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$10 off $20+ Orders on Your Birthday @ Mighty Ape


I used this code at checkout (online only) with Mighty Ape and $10 was deducted from my total straight away. Combined with the fact that I’m a primate (lol, this just means I get free shipping), my online order was pretty inexpensive indeed!

*Please note that what you want to buy needs to add up to at least $20 initially.
*Also please ensure it is within two weeks before your own birthday. Your birthday also needs to have been registered with Mighty Ape online.

I added something to my trolley for exactly $20, then applied the $10 discount code and then my overall total came to $10 (with primate free shipping). Not bad! Something to remember for your birthday! :)

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  • I get

    "Sorry; this promotional code is not available to you at this time."

    • -1


  • Weird, I used it last night!

  • Maybe has expired? If so, sorry guys :(

  • +3

    Pretty sure you get this code a few weeks prior to your birthday. Don't think it will work unless the date of birth registered on the account is soon.

  • That makes sense, it was my birthday yesterday!! Sorry guys. Good to know for future though when it’s our birthdays

    • Happy birthday for yesterday!

    • +1

      Happy Birthday then :D

      • Thanks moxpearl :)

  • Awww thanks very much!

    I have amended this post to reflect what you kindly found out Seniormouse!

    • +1

      Happy Birthday Cashmere, fyi this and other birthday deals are listed already here.
      May I suggest if you haven't already Sign up to Burger Fuel VIB, I always make my annual appearance for my free burger.

  • Thanks. And sorry for the double-up! Am new to posting here ;-)

  • Cool re Burger Fuel

    • +1

      yup there is a few good ones listed there, Noel Leeming $20 is pretty sweet too.

  • Woah, awesome, thank you!

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    Also, they will sometimes give you a $10 discount if you don't order from them for awhile (in my case it was five months).

  • I've got my birthday loaded on mightyape and the happybirthday code wasn't sent to me/coming up invalid so I asked them if they were still doing it yesterday. They didn't say yes or no but credited my account $10 this morning since the birthday email wasn't sent to me. No expiry on it on account summary (other than usual three years for account credit).

    Might be handy if you wanna bank it for later. Again would need your proper birthday loaded. I was pleasantly surprised as wasn't expecting that.

    • Same my code never worked..

      • My original post was in 2019… So it may not be a thing anymore. But it certainly worked for me back then. But that was then and this is now! Lol. So I am keen to hear if anyone can verify whether they have had any success with it or not in recent times.

        • I got an email in november, never worked even on birthday day

          • @Dunno: Weird, oh well..

            Mighty Ape has been taken over since I first posted about this offer. By the Aussies (Kogan.com) in 2020. So that’s why I am asking Cheapies members now whether the offer is still working or not, because, if not, then perhaps we need to take this post down.

  • Not sure if this works anymore guys, it might not, can anyone verify? I don’t order as much from them anymore as their prices have always seemed a little on the steep side to me, but they do have some cool products.

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