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Free Puncture Repairs for All Tyres Purchased @ Tony's Tyre Service


Store locations here. Enjoy :)

Free puncture repair offer is valid for car and 4x4 tyres. Free puncture repair is available only to a customer who displays the Tony’s Tyre Service free puncture repair sticker on their vehicle’s windscreen and is only available to tyres purchased from Tony’s Tyre Services (original purchase validation may be required). Offer is only available to members of the public; trade workshops and garages are excluded. To ensure optimum tyre safety, only tyres that suffer a penetration in the tread area and meet standard criteria are repairable.

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    Hasn't this always been the case? I find that the stickers fade very quickly.

    • You are correct.

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    Just wanted to point out these guys do not have the cheapest tyres. I ended up paying $100+ extra for 4 tyres from them. If you are willing to shop around, you will easily find better prices. Its pretty hard to get a quote for tyres as well since a lot of stores don't list prices online.

    Only ended up finding out better prices for the same tyres were available when i decided to take my wheel alignment elsewhere which i paid $30 for and these guys tried charging me around $100 for the same service =/

    • You are correct. Never trust companies that offer best-price-guarantees. Always do your homework. Unfortunately tyre shops like these will always prey on folks who are desperate for a tyre change due to wof or unrepairable tyre damage.

    • My coworker makes up prices and asks for a price beat on the phone with them..

    • With Tony's I find they can often be very sales focused and pushy compared with other sellers, however I do give them credit for beating prices where others (at least in my area) don't have the same policy.

      I got two new tyres a month ago, I rang around, and Tony's do push Bridgestone now since they are owned by them. At the time Bridgestone had a buy one get one half price, which was cheaper than Tony's quote, so I got them to price beat it further by another $10 a tyre. $230 per tyre 'normal' RRP, down to $165 each fitted and balanced.

      • Yea I got mine done with the buy 3 tyres get 1 free deal that was running but even then the place where i ended up going to get my wheel alignment gave me a quote which was $100+ cheaper and they give free wheel alignments too if you get all 4 tyres replaced with them. This was also for the exact same tyres that i got from Tony's.

        The people at Tony's were also really pushy in trying to sell me one of their insurance policies for their tyres and kept nagging me to get a wheel alignment from them at their crazy prices.

    • tonys are so shit, they say they will beat the price by $10 a tyre, but when they don't, they just say "we can't" what kind of guarantee is that.

      then i made the mistake of going there years later and they left metal weights rattling around inside after the wheel balance, heard all sorts of clanging on way to WOF place, rang up and no apology given, and then they acted all shitty when i said i was coming in and wanted them to fix it.

  • When I took my car for a free puncture repair, they charged me to balance the wheel on the opposite side which they highly recommended to be done. It was $16 so not a big deal but still I find this deal a bit misleading.

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    I took my car to repair the puncture. The guy at workshop said it cannot be repaired so he insisted on replacing the tyre with brand new one. I told him to proceed with replacement. After finishing the job he asked for $130 for tyre cost.
    At that point I told him that I have purchased the tyre insurance from them. He looked very shocked and went inside to check on the computer. 😊

    • How much was the tyre insurance, and were you covered in the end?

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        It was around $12. Yes, I was covered in the end

    • hahah nice one

  • I have very bad experiences with them. Always they try to find something to charge you more. I could never take the car out without paying at least $200

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    Don't go to Tony's anymore since they very aggressive and almost always tries to upsell useless stuff like filling tires with nitrogen gas; sorry mate but the air we breathe is already 80% nitrogen.

    Now I just buy directly from Hyperdrive and have them fitted at my local which ends up being cheaper even with the fitting cost. Repairable punctures are usually only $10-15 from any tire shop anyway so not a huge loss considering you have to tramp stamp your car to get it fixed at Tony's.

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      Puncture repairs are at least $30 in Auckland, and I have been to a few. Price fixing?? lol

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    Sounds like a bunch of cowboys. Hyperdrive +1 for me.

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      Their sales are awesome. Very generous discounts. I just wished that they have their sales at the same time I need a tyre change, which never happens :)

  • I went to one of the Tony’s branches with a puncture to take advantage of the free offer. They guy took 1 look at the tire and said that they were over 5 years old and that it’s a policy not to fix punctures on wheels over 5 years old and that I need to replace 2 tires which he quoted $400+ for. Made a call to their call centre who told me that there was no such policy.

    I’m not saying all of them are like that as I had a good experience with another branch previously but make sure you do your homework!

    • We do really need to take the effort to report these folks to the Commerce Commission, otherwise they will just keep doing this. Imagine vulnerable elderly drivers who drive into tyre shops like these, having had a puncture on their vehicle. Their final bill will be astronomical.

  • The issue I find is that when you do need a tyre replacement, its usually urgent there and then and you don't have time to shop around. Do you folk all pre-purchase new tyres from say Hyperdrive ahead of time, and then pay the local garage to fit it when required?

    • I got them fitted and balanced at their Penrose branch, $20 per tyre. And I'm certain you can't keep your tyres under storage at their place.

    • There is a time limit between purchasing and fitting if you book the fitting online, I believe it is about 2 weeks or so; however you can have the tire shipped to your home and have them fitted when needed at ya local. BTW I do not do this.

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    I have used them once. Instead of replacing 2 worn tires, they replaced two warrantable ones!

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