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Oral-B Pro 700 Electric Toothbrush $49.99 at Shaver Shop


Oral-B Pro 700 black electric toothbrush $49.99 at Shaver Shop - includes travel case.

This is a great deal for this particular model which is a lot better than the vitality range. Closest equivalent on PriceSpy is the Oral-B Pro 500 for $79 (in stock) with no travel case.

Plenty of stock was available today at the Sylvia Park store and units are in-stock online as well.

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  • Minor correction. Oral B pro 500 is available from JB Hifi for $45.
    Never used any electric toothbrush, even though I am contemplating to get one. Every time I end up getting a good quality (manual) toothbrush :)
    Edit: [Add link]

    • Good spot, looks like Pricespy hasn't picked that price from JB. It's not easy to find a comparison but I think the 500 doesn't have a pulsating action whilst the 700 does.

      I do recommend going electric. There's an instant difference from manual brushing since the head moves so much quicker.

  • Thanks, just purchased from briscoes, after price match it is around 45 dollars.

  • Was $10 shipping for me

  • Go for the Pro 700 over the 500 as it has the Lithium Battery to give your 2 weeks of use while travelling and comes with a cool travel case.
    My Pro 2000 is way better and faster cleaning than my previous couple of cheap Vitality I have use in the past. It is worth the extra expense and hopefully the lithium battery will last more than 2-3 years that I was getting out of the Ni-Cd battery in the Vitality models.

    • Are they still using Ni-Cd??? My old one uses a NiMH battery, which was supposed to be the replacement for Ni-CD years ago.

      • Just check my partners 1yr old Vitality and it is Ni-Cd as were all Vitality models I had in the past. Ni-Cd is better for continuous trickle charging than NiMH from what I read.

    • My old Pro 1000 battery is now down to just one brush, but it has lasted at least 5 years. I can't remember exactly when I bought it but it was a long time ago

    • Just checked the bottom of my Pro 700 and says it uses Ni-MH (Nickel–metal hydride) not Lithium

      • Yep, some false adverting by shaver shop.
        I checked them in store and both the current model of the Pro700 and the older box "limited" edition both have Ni-MH batteries. The newer version has an advertised charge life of 10 days, and the 'limited' one has an advertised battery of 7 days. Pretty poor by shaver shop.

  • If you want the top of the line model -
    Get the Oral-B Genius 9000 for $88 USD (~$138 NZD) at Joybuy (https://www.joybuy.com/600115629.html)

    Better price than Shaver Shop, it just doesn't come with the travel charging case, comes with a standard charger.

    Genuine Oral-B, has the Lithium Ion battery, lasts 2 weeks before needing to charge. Heaps of different modes and comes with 3 different brush heads. I like the Pro Clean mode, cleans way faster, apparently 44,000 pulsations per minute.

    • Problem is plug is not AU compatible. Usually I'm not fussed with adapters but having a potentially loose connection next to water isn't fun.

      • True, but I just charge it outside the bathroom since it lasts 2 weeks on one charge anyway.

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