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Nescafe Dolce Gusto Pods Range 2 for $14 (30% Saving) @ The Warehouse


My first deal post, don't see these on special very often so thought I'd post it here for all my fellow Dolce Gusto owners to take advantage of.

Dolce Gusto pod range (including Starbucks) normally $10 each now 2 for $14

Available with Zip if you want to laybuy and of course don't forget to use the free shipping code. Not sure if any further discounts apply if using store cards.

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The Warehouse

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    what is the free shipping code?

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    Thank you,
    https://www.cheapies.nz/node/24271 for that free shipping code thanks to @Tomo

  • Worked with 3 boxes as well - $12.76 for two, then $8.24 for the third one.

  • website is useless with stupid repetitive popups and then you finally go to open cart and there is a constant error

    • Try through app or desktop? I have zero difficulty ordering this product.

      • i have tried, even tried phone and laptop with no purchase possible

        • odd

        • Is there stock available of the flavor you're trying to buy? That's caught me out before. There will be small red text above the product in your cart telling you there's not enough stock on hand, that's the only reason I can think of it giving you errors. I've never had any issues apart from an error popping up sometimes when I change the amount of more than one item in my cart, a simple page refresh fixes that, and when the country first went into lockdown the website sh!t itself when everyone was panic buying, otherwise no issues at all and the only popups I see are ones asking if I'm ordering for Auckland or not.

          • @DisabledUser9442: yep theres stock, ive given up and ill just do the tried and true way, instore. The error was telling me i couldnt find what i was looking for which was BS because i was trying to order what i wanted. i reckon it was an overload of people using the site which shouldnt happen if they had invested in better hardware. i saw the same popup every 10 seconds no matter what i did. Really puts me off the website and the brand.

  • I have found quite a difference in the quality of non-nespresso pods, and my machines ability to utilise them properly. I have a naif machine so maybe that's why, but a couple of different brands I have tried, seems to make the machine work harder than normal, and also doesn't produce quite the same amount of coffee in the glass.

    I haven't tried the Starbucks ones though so they will be on my list

    • These arent off-brand nespresso pods, they're for the Dolce Gusto machines.

  • Nespresso Starbucks capsules also on sale. $15 for 20 capsules. Or even better $80 for 120 capsules which is probably the cheapest out there.

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