8? On their website it only comes up as $300 which includes the boost of $100."
                For the S21 it's +$100 boost. I went for the Ultra, which is $200 boost

                "But you can stack the PBTech bundle deal + the 2Degrees $200 credit if you join a monthly deal?"
                Yes, in store you can get the $200 off from two degrees if you go for a monthly plan.

    • where do I find more info on the 100 dollar discount for the instore setup?

      • Ohh sorry about that mate, that was an email campaign I got because I just finished paying my S10. So they are giving me $100 credit if I get a new phone with them.

    • Actually, you could have sold the S8 for 200-250 dollarish, also sold your XM4s for between 350-400 and could have made more money.

  • Which would be a better buy S10 $550 new
    S20 FE or S21 ?

  • The S21 (With freebies)is by far the best buy between the S 20 FE, you'll find the S20fe will soon drop to around $700.The S10 is the Best Buy if you just want a good flagship phone but not the latest.

  • Oh man, the credit card surcharge is steep. Not going to give my bank details to some third party app and you can't bank transfer for pre orders

  • I'm guessing those who pre-order online will only start receiving their devices on Feb 2nd, what with Jan 29th being a Friday and Feb 1st being a holiday?