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Xiaomi Mi 34" 144hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor $625 NZD Delivered @ The Market


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Pretty solid ultrawide gaming monitor for 625 (dont forget to use kiwiwallet cashback)
Seller is Gearbite (which I believe is overseas but im not sure how warranty works in this case as it is sold through themarket)

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  • Very good NZD price for a solid monitor according to reviews. Once you go ultrawide you never go back.

    However I would still prefer to pay the extra and wait for the AOC cu34g2x to go on sale if you are considering for gaming.

    • They are all using the same Samsung VA panel so there is little difference paying the extra for tbh.

      LG IPS would be an upgrade but it's also much more expensive.

      • Apparently the Titan army panels at PB tech also use the same Samsung panel however I returned mine because of how noticeable the ghosting was. But on my mates AOC the ghosting was next to nothing.

        Just speaking from experience. But also you’re right the AOC isn’t worth the difference currently.

        • It comes down to quality control. Titan army and a whole bunch of other no name brands are probably not using the best panels samsung produces.

          Can't say about xiaomi but the reviews seem to be pretty positive for the price. Certainly a good value for 625

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    I am just shocked about the mark up for this product outside of China. It was often on sale in China for 1999 RMB equvalent to 450 NZD.

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      Shipping would be another $100 due to the package size

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      Also GST of 15%…

      • -3

        GST does not apply to orders less than $1000 NZD

        • The point they were making was that GST is a significant factor in the local pricing.

        • Gst is charged at any amount. Under $1000 the retailer pays it, over the amount customs collect it from you directly

  • +1

    Xiaomi Mi Curved 34 Review, The Cheapest 144Hz 1440p Ultrawide! @Hardware Unboxed
    Rates very well

  • I wasn't looking for a new monitor.. but after seeing your post and reading some reviews, I'm pretty keen lol

    Did you get one yourself?

    • Yup. I was in the market for an upgrade from my LG ultrawide (1080 75hz)

  • +1

    Would not be surprised if this goes down lower during blackfriday somewhere.

    This is often on sale for $499 in AU

  • Thanks OP. Been looking for this monitor for a while, just got one.

    • I wasn't even looking for a monitor. Just pulled the trigger. Its going to be glorious.

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    I have one of these - purchased for around 600AUD from Gearbite. It's great - no regrets. No bleeds. Only issue I have is my GTX1080 isn't good enough :

    • you could throw away that 1080 to me and get a 2080S ;)

  • The last 4 monitors I bought had dead pixels on them and returned them all (Dell and PB Tech, so returns was easy). Not sure how that would work if buying from Gearbite as Market's aftersales service is pretty poor (slow response, defers to retailer etc).

    • That's the only thing putting me off from purchasing from Gearbite as well. Also had monitor with dead pixels in the past, and don't know what the returns process would be like =/

    • The Market's CS is just as bad.

    • I've just confirmed with them Gearbest is to do the warranty not the market.

  • Damn, I just ordered this one directly from and arrived but cost me 688!!!! It's G-Sync compatible to my GTX1060 laptop looks good to me so far!!

  • What kind of games are you guys playing for those who have the monitor / ordered recently? just doing some research, and doesn't seem like all games are suited for ultrawide.

    Also is a curved ultrawide monitor quiet nice for movies? I assume it gets rid of those black bars you would normally see when watching on a 16:9 monitor.

    • +1

      Most modern games work fine on ultra-wide, but probably not good if you're an e-sports player

      Been using 21:9 for 3 years now and never really had issue with it any game that didn't support it, either had a community pact/mod or just used black bars on the sides.

      But once you go ultrawide you can't go back, a normal 16:9/16:10 just feels cramped now.

    • +1

      Good for movies if you are sitting right infront of it due to the immersiveness, not good if you are watching from a distance.

      • Works well upto 2.5m after that definitely need a bigger screen

  • Thanks, Just ordered one.

  • This is an even better deal now at $605.16 with 11% of using eleven11

    • I know. Buggar

  • How long did it take for you guys to receive the monitor? placed my order on the 9th and still waiting :(

    • Took 8 days for the delivery for me.

  • With Black Friday stacking, this is now under $600.

    • Got it for $581.35 delivered!!! Might have to make an updated deal for this. :)

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