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The Market - Queens's Birthday 4.0% Upsized Cashback @ ShopRewards


👑 Shop like a Queen! 👑

🎁 We have increased TheMarket cashback to 4% this Queen's Birthday Long Weekends only.

This offer is stackable on top of any TheMarket coupon on our website.

Purchase amount: $500
Coupon: -$60
ShopRewards cashback (4%): -$17.6
Total Savings: $77.6 🔥

Happy Birthday Queen! 🎂

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Referrer and referee receive $10 (November).

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  • I've only ever gotten this to work once. I got a grand total of 15c from my Ali Express purchase.

    • Sweet now you just need $19.85 more in cashback to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold!

      • I had hoped I'd have been able to withdraw the money to buy 15 easter eggs from The Warehouse, but alas…

  • Not quite sure about others, from my experience with ShopRewards, i think they are scam, i made about 8 purchases using ShopRewards in March, none of them is credited as off today, not going to trust them anymore

    • With some cashbacks you have to wait 6 months. So check back in september.

    • Hi there,

      We hate scam as much as you do.

      Normally, it takes at least 3 months for retailer to confirm your purchases due to their return/refund policy.

      Kindly pm us your email address and we would check your account.

      Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • I've had nothing but bad experiences with Shop Rewards also. Bought a Switch Lite from The Market in November, no Shop Rewards credit. Possibly because I chose to pickup instead of delivery.

    I have two friend referral credits, one is still pending since December.

    Made another The Market purchase this week for around $150, and chose delivery this time. If I don't get credit, it'll be the last time I bother.

    • Hi,

      Sorry to hear about the bad experience.

      Can you please dm us your username/email address to check the mentioned purchase?

      Also, I would personally check your recent purchase and make sure it was 100% tracked and loaded into your account.


  • +1 vote

    Pretty sure it’s a scam i bought a Dyson v11 through these guys in Mar and still waiting for the cash back. Various excuses and latest one is the market only processed cash back up til dec last year.

    • Hi,

      We understand how you feel.
      We are also desperately waiting for TheMarket to confirm your purchase.

      Depends on the retailer, it will normally take at least 3 months for the retailer to confirm your purchase due to their refund/return policy.
      This is how cashback works.

      We are definitely not a scam. We hate scam as much as you do. Refer here for more info.

      Hope you understand.


  • has anyone ever received anything from either Shop Rewards or Kiwiwallet? I used them both, and both of my cashback accounts have above $20 since Feb. emailed them and heard nothing from them :(

    • Feel like I’m getting scammed from KiwiWallet. Decided to switch to ShopRewards but apparently from comments above they are also a scam.

      • @ahmad,
        Can you please explain how are you being scammed? You have more than $20 available cashback which you can withdraw anytime. Plus you have some pending/confirmed cashback. You recently TheMarket a couple of days ago, it was tracked and can be seen on your account.

        • Thank you for replying. My account is full of non-completed transactions as you will be aware. You stepped in to help, which I appreciated, but there was no resolution for the transactions in question. They are still “stuck” and not payable. I am very reluctant to withdraw the $20 because the remaining <$20 would remain “stuck” and unable to be withdrawn even if I did get the $20, which would leave me significantly out of pocket. It really does feel like a scam that relies on me “giving up”. Even “confirmed” cash backs don’t seem to convert to “payable” which makes me even more afraid.

        • I should mention that there are plenty of Klook transactions from December which I asked about which again I never had any resolution from. So not just The Market.

          • @ahmad: I believe Klook ones are sorted, please keep in mind we have a high dependency as other cashback sites in the world on the retailers/affiliate networks to mark these transactions to Pending/Approved/Payable. Once we get the final confirmation/payment from them then we are able to pay to our members.

            • @kiwiwallet: Hello they were still pending for a long time but I think you have sorted this out now. I will double check when I get to a computer but thank you for your assistance. Much appreciated.

            • @kiwiwallet: By the way - sorry I didn't say KiwiWallet WAS a scam. I said I felt like I might be getting scammed. I really appreciate your responses which have now cleared all the Klook transactions. Looks like the eBay ones are still going to sit there for a while. I'll keep using Kiwi Wallet and hoping for a better experience in the future thanks again.

    • We have paid the January TheMarket transactions if anyone hasn't paid please drop us an email we will look immediately. We will pay Feb transaction in 1/2 weeks once got the confirmation from TheMarket.

  • No responses from any rep at all about these comments. What a scam.

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the late response.

      We have just responded these comments on lovely Sunday.

      Have a great long weekends.


  • didn't work for me. not worth the effort, they're prob pocketing the change

    • Hi there,

      We're not sure what didn't work for you.

      Can you please dm us your username/email address to verify your purchases?

      Have a great day.


  • maybe its time to remove kiwiwallet and cashrewards from cheapies.

    • To be fair to Kiwi Wallet - after I posted on this thread they have approved/updated the claims status on December 2019 activity. It isn’t great that I have to express concerns about whether this is a scam or not to get the action taken but I am prepared to give Kiwi Wallet credit for this at this stage.

  • +2 votes

    Have had cash backs from both shop rewards and kiwiwallet paid.
    Takes ages, like some almost 12 months, but came through eventually

    • Thank you for your confirmation.

      It's really sad to read those comments but we totally understand how they feel.
      Unfortunately, the purchase approval do takes times and it is out of our control.

      We will definitely try our very best to help everyone to stretch the dollar further.

      Have a great long weekends.


      • I think people get frustrated because they may not understand the cashback process can take months and months. Maybe you could make this more clearer on your website and advertising. I'm thinking of a superfast voiceover reading the fineprint scrolling on the bottom on your ads at the ends saying something like "
        Pending cash back are your earnings that cannot yet be withdrawn because the merchant has not confirmed the transaction or the return time (90 days) on those purchases has not yet passed. Once it has been confirmed (which is normally 3 months but can take up to 6 months or more), the cashback for those purchases becomes Available and cashback can be withdrawn when you reach the minimum threshold. Cashback is reported back to us by the store after the purchase and we will then update your account as ‘Pending’. It usually takes 2 to 7 days after the order is completed. Some stores however, may take up to 30 days to report your transactions due to the variations between the different stores' financial reporting systems.Once you have accumulated the minimum Available Balance (currently $20), just login then click on ‘My Account’ and then click ‘Withdraw Money’. Simple provide your bank account details where you would like to receive your cashbacks payment. Once requested, payments may take up to a maximum 5 business days to be processed.

        • Thank you so much on your suggestion. ❤️

          We do have those information on our help page but as you said probably it's not very clear or people might notice.
          We will definitely review our website/ads to make this very clear.

          Have a nice weekends. ;)