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15% off @ Allpress Coffee


Friends and family discount. Use code at checkout.

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    IF that image is loading very slowly for anyone else, here's an alternate link that's faster: https://i.imgur.com/hyMnmJB.jpg


    Is that expensive or just me? I always buy Hummingbird beans.

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      Hummingbird online have 20% off with a code at the moment, it keeps coming up on my Facebook. Even with the code we ended up not bothering as jeds was on sale at New world and it came out cheaper. We'll just stick up then it's in sale in the supermarket. In think this is probably better coffee but you'll pay more for it.


        I ended up buying Jed's and it doesn't work that well in my machine (Barista Touch). Ends up a weird soggy puck whereas Hummingbird is a nice formed one (just an observation). I prefer Hummingbird much more for flavour and smell. Did you happen to have that code handy? You should post a deal:).

        Found it: HBC2020NC