This was posted 6 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Up to 30% off Sitewide + Further 15% off Sitewide @ The Market


πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ TheMarketFest: It's our birthday, but YOU get the presents! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Between 8th July - 12th July is having a MASSIVE sale for our first birthday with 180 retailer promotions PLUS 15% off site-wide where customers can stack their savings!

Saving of 15% off everything, excluding alcohol and Apple products.
Minimum spend $1.
Excludes shipping costs (if relevant).
15% discount will be applied as an additional saving in cart, on top of any offers or discounts presented by individual merchants on TheMarket.
Maximum combined MarketFest coupon discount saving over the campaign period will be limited to $600 per registered customer.
MarketFest campaign period ends at midnight Sunday 12/7/2020. standard terms & conditions apply - see website for details.

Referral Links

Referral:  ShopRewards or random (140)

Both referrer and referee receive $20 off purchases of $99 or more.

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    Finally got my cashback from shopreward. Good to go!

    • +1 vote

      Yeah, I’ve had a few clear recently from around boxing day

    • Same, I'd given up hope and completely forgotten about it by this point. Thought I must've done something wrong. But it came through the other day

  • the code on their site is FEST15 which gives 15% off as well.

    it's good deal and i know you're promoting a link for the stackable rewards, but at least be transparent that you are posting an affiliate code as well.

    • Sorry I don't understand, which codes can we stack, because I thought you couldn't stack codes on the market.

      • The coupons don't stack but the "sale" does.

        All (most) retailers offer some sort of discount at the moment.

        E.g. TheWarehouse has 10% off an item, at checkout you add the code to get a further 15% off the sale price.

        • Correct. WS is doing 20% off headphones applied at checkout, then you apply the 15% off voucher for a further discount (plus potential free shipping for those on the Market trial).

      • OP posted an affiliate code rather than the generic code for the sale. Both have the same discounts and stack with shoprewards which i guess OP is involved with. Code has been fixed now though.

        • Thanks for your comment.
          It is just a discount code rather than affiliate code. ;)
          I have replaced our exclusive discount code with the code you provided.


  • Thanks for posting - ended up ordering the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones for $203 from WS, for use at the gym.

  • Anyone ordered PS4 games from GG Store before? Do they ship quickly?

  • Damn. I bought a Misti 16L dehumidifer over the weekend for $620. It's $595 with this discount.

    • How is your dehumdifier? im in the market for the same. Comparing Mitsi ones with the ones from Delonghi and Panasonic.

      • You should consider gd330 Desiccant dehumidifier. We used to have one. Bought based on consumer. It can dehumidify at a lower temperature than pump models.

        • Good find. Thanks mate. Had never considered that one until now. The reviews in HN tells the tale. Now looking for a good deal.

        • Desiccant dehumidifier work well I also have one from dimplex very efficient and fast

          • @umakant: HN is having a sale on Dimplex Desiccant Dehumidifier(and others too).
            Those who have the desiccant ones, anyone noticed chemical smell?

            • @Banto: I haven't personally noticed a chemical smell , i have the Dimplex GDDEKD9 model

              • @Ytrewq: Thanks all. Placed an order for the Dimplex Desiccant one with HN. They don't have it in stock, will get it next week.
                I was conflicted about buying a Mitsi condenser one vs Dimplex Desiccant one. I believe for South Island it makes for sense to buy the desiccant ones as the only time we need Dehumidifier is in winter. Plus it does not leave the place cold when it is running.

            • @Banto: Desiccant types may absorb smell and may give them out as you use them , you just have to run them after a will the smell goes , some may not like it but it's for a short will only

      • I'm really liking it. I have a 2 bedroom flat in Wellington. It's a good size for my place, does a good job, works at low temps, is quite quiet and has an air purifier. The resale value seems to be really good to.

  • Bought a switch from noel leeming and it will turn out 446.25 + cashback, very good price


      Did noelleming send your nintendo switch? i bought it yesterday early morning. they did not send it. nintendo switch of noelleeming is not available now.

      • Yes. Someone called me yesterday afternoon and said there was no stock, no ETA and only can offer a refund.
        He mentioned that that's only like 24 stocks around NZ and out of stock in Christchurch / Dunedin (I am in Christchurch)

        Told them I can wait, he said OK but after 14 days order will be auto cancelled anyway. I said fine just leave it there and see what's going on.

        The order was shipped among with a carry case / purple orange joycon set from Dunedin last evening and it is pending for collection at nzpost.

      • I got mine delivered on Thursday, I brought it about 30 minutes after dejrru posted.

        Now I need a game…

  • Cool, got a $105 Lego set for $85 shipped. I'm glad I held off on ordering it last week! :D

  • If I signed up my partner through the 'friend get friend' deal, could I then use that $20 on top of this discount on an item over $99?

    • You'll get a referral coupon code. You can't stack coupon codes so you can use the $20 or 15% but not both on a single checkout.

  • Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones for $398. I think this is a good deal?

  • anyone dealt with returns from themarket? mainly with cloth sizing as not sure which size will fit. are they like asos offering free returns?

    • I had returned a unused /new in original packaging electronic item back on themarket it was smooth , didn't try to return cloths yet

      • I've been waiting on a return to be processed/refunded that noel leeming have had back since the 23rd of June..

    • The market's customer service is shocking, endless wait and usually take a few emails to get things sorted

      • To add to this, confirming they take forever to respond. Lost an order due their (and NL) incompetence and only found out way after sales ended in stores. It has been really hit and miss, buyers wary

  • Some reduced items on the Market have in blue "Spend $70 get 10% off", but the maths doesn't seem to add up (and the discount seems to be more)? Any idea how this is meant to work, and is it additional before applying the 15% off code?

  • Please post any good find. So far, I can’t find any big bargain πŸ˜…

    • Switch as mentioned above for $446 !

    • Just got my Beats Solo3 this morning and tested it out at the gym now - impressed with the product and Market's overnight delivery.

    • I saw the Sony wh-1000xm3 headphones for $379, the cheapest they've been for a little while. With new ones coming soon, I don't know whether to buy now at a good price or gamble on a lower price when the new ones come out (and that's if a lower price happens)

  • i have trouble completing my order, idk if its cos of shoprewards coupon, anyone else facing issues?

  • placed orders, thanks, only 10 g7 left now