This was posted 2 years 3 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[XB/PC] Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 3-Month Subscription - $1 (for New and Inactive Members Only) @ Microsoft Store


This deal has rolled around again just in time for the holidays.

*For new members, and existing ones without a current subscription only, you cannot renew an existing sub with it.

After purchasing go here to turn off recurring billing so that you don't get charged the full amount come March.

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  • Showing as full price for me :(

    • Are you a current subscriber? I don't think you can use it to renew

  • Should I cancel the subscription to stop the recurring billing?

    • +1

      Just cancel the recurring billing on its own

      • Its hidden but finally got it. Cheers

  • Only for new subscribers and maybe people who have let their GPU sub lapse.

    If you're a new subscriber and you're going to get this then before you activate it go buy yourself 2 years of Live Gold from Brazil for around $103 (currently just over $51nzd on MTCGame for 12 months) and when you buy the GPU for $1 it'll convert all your months of Gold to GPU at a 1:1 ratio so you'll get 24 months GPU for $103 instead of $480, I'd buy the max 36 months at that price, you'll lose 3 months but save yourself $570.

    Of course you can always make a new user on your console to take advantage of these $1 deals, one user having GPU will allow all other users on the console to play games online and to access any Gamepass games that the user had downloaded, you'll just lose access to your previously downloaded monthly Games with Gold with each new profile you make but who cares about Games with Gold right?

    • Is this XB or PC? I've subbed with this deal twice before on PC and was still able to claim this. Same account.

      • +1

        Xbox showing full price when I'm signed in on my account with a current sub, showing $1 deal when not signed in.

        • Right, it can't be used to renew an active sub. Will change the post.

          • @Plug: I don't know if it works if you've had a GPU sub in the past either. I've had friends let their GPU subs lapse so they can buy Gold subs on the cheap that'll convert to GPU when they resub, but they had to pay $19.95 for the first month of GPU instead of the $1 first month deal that MS has had going forever.

            • @[Deactivated]: I've had it twice on PC and was able to buy this, I've no idea about XB though

              • @Plug: What kind of time frame between the sub lapsing and you being able to use the $1 deal again? I'm guessing maybe there's a stand down period after your sub lapses before you can use the $1 deal again or else everyone would just be buying 1 month for $1 over and over again. I would.

                • @[Deactivated]: Whenever it was that they last offered a deal like this, so probably 6+ months ago

  • How long does this deal normally stay on offer for? :)

    • It's been on offer for months so who knows. This isn't a new thing but it's still a good deal. Even better when you stack up 3 years of Xbox live then pay the $1 to get GPU for 3 years at a fraction of the price.

  • +1

    Worked for my inactive sub - thanks OP

  • +1

    Didn't work for me neither from the web nor from the xbox.
    Both show $1 on the banner but full price when clicked. Even same on xbox dash strange…

    My subscription expired at least one month ago =/


    • Well if you think about it of course it wouldn't work if it's only been a month or so since your sub lapsed, if it did then no one would be paying $20/month for a sub when they could just have 2 accounts going at once one with an active sub then when that lapses switch to the other account sub for 1 month for $1 then when that sub lapses switch back to the other account and resub for 1 month for $1 then when that lapses switch back to the other account and resub for 1 month for $1 and so on and so on forever……..

      Go buy 12 months Gold from Brazil for $50 then pay the $19.95 for one month of GPU and convert the 12 months Gold to GPU, at least that way your GPU is only $5.38/month instead of $19.95

  • Also as an added bonus you get 3 months discord nitro (works for current nitro subs) with GPU at the moment. Go game pass them perks on the phone or pc app and it should be listed there

  • I got 2x12 months Xbox Live Gold and redeemed it and now I don't have the $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate option anymore.

  • Thinking of doing this, anyone done it recently?

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