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$100 off $1000 Spend, $50 off $500 Spend, $30 off $300 Spend or $10 off $100 Spend (Excl. Alcohol) @The Market


$100 off - Home100 - Minimum spend $1000
$50 off - Cool50 - Minimum spend $500
$30 off - Kitchen30 - Minimum spend $300
$10 off - Smart10 - Minimum spend $100

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  • How’s everyone finding their support to deal with?
    I hope I’m in the minority here, last sale we got wrong and even used items that we’re still trying to sort out.
    Without a phone number or even live chat everything’s so much harder to follow up on.
    But yeah, when things go well it’s nice to get a bit of a discount, thanks!

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      Terrible. Super slow response time, even with The Market Club's "Priority customer service." xD. Having to follow up multiple times. No notifications about refunds and finally after getting someone to reply to me where my products were, was told "Check your bank".

      Probably use the same CS as The Warehouse as have much the same experience with their CS.

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        I didn’t even realise I get “priority service” with the membership… didn’t notice the difference I guess.
        You’re right about the warehouse/noels.
        They market has some imo good retailers on there with good support, but things now have to go through themarket email.

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      I've been waiting for a refund from the market for a noel leeming return for over 3 months..

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        I must be one of the lucky ones. I've done two refunds now for two different stores through The Market with no issues. Refunded within a fortnight.

        • Thanks for commenting, and glad to hear you’ve had a good experience.
          Hope that becomes the norm!
          Out of curiosity, what were the stores if you’re happy to share?

          • +1

            @eh: The Warehouse which I returned through the local Noel Leeming store, and Nautica which I returned via mail. Can't quite remember the Nautica process, but The Market emailed me once they received The Warehouse item, and then emailed again when they processed the refund.
            My only experiences though.

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      Support is absolutely terrible. Had an item delivered to a drop off point that was recorded as delivered there but the location didn't have it. Getting themarket support to contact their own delivery point (warehouse stationary) was seemingly impossible. Each time I ask for a follow up the next support person has no idea what had happened previously - like they don't record customer interactions against the order.

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    I still remember the days when The Market giving $30 off for $99. Bought plenty with that good discount.

    Now - it's almost meh with only 10% off. I just imagine that they are running out of breath giving away big discounts…

    • Yup noticed that too, now that its all going and lots more people use it.

    • +1

      That couldn't last forever, it was to entice people like us on with discounts and establish their brand. No business could operate at 30% off routinely. It was great for all of us who were there at the start though, I got a lot of cheap stuff off then while it lasted and it helped their marketing as I've definitely recommended friends use them.

      I can't complain about even these smaller discounts, it's still the same prices as on the warehouse groups main websites even when there's sales and the codes work on top of that along with free shipping from the market club membership via Vodafone. I'm waiting for the Xbox series x to get on there with a 10% off code

      • Yeah there are definitely still good deals to be had, you just have to dig more. A lot of items just don't go on sale, so the coupons are good for them.

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    Terrible experience with support. Took many calls to get a refund which took six weeks

    • I ordered something from Noel Leeming via TheMarket (to take advantage of a coupon) and chose a noel leeming branch as a pick up point. I checked on the NL site prior to ordering that they had stock in store, and expected to pick up within a day or so. The item took a week to deliver to a pickup point (as they ship from a logistics centre), which was closed during level 2.5 lockdown. I opted to get a refund because I didn't get the item in time, and the pickup point had no idea how to process a return delivery back to the market to get a refund. Countless runarounds, calls on hold and inconsistent customer service responses frustrated me. It took about two weeks before it was all sorted, plus another 2 weeks before I got the actual refund.

      I don't know why they can't sell me the stock that they had in store, instead of having it sent from a separate distribution centre. Hugely inefficient if you ask me.

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    I've bought about 10 times, only good experience so far.

    One instance of delayed shipping (retailer shipped straight away but Australia Post held it at Melbourne international departure point for 3 weeks (in May)). I received the parcel after reporting to customer service. A few weeks later I got a $20 off $99 spend code valid for 6 weeks (which I didn't use) and a complimentary one year MarketClub membership.

    One return via collection point, refunded within a few days of drop-off (July).

    One instance of product being broken on arrival. I sent photo of product, got refunded within 2 days (October).

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    Looks like their standards are dropping.. counting 13 days and my order hasn't shipped. Just basic items from The Warehouse, all in stock. But my order is still sitting on "awaiting confirmation"

    • I ordered some Lego from The Warehouse on 20 Oct, was in stock (and still is), also shows "Awaiting Confirmation". Odd.
      I used the $20 off over $50 code I got for signing up for the Vodafone free Market membership deal.

      • Hah, Lego. TWH seems to be undercutting everyone else. So with a $20 off coupon, I doubt that they are willing to fulfill that Lego order of yours.

    • I contaced The Market about my order yesterday, and today I've received "an update to my order" "We’ve been informed by The Warehouse that due to unforeseen circumstances they’re unable to fulfill your order." but the item still shows as in stock. I have replied saying I want another $20 off $50 spend voucher since the one I used was wasted. Seems strange and unfair.

      • +1

        Got the same email this morning. Pretty rubbish considering the market is meant to be run by TWHG

        • did you use a coupon too? They have said I get the coupon back, hopefully it has a new expiry.
          "Your coupon used on this order will be reimbursed back to your TheMarket account. Please allow 1-2 business days for this to reflect.
          Your refund will be processed by end of day today. Please allow 2-5 working days for this to show back on your payment card."

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    For me the market has been a bit of a mixed bag, last two orders took two days to arrive to an RD address and the previous order took over a month with having to follow it up and then received it two days later.I think all in all with such good savings I'm willing to put up with some of the small inconveniences.

    • To be honest, I don't think we can (should) blame TheMarket for that. Ultimately, it really is up to the store/supplier and/or courier. I doubt that if ordering directly from their website, if they have one, would be any different.

      The only thing I don't like so much is the extra layer (TheMarket as middleman) that you have to go through to get support. Although, I have to say, their support wasn't bad but neither exceptional. It's pretty much the same as any big store support - 1 email per day. However, I am all willing to take this risk to save some dollars especially if what I'm buying is not essential.

      To get support, what I found that worked for me well is ringing the store directly (e.g. TheWarehouse, Torpedo7, etc) and see first if they can help. Sometimes they can't and this is when I get in touch with someone from TheMarket.

  • For those of you who got a $20 off $50 coupon from the Vodafone membership deal, I managed to get another one. I used the original code a while ago, but for a laugh I changed the last number from Z31 to Z32 and it worked. Every other number I've tried comes up with 'no matching coupon found' though. May or may not work for you.

    • mine ends in M22, I tried a few different numbers, no luck. Maybe you've just used someone elses coupon though.

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