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$20 off First $100 Spend @ The Market


From the Viva magazine section of today's NZ Herald (28 August, 2019) …

Get $20 off your first order when you spend $100 or more with code 'Viva100'. (Viva20? See comments below.)

Discount code is single use per customer and excludes shipping charges. Valid until 31/10/19. T&Cs apply.

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Both referrer and referee receive $20 off purchases of $99 or more.

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    The market has the usual lil suspects you'd find at warehouse stationary/noel leeming/the warehouse so if you're looking at ordering a lot of things from there this is pretty good. brb ordering 20 veet hair removal creams!


    How do you use these codes? I still have the coupons from joining the site prelaunch but can't work out how to add this one. Or is it just use on checkout?


      An actual "coupon" (basically an e-gift card) or a discount codes?

      The website explains how to use a coupon in their FAQ.

      For the discount codes, they are per order, so are most likely entered somewhere during the checkout process. I haven't bought anything from TheMarket, but if it's anything like BookDepository, it's almost hidden and difficult to find.


      You put it in the checkout page after the delivery method section. Only allows one code though. No stacking.

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    Anyone managed to get this code to work? Tells me 'no matching coupon found'.


      It's not a "coupon". It's a code that needs to be entered during the checkout process.

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    The code is actually Viva20


      The code they printed was Viva100, as shown in this scan.

      Either Viva20 is a different code that also works or they misprinted it … which wouldn't surprise me in the least with the NZ Herald - they printed a crossword last week with the clue "Best" and the answer was "Best", and the Herald on Sunday kids' crossword very often has a mistake. :o\

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        It does look like someone has made a mistake. The Viva100 code did not work for me as well, so I guessed Viva20 which worked.


    Today's Viva magazine section (11 September, 2019) has the correct code of Viva20, so it looks like they did make a mistake last time.

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