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Free Delivery (Excludes Bulky) @ The Warehouse


Free delivery coupon from The Warehouse. Valid until 18 June and excludes bulky. Enjoy!

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    I was just at royal oak today and its normal inside and entry requirement's, might be better to pickup if you are in auckland and want it sooner. Still alot of easter chocolates in stock.
    Ordered during the last free ship and still waiting for one item (tinfoil) its been 5 weeks and its now been picked up.
    items from other suppliers have taken over a week to arrive, nzpost customer services said upto 10 days delay in auckland.

    • Definitely, delivery feels quite useless at the moment. Stores like PB Tech and Noel Leeming are also promising to have your order ready within an hour.

    • are the chocolates on sale

      • Yes, from what I see, nothing over $2.

        Clearance clothing and accessories are also on "take a further 50% off" sale.

    • I got tinfoil as well but it was the only item that got to me with no problem :)

      The mistake i made was throwing out my old crappy cheese grater when i saw the one i ordered had been picked up from the warehouse a few km from me, weeks later i am still grating cheese with a knife, ohwell

  • I've been having a terrible experience with The Warehouse lately (wrong items arriving, broken stuff), a lot of it's the courier but then you can't get in contact with The Warehouse to get the problem fixed.

    • They're all overloaded, stores are sitting on thousands of orders apiece.

    • ditto, broken and wet with the outside box being soaked- definitely courier although the item was in the box with nothing to buffer it.

  • Have ordered before the lock down… Enquired 2 times. Now money is credited to my account. no mail nothing. another order during lock down no update yet.

  • Thanks for code, much appreciated. 🙏

  • I was planning a family trip to the Warehouse today (toy shopping for the kids) - can you take the family into the store, or is it like supermarkets and only one family member can go in? Thanks.

  • Delivery has gone crazy.. the cost must be eye watering. We bought like 30 items in the 99c kids clothes clearance and they are sending it like 25 different parcels all with free shipping. Not to mention, only about 3 have turned up in weeks. Some Easter Eggs I bought havent turned up at all . The backlog must be huge.

    The facebook page is just an endless stream of hate.

    • Yep, it's really highlighted the extreme lack of efficiency they have with their system. It seems like they'd be better off making delivery free since click and collect orders get couriered between stores anyway. It's absurd, it increases the workload of three parties and generates a ton of waste.


        my local driver fails to pick up items i sold after delivering others so he has to come back and i see them drive around so next time when i hear that distinct hi ace diesel engine i will run out on to the road.

    • I was fortunate to shadow the Chief Logistics Officer of The Warehouse Group for a day around 2 years ago. I mentioned exactly this, I also mentioned how free delivery codes intended for an individuals are used by many.

      (Was a uni event where individuals got to shadow business leaders for a day)

      • @sam91 What did they say to that? I wonder if they have any plans to rebuild the logistics system, so that packages are sent in bunches.

      • Bet ya a million bucks that same chief logistics officer ordered the cancellation of my Easter orders. Yes there are still plenty of clearance items in store, but all the good stuff are gone.

  • If relying on click and collect (and they have to ship stock for the order from another store), wouldn't this also rely on couriers so same wait time issue?

  • thanks got some stuff today