Bonus $20 Bunnings eGift Card When You Checkout Instore at Bunnings using Zip (New Customers Only)


You will receive 1x $20 Bunnings digital eGift Card (“Prize”) in the Promotion for your first successful purchase instore at Bunnings Warehouse during the Prize Draw Period. Only your first successful purchase at Bunnings Warehouse will be eligible for this promotion, and the purchase must be instore at Bunnings (not via If you are an existing Zip customer, you are not eligible to receive the prize.

Purchase must be made in store.

Link above goes to the terms and conditions of this page.

Nil minimal spend noted in the Ts and Cs

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  • In case it isn't clear, it's for new Zip customers only.

  • Thanks OP. Just signed up and will test it tomorrow. Is there anything I should be weary of with Zip?

    • I've used Zip (previously Part Pay) quite a bit, I find it super handy. No tricks or catches as long as you pay on time.

  • Awesome - worked for me. Cheers JoeH

  • Basically you can just register and spend once, get the $20 credit, spend it, and stop using zip?

  • never use it before, how exactly does this work? so you sign up online with zip then shop at bunnings?

  • Thanks for sharing.

    Bunnings eGift card is convenient to use. No expiration date.

    Remember to enter the promotion code in the app after download the app. Pretty fast.

    In the promotion code, it said, "Shop in Bunnings Warehouse between 01/09/2020 and 31/10/2020."

  • Sorry, a stupid question. Where do I put the promo code in the Zip mobile app? I'm using the Android phone, and I'm going nuts looking for it everywhere but still couldn't find it.

  • Just purchased some earplugs for $6. Entered Bunnings20 promo code. Went in-store. Created a code in zip app (click 'in-store', create in-store code), lady at counter scanned it, I approved it on my phone, she printed the receipt. I ended up paying it off straight away instead of the 4 weekly payments.

    Once you make your first purchase, you'll have to wait 2 weeks before you can use zip again.

    Will update this when/if I get the eVoucher.

  • Got my $20 eGift Card. 12hrs after purchase. Won't load when I click the link in the email, but maybe I have to wait a bit. Too keen.

  • Has anyone else not received a gift card ?
    I made a purchase using the promo code along with my friend, she's received her voucher the other day but I haven't heard anything apart from the order & payment confirmation as I paid it off on the spot.

  • Hey i processed through zip at bunnings other day, the remaining 3 payments are on my account to come out. Yet 2 days later still no voucher emailed to me. And the bunnings20 voucher still seems to be on my promo code?. Can anyone help i have been trying to get ahold of them to sort it cheers. The promo code was added when i downloaded the app.

    • I emailed zip about my issue above and they emailed me back within 2 days. All I can suggest is keep trying to get hold of them.

      • I bought at Bunnings last Sunday, no voucher has appeared.
        I emailed them about it on Tuesday. 3 business days later, zero response.
        Are Zip always this much of a shambles?

  • Do you have to pay an account establishment fee for opening Zip account? $49?