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Dream Science Standard and Contoured Memory Foam Pillows - $29 (Was $119) @ Briscoes


Today and online only.

Cheapest i've seen for these memory foam pillows at Briscoes. While normal price is obviously inflated, the discount for today only is excellent, higher than any usual discount you will encounter and these have many positive reviews.

It is online only. Use code above for free shipping previously posted on cheapies.

For contoured pillow:


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  • Has anyone used this particular product? Reviews from fellow cheapies would be nice.
    TIA :)

    • I've got one of each. Didn't find them too smelly or anything offensive like that.

      Found full contoured one too big initially, but the foam has softened somewhat over time.

      Purchased the flat one to try that but found it too high. Cut a layer off it by hand (bread knife) and now it's a bit too low.

      Still looking for the perfect pillow but for the price these are epic really. Normally this stuff is crazy priced.

      • I've been looking for the perfect pillow for a long time as well, I go through a few pillows each year.

        Most pillows are too high for me, so get a sore neck, but most of the ones I buy eventually get lower and it's alright, but then they get too low and sore neck again, so the cycle continues.

        That's why I tend to avoid spending too much on a pillow as I worry it will be a waste if it is unusable.

        These memory ones look tempting, and ive never tried memory foam, but as you say they are quite high will probably not be comfortable for me.

        • The contour option is worth a look at, especially at a low price like this.

          It has two sides, so I started on the lower side and then eventually worked to the high side now that it's softened a bit.

        • I can strongly recommend latex pillows - the greenfirst ones from Briscoes are good, but they will all basically be the same. Super flexible and soft, but retain their shape really well and they are great for a side sleeper.

        • If the rustling doesn’t disturb you or a your sleeping partner and like firmer pillows, I’d recommend a buckwheat filled pillow. They tend to be lower, hardly flatten over time and are far more supportive for the neck than even memory foam pillows. Plus they are great if you get hot while sleeping.

          I personally find many memory foam pillows too heat retentive unless they have one of those gel layers on the top

      • Is the stanadard one higher than the contour? It seems like the standard one is shorter just looking at the pics

    • I have the flat Dream Science one and it is too high and too firm for me so I do not use it anymore.

      I also have the Alastair's standard memory foam pillow, not the Dream Science ones and that one is much softer and a bit lower so I use that one.
      (Link: https://m.briscoes.co.nz/bed-and-bath/bedroom/pillows/alasta...).

      It's currently at full price, but it goes down to $29.99 on sale.

      They will smell of foam when you first get them but air them out for about 24 hours and the smell will go away.

  • A good deal.

  • I've ordered the Pillow of Health from USA and used it for a while. The cool thing about that is you can take out the stuffing on the inside (or put more in) so it's perfect for your neck. It was great at first, but it became harder for me to use over time, as the stuffing inside would just get squashed and pushed to one side, instead of being spread out evenly. I've tried to spread them out evenly and also used the dryer to make the pillow soft, but after a while it will just spread unevenly again…

    Hopefully, this Dream Science pillow is decent.

  • Got the standard one and it's too high and firm for me…

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