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KFC Coupons: Hot and Spicy Snack Box $3.99, Burger Bundle $25.99, Chicken Lickin $18.99


PLU317 - Hot and spicy snack box $3.99
PLU196 - Pop and slide $8.99
PLU58 - Chicken lickin $18.99
PLU214 - The stacker meal $14.99
PLU55 - The burger Bundle $25.99
PLU316 - Chip, chick and dip $29.99
PLU149 - The hot bucket $30.99
PLU315 - The spicy secret $42.99

Will add the contents of each later once I'm at a computer šŸ™‚

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  • Thanks OP.

    Personally thought the deals from them are getting less and less attractive. However this combined with the "free fries and drink for $5+ with feedback" could be worth it!

  • If only they kept the gimmie 5

  • is it free to swap from original too hot and spicy?

    i remember at one point it costed 30cent per piece for a swap

    • its always costs now from my understanding, currently 25c per piece to change to hot and spicy

      • thanks

      • At least as of a few months ago, the permanent hot and spicy restaurants (i.e. those near Texas Chicken outlets) don't normally charge AFAIK. At least those I've been to out west Auckland haven't generally done so including for GImme 5. They even let you mix and match e.g. 3 H&S 2 OR which I'm not sure Texas Chicken does. (I think I tried once a long time ago and they didn't let me but I haven't tried since then. But their online ordering doesn't seem to. I don't find Texas Chicken's non spicy chicken that great anyway, while Texas Chicken may have the better spicy chicken, IMO KFC's OR is far better than Texas Chicken's non spicy.)

        I know one time their in store advertising in the Lincoln Road store suggested they would when they had hot and spicy nation-wide but I'm not sure if they actually did or they just kept the normal advertising. I ordered sometime after that, I think after nation-wide H&S had ended and there was no charge. (This was last year.) It's a little funny if they charge in those specific restaurants when hot and spicy is nationwide but not when it's only those restaurants, but I wouldn't be completely surprised.

    • Finished for the day and got the burger Bundle - didn't get any surcharge for swapping all 4 pieces to hot and spicy ~~

      But they do advertise 25c/ piece