400 Bonus Airpoints Dollars with American Express Airpoints Platinum Card ($195 Annual Fee)


Get 400 bonus Airpoints Dollars when you apply online by 2 November 2020, are approved, and spend $1,500 on your new Card within the first 3 months. This offer is available to new Card Members only. T&Cs apply.

The Amex Airpoints Platinum also comes with smartphone screen insurance, airport lounge access passes and earn rate of 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $59 you spend on your card.

More info via The Upgrade Collective

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  • How commonly accepted is American Express? Worth switching from a kiwibank platinum airpoints card?

    • I had it before and I would say 40-50% of places. Petrol stations and sipermarkets have it most of the time.

  • I use it for groceries and gas. Its is not common elsewhere. So have a visa too

    • You can buy a prepaid visa at a grocery store. Bonfire 1000$ plus 4.95 fee =
      1004.95 cost,
      1000 value,
      17 rewards.
      That's a rewards rate of 12/1000.
      1 airpoints dollar per $82.75 spend on your prepay visa via amex. Only slightly less than per 75 on platinum cards and you've consolidated the card fees!
      Not all online places accept prepay cards but of course you have a transferwise debit card for those 0% plus minor charge international currency conversion fees for online shopping anyway because paying at least 1.85% (kiwibank) is more than the rewards you make back (silly).

      • That's bloody genius - thanks for the tip! Is there a way to easily check your remaining balance on the visa? And what percentage of places, would you say, don't accept prepaid visa's?

        • Remember to check spending power before to make sure you can spend enough in a single transaction, not sure if it will be too low as a new customer.
          Last time I used a prezzy card which costs a dollar more, let's you check ballance easily with card number/cv2 code if you skip it asking for your details. Haven't got enough experience to say about acceptance other than lotto won't accept non bank cards, it worked on Google play, and I think just one other place (rubber monkey) didn't work.
          Can't remember if I had to put a fake address for the bonfire card to be able to check the balance.

          • @username: Sweet as, thanks for that. Why do you skip registration? I've read that if you register, and the card is lost/stolen, you can block the card and get the balance transferred. $1000 is a lot to have in your wallet!

      • where are you getting this $4.95 fee from? I've never had a place charge me a fee for amex, a lot of places charge for the use of a credit card and at that point the visa platinum's will also incur same fee, but yes you definitely need an a backup eftpos card if you plan on using an amex

  • I wanted to use the mobile screen replacement, and it's very very limited. There's a $250 excess with a $500 limit which would only fix your old Nokia 5120.

    • Maximum of 2 claims per 12 month period, per Account, maximum cover of $500 per claim and an excess of 10% of the claimed amount applies.

      Thought that didn't seem right.

    • Yea I've had this card for a year, it was a $50 excess for me to get a screen fixed that cost $590, they gave me a $500 contribution to it, so not bad at all