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Free Standard Shipping for Orders over $20 @ PB Tech


New shipping code for over $20 Enjoy!

"*Free standard shipping for orders over $20 inc GST, excludes bulk items over 20kg, oversized items, express delivery options, rural and overseas addresses. This promotion is for retail customers only, it excludes commercial customers with credit accounts or special price levels. Promo code offer is valid until 7th June 2020. "

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  • Pbtech kicking NZPost while it's down with all these free ship codes

    • As long as its not via Auckland then shipping is pretty good.

    • At least they don't send out half a dozen parcels for a single order like The Warehouse

      • yeah, warehouse has been ridiculous. I had a 10 item order for $1-2 items… came in 6 boxes.

        • I suspect TWH pays one single fee for an all-u-can-send service. Can the chief logistics officer confirm this?

  • Bear in mind that they seem to be taking at least a week to ship things currently. If you need anything quickly either pick it up or look at Computer lounge or Ascent.

  • Maybe NZPost need a good kicking? I'm in Rotorua. Been waiting over a week from a parcel from Nelson. Waiting for a bunch of parcels from Auckland for a couple of weeks now. It's only a few hours drive away. Waited a week for something from Hamilton (just over an hour away) last week.

    Appalling service. Did they shut down over lockdown? :-(

    • New physical distancing workplace rules also means they are not as fast as they used to be.

    • They have been dealing with the biggest volume of parcels they've ever faced, and have had to have depots operating 24/7, and couriers making deliveries on Sundays. I've waited up to three weeks for deliveries. You just have to be patient.

      • Sorry but it's starting to wear a bit thin for me. I'm sick of always giving them slack and the benefit of the doubt.

        My local courier driver always used to drop stuff at the front door. He's still dropping stuff at the front door. For me, there no change as far as physical distancing. I've had no problems with other courier companies (PBT, NZ Couriers, Fastway, Toll etc). I just seem to be having problems with NZPost!

        • I mean you could always sign up to their job to help improve this and get a feel for the large volume they're dealing with. They're still aggressively hiring :).

        • They're dealing with the aftermath of two weeks worth of an entire country doing the entirety of its non-essential retail shopping online. It's unprecedented, and no company in this country was set up to cope with it. Many stores still have major backlogs to clear (my local Warehouse told me they had 5000 orders in their system).

          Those delivery problems are always specific to individual drivers unfortunately, it's a dice roll as to whether you get a decent person serving your area. Drivers earn for every pickup and delivery they make, so it seems some will forgo customer service in favour of just churning through as many as they possibly can. All you can do is complain to NZ Post, but not much is likely to come of it.

        • Physical distancing, in their depot when sorting parcels. It will slow things down a lot. Anyways I got a parcel today, after 3 weeks lol phew.

  • Thanks have used this coupon code twice so far!