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Noel Leeming - Friends & Family Deals - Apple iPhones at Cost + 0%


get amazing deals on the brands you love storewide.

Samsung Tvs - Cost + 5%
Apple Iphone Cost + 0%
Fisher & Paykel Whiteware - Cost + 5%

Free Expert Tech Support for a year with every purchase.- Up to 30 minutes per call*

*T&Cs apply.

You must present a copy of this flyer and get the barcode scanned in store to receive this offer

16 - 29 Nov
in store offer available at Noel Leeming nationwide

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  • Unsure what Cost is on an iPhone??

    • Less than 5% margin.

    • Knowing Noel leeming it's usually their iPhone wholesale price + admin + stocking fee + overheads + tax + etc = cost

      Cheaper than usual but wouldn't beat a decent sale.

      Edit: pasted from their T&C below

      The offer is cost* + 5% - 9% on all products storewide. Average cost reflects the average price of the product including any administration and handling costs, and does include any volume related adjustments which may apply and GST. ^Price is based on average cost as at 27/10/2020 and may vary slightly due to average cost fluctuations.

      • I'm sorry but I'm confused.

        I'm from S.Korea so I'm not aware of NZ system.

        Do you mean there is additional fee excluding the price of items?

        Aren't they included in the price of items?

        For example, I'm thinking of buying the new iPhone, and should I pay more than 1499$ which is its price?

    • I went in today and asked what the cost would be when the promo is going. Lady looked it up and said we sell them at cost, so there is no discount. With the flyer you pay RRP

  • Sorry, slightly off-topic question, is this their Black Friday sale? Or when is the Black Friday sale this year? I assume it's not next Friday (13th).

  • The answer might be obvious but does anyone know if the newer models of iPhones will be included in this deal?

    • +1 vote

      I think the iPhone 12 and 12 pro is out of stock everywhere in NZ, so it's more an advertising stunt to get rid of old stock.

      • Estimated stock arrival for most of the iPhone 12’s is 20-27 November. So might be included? Hoping I can order one in at the deal price either way.

  • Do you think there will be a discount on Dyson?

    • Fine print says it doesn't apply to Dyson products.

      Offer does not apply to any Noel Leeming Gift Card purchases, Tech Solutions, Endeavour products, extended warranties, laybys, delivery fees, Dyson products, Apple hardware (excluding iPhones), gaming consoles and bundles

  • The Promotion doesnt start from 16th of Nov though.

  • I went to noel leeming with this to see what the iphones would cost on sale. You get absolutely no discount. Cost +0% is full retail price.

    • Doesn't the advert give the impression that you will be saving money as part of this promotion?. Are the costs fully transparent? How can they quantify the admin etc costs, as many of those would be part of the businesses overall costs?

    • thanks for the information! no need to visit there anymore

  • Don't include any volume related adjustments. As stated in previous deals this is ony good for high mark up items. Cables, memory sticks and other random things.

    • Turns out that eneloop batteries are high mark up. Picked them up today for half price using the flyer.

      • Nice. How much you paid for them? They go on sale for 30% off every month or so. Or, you can picked them up from PBTech for one of the lowest retail prices in NZ.

      • Yes batteries and accessories are a good one to look into with this deal.

  • So a new iPhone Pro 256 @ $2099 would cost what with this sale does anyone know? (although not in stock can always order)

    • When I came to get some idea of the discount, I've been told that iPhone 12 Pro would get around $60 discount from $1890 and iPhone 12 Mini around $40 from $1449.

      • you'd get a bigger discount buying it from themarket and using their coupons (currently 100 of 1000) plus a cashback site.
        sometimes they have percentage coupons which will make it even greater(last week they had 11% off )

        • try to get a iphone 12 from the market, At the check out it shows no coupon can be used for apple products. Maybe they changed the rule?

  • Got $84 discount on iPhone 12 pro max 256 GB

  • went to noel leeming over the weekend, they tell me there is no discount for iphone 12. How did you guys manage to get it?

    • I just showed them the flyer. They scanned it on their system and gave me discount on phone and screen protector.

      • Interesting, that is exactly what I have done.

        • Tried in store still works although the sales people there try to dissuade you from using it saying theres no discount but if you go to the counter and get them to scan it you will get some discount