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expired $3 Big Macs, $2 Large Sundaes (20/11 + 21/11) + McDonald's Deals for The Rest of The Month


Got this photo from a friend and it seems to show the McDonalds deals for the remainder of the month. It varies from the Australian one that we seem to be basing our predictions on.

19th: 6 McNuggets for $3
20th: $3 Big Macs
21st: $2 Large Sundae
22nd: $8 Big Mac Small Combo and Cheeseburger
23rd: $2 Large fries
24th: $10 2x Big Mac Small Combos
25th: $10 2x 6 Pack Mcnuggets and 2x Large Fries
26th: $2 Large Sunae
27th: Quarter Pounder?
28th: $2 Large Fries
29th: $3 6x Mcnuggets
30th: $8 Big Mac Small Combo


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    just a note i tried it today and got a $3 big mac offer as well i think it might be for new users at anytime.

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      Yes there is always a $3 Big Mac for new users. But it's only redeemable once. (I mean actually redeemed, if they don't make you redeem it you can use it until they do.)

      The daily deals are also only redeemable once but are separate from the sign up deal. Actually last time the sign up deal disappeared during the daily deal I assume to stop people accidentally using the wrong one.

      Once you've redeemed any deal, you need to change device ID/Android ID/SSAID on Android. This isn't so hard with a rooted device but otherwise requires a master reset. Although hint hint, with modern versions of Android, each user account has its own device ID. (I assume this applies to the temporary guest profile as well although I'm not certain.)

      If you don't change device ID and sign up with a new user account, you may have the deal, but it will say already redeemed on this device when you try to redeem.

      P.S. This is only Android. I have no idea what happens on iOS. I believe Apple has basically forbidden vendors from using the UUID in this fashion. They have the vendor ID, but on modern iOS this changes if you uninstall all apps from the vendor. Maybe they don't do anything fancy so you just have to uninstall and reinstall.


        BTW should mention you don't normally need to create a McDonald's account for the daily deals, they show up and work even if you're not signed into an account.

        Also I'm only thinking about whether you can successfully redeem the deal on the app. Since it needs to go through staff, I can't imagine you'll have much luck if you get a $3 Big Mac and then a minute later go back to the same person and try again. Whether they neglected to ask you to redeem the deal. Or they did but you can redeem it again for whatever reason (secondary user, whatever iPhone does, another device). I have confirmed on Android 8.1 that guest profiles seem to work as expected, every time you clear it out and make a new guest profile you can redeem it again.

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    Pretty sure the last one is another Big Mac Small Combo + Cheeseburger, you can see the photo and it's consistent with previous deals considering price. And agree 27 is $3 Quarter Pounder


    Did anyone tried to redeem the deal before 10:30? Although the T&C says 10:30-23:59 and so does Facebook, the actual voucher itself isn't limited to 10.30 like it normally is. However I imagine staff may still deny redemption, and of course the deal on their POS system may be correctly time limited.


      Most restaurants are on the breakfast menu until 10:30, which is probably why the time limit exists. The app is supposed to prevent you from hitting redeem until 10:30 and then automatically reload when it hits that time, but that feature has been a bit inconsistent.

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        I think the all day Big Mac is still around isn't it? Anyway the breakfast thing is probably partially the reason. But the limit also stops you redeeming after midnight before they switch to the breakfast menu. Whether that's simply because it's too confusing to their staff and customers otherwise I don't know.

        Main thing was they didn't even limit the Big Mac app deal. While the T&C did limit it to 10.30, the deal itself could be redeemed at any time. I don't think this was simply a loading error since I saw it on 2 different devices and also several times including after midnight and in the morning before 10.30. All the other deals that I checked before they began when they appeared after midnight (which was nearly all of them, including the previous Big Mac for $3 deal) always had the limit for the deal, it was greyed out and everything. I assume whoever loaded the deal on their backend simply forgot to put a begin time on it, or alternatively put it at 00:01.

        I don't know how the app backend is connected to their POS. It could be it's not connected and so the Big Mac deal in their POS system may have still had the time limit. Meaning even if staff tried to offer it, they couldn't.

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          The app is a seperate system entirely that is not connected to the POS backend. They most likely added the timing to the app to prevent confusion as every item in the "Best Month Ever" promotion are of products only available after 10:30. I agree that the $3 Big Mac should also have this timer (and the all day Big Mac ended a few months back), but possibly the timer functionality hadn't been added to the app at the time. Most "only breakfast" app deals can be redeemed at any time as well despite only being available before 10:30.
          The POS system allows employees to put on any of the app deals at any time with no time restriction, although staff are told not to redeem app deals until after 10:30AM (with the exception of the breakfast ones) and I presume these are tracked by management. Some restaurants might let you use the $3 as part of the overnight menu though I highly doubt it.


            @Crashbash111: Ah I see, was thinking that their POS systems would probably just let them do it whenever. I haven't been paying so much attention since we got the definite list but seems today's $2 large fries deal is the same, time limit in T&C but coupon itself isn't limited so can already be redeemed. I was actually in a restaurant after midnight today. Got the Quarter Pounder deal with a mate at about 11:40 pm. When I got home found they's put it through as $3 Big Macs instead. I assume the signup deal unless last Tuesday's deal is still on the system. So went to complain and as I semi-expected they gave us the Quarter Pounders we ordered plus got to keep the Big Macs.

            Didn't notice the fries were now available but wouldn't have tried anyway as I'd already gotten free food even if it was their mistake. This is the Lincoln Road store which doesn't seem very strict with the rules at least when I visit. They rarely get me to redeem the coupon. So wonder if they would let it but then again a time limit is fairly different. I know once when my mate got something at ~ 11:55 pm whoever served them said it was nearly over. So staff are clearly aware of the ending time limit.

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