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expired Large Sundae $3 (21/11), Big Mac Small Combo & Cheeseburger $8 (22/11), Large Fries $2 (23/11) + More Deals @ McDonald's Via App


Wednesday 21st - Large Sundae for $2
Thursday 22nd - Big Mac Small Combo & Cheeseburger for $8
Friday 23rd- Large Fries for $2

As always with these November daily app deals, today only from 10:30 to 23:59.

See for future deal plans

Old predictions (thanks NZSkiBum for that link

?Tuesday 20th - BigMac - $3
??Wednesday 21st - Medium Shake - $2 or could be Sundae - $2 given already 2 shakes?
Thursday 22nd - Big Mac Small Combo & Cheeseburger - $8
??Friday 23rd - McChicken - $3 (not sure if this will be repeated, could be Cheeseburger - $2 or something else)
Saturday 24th - Big Mac Small Combo & Cheeseburger - $8
Sunday 25th - 2x 6 Chicken McNuggets & 2x Large Fries - $10
??Monday 26th - 20 McNuggets - $10
Tuesday 27th - McFlurry - $3
?Wednesday 28th - Quarter Pounder - $3
Thursday 29th - 6 McNuggets - $3
Friday 30th - Big Mac Small Combo & Cheeseburger - $8

Previous deals:
1st $3 Big Macs (Australia was same deal although $2)
2nd $3 Small Cheeseburger Combo (Australia was large fries)
3rd $10 for 20 Chicken McNuggets (Australia was 24 Chicken McNuggets, basically same deal but different quantity & price)
4th 2x Small Big Mac Combos $10 (Australia was Small Cheeseburger combo & Small Cheeseburger)
Monday 5th - $3 for 6 McNuggets (Australia was same deal but $2)
Tuesday 6th - $2 for Medium Shake (Australia was Large Sundae)
Wednesday 7th - $2 Cheeseburger (Australia was Chicken 'n Cheese)
Thursday 8th - $10 for 20 McNuggets (Australia was Large Thickshake)
Friday 9th - Big Mac Small Combo & Cheeseburger - $8 (Australia was same deal but $5)
Saturday 10th - 2x 6 Chicken McNuggets & 2x Large Fries - $10 (Australia was 18x Chicken McNuggets and 2x Large Fries, basically same deal but different quantity/price)
Sunday 11th - 2x (Small) McChicken Combos - $10 (Australia was same deal but $9)
Monday 12th - McFlurry - $3 (Australia was same deal but $1.50)

Tuesday 13th - 6 McNuggets - $3 (as predicted)
Wednesday 14th - McChicken - $3 (prediction was Cheeseburger - $2)
Thursday 15th - Medium Shake - $2 (prediction was 20 McNuggets - $10)
Friday 16th - Cheeseburger Small Combo & Cheeseburger - $5 (predicted was 2x Small Big Mac combos - $10 as this is what happened on 4th when the cheeseburger combo+cheeseburger deal was in Australia. But instead this time we got the same deal as Australia. Price of $5 is expected if correct prediction had been made considering pricing of other deals)
Saturday 17th - 20 McNuggets - $10 (predicted was McHappy Day although I had no idea what that meant)
Sunday 18th - 2x Small Quarterpounder combos - $10 (as predicted)
Monday 19th - 6 McNuggets for $3 (as predicted)
Tuesday 20th - Big Mac for $3 (as predicted)
Wednesday 21st - Large Sundae for $2

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  • +1 vote

    How are they already running out of good deals on the 5th day

    • +1 vote

      Shit, just give us $3 Big Macs every day and I'll go there every day.


        I suspect there will be another $3 Big Mac at some stage. Also fairly sure a $3 Quarter Pounder is coming up. This is the first of the deals you can see on their picture (other than the $10 McNuggets but I only noticed after) although it's actually a shake not a McFlurry. (I don't get those sort of things so just assumed that's what it was but looking at photos of McFlurry I was clearly wrong.)


        $3 Big Macs for life? Sureee. Install, factory reset, reinstall, factory reset etc lol. You will also notice they don't need email verification.


        How about today's $3 McChicken?


      Wonder if today's deal $2 for a Cheeseburger will be more popular

  • +4 votes

    Are we going to have these McDonald's "deals" posted every day this month?
    Shall I start posting daily the Subway sub of the day 😬


      Maybe the admins could create something new for the website? :O


      I think one deal that is updated daily would be more appropriate. The first person to post these deals did that, with a single post for the first two days of deals. But the mods changed the post to only have the first deal.


        I agree a new deal every day probably isn't ideal, had similar thoughts before posting. I can't change the previous threads (well I can for the 3rd), but will try to keep this thread updated with the daily deal. If the mods want to return to the initial thread or stick with a new deal every day they're welcome to


    $3 McFlurry today @ McDonald's (Monday)

  • +2 votes

    Deals seems to be exactly the same as the Australian counterpart except the NZ deals are generally $1-2 more expensive:


      The only exception is the $1.50 chicken n cheese. This is replaced with a $2 cheeseburger instead as we don't have this on our menu.


        2nd was a Small Cheeseburger Combo (for $3) instead of large fries, 4th was 2 small Big Mac combos instead of a small cheeseburger combo and a cheeseburger, 6th was a medium shake instead of a sundae and 8th was $10 or 20 McNuggets again instead of a thickshake. But yeah it's fairly similar. I've updated the list with predictions for the future based on it. I wonder if there might be some changes though e.g. maybe the thickshake day will be a Sundae instead of McNuggets or will be a medium shake


    BTW, as today's deal McChicken deal may be somewhat popular but it's easy to miss this thread as an old deal, although I can't speak for mods I'm fine if people want to re-post it as a new deal.


      Bit late today although the more interesting question may be whether Tuesday will follow predictions

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