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Xiaomi Mi Airdots 2 True Wireless Earbuds $69 @ PB Tech


Xiaomi Mi AirDots 2 True Wireless Earphones - Black - The BEST VALUE True Wireless For Music & Calls - IPX4 sweat & water resistant Compatible with Android & iPhone, Bluetooth 5.0

NZ Safety Certified - Official Local Product from NZ's Authorised Xiaomi Distributor

Xiaomi Mi AirDots 2, TWS earphones with Bluetooth 5.0 and ultra-light design

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PB Tech
PB Tech


  • $69 seems to be the standard price. What makes it a deal?

    • A note though that the Mi Store and PB Tech are the same thing. They're the "official sellers" for NZ, and also run the mi-store website. That's why the webpages are almost identical too.

  • I have a pair of these, and am not impressed.

    They fall out very easily if you are out walking, let alone if you try jogging with them in.

    I will be replacing mine with something that has an ear 'hook' (not sure what to describe it as, but hopefully you know what I mean) so that they are more secure.

    If you just wanted them for sitting at home / office, then they would be fine.


    • I bought some sennheisers, in ear but with the cable loop around the back of the neck.
      Same problem, and also not very loud or bassy.

    • I have a pair of Jabra 65t earbuds and their shape keeps them in the ear very securely. You don't need an ear hook with well-designed earbuds.

    • I run with mine and they have never come close to falling out. So everyone's ears will be different.

  • $28 on aliexpress

    • support local though, you know those locally who do just buy from aliexpress and then sell to you at a greatly inflated price.

      • Yes support local if it was anyone other than PB Tech like a smaller computer company. In my personal opinion, I don't want to give PB Tech my $30 extra dollars.I think PB Tech is good already? Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

  • Almost went for these a while back, but the OzBargain threads held me back. I went with a pair of
    EDIFIER X3 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for $35 nzd instead. Hopefully they go alright.

    • I must be confusing this pair with the previous model. Apparently the ones listed here only came out in the last month or so.They fixed disconnection issues and low latency.

  • I went for these last year, and find them quite decent. For me they fit great and have never fell out, and I was a bit worried how they might sound not too great, but they actually exceeded my expectations. I use them more than my wireless Sennheiser.PXC550's.

  • Anyone know what the microphone is like on calls?

    • It's too good. Picks up voice well but also external noise very easily.

    • I have the previous version and they are not good for calls. The microphone picks up all the surrounding noise and caller can hardly hear my voice.
      Will work in a quiet room I guess. And not sure if they've improved the mics in this version.

  • I have a version 1 pair. Never fallen out of my ears. They come with 3 different sizes of ear rubbers.

    The have great sound. They last well also.

  • no deal here

  • Use code BGHLXU2 if buying from Banggood. USD $20 delivered. Might not be global version though.

  • Oh sweet. A new version. I got some just before lockdown and, while they have a couple of issues, I love them and use them every day.

  • 1st Gen Airdots are $39.99 on 1day today. Decided to take a punt on them. Version 2 has a newer chip which allows for lower latency game mode and mono (single ear) use. Not sure if there are any other improvements- I've read they are otherwise identical.

    • I have the 1st gen ones and have often, well almost always actually, used them singly. They work fine like that anyway. They have one downside and that's the mic is a bit too sensitive as someone above also mentioned it picks up a LOT of extraneous noise during calls and the person at the other end can have trouble hearing you. Unfortunately my AirDots charge case has Karked it. I pulled it apart but it needs micro soldering which I can't do so I have the 'Dots' but they can't be used. I did consider buying a 2nd Gen set so I could also charge the 1st Gen buds but I have a pair of Oppo Ear things I got with my Oppo phone, ('free gift'). These are in some ways a llitte better so I dunno what to do with the old Airdots now lol. Can't charge em.