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Asus PCE-AC88 AC3100, Wireless AC Card $49.94 @ Ascent


Was looking for a wireless network card and found these extremely cheap from multiple retailers

They usually retail for $180+ and are one of the best you can buy.

Not sure about the first retailer as their website looks like its from the 90's.

Have bought from acquire and ascent before without issue.

FDC - $49.94 ~$60.87 shipped

Acquire - $53.67 ~$63 shipped

Ascent - $60.75 free shipping


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    I think it's a pricing error.


      I initially though so too but then found similar price from multiple retailers.
      May be new product line coming soon.
      Anyway have ordered one lets see if it gets fulfilled.


        I think this is a pricing error or sale from their supplier. Some online sites calculate their prices on products they sell by getting a base price from their suppliers and adding markup to it. This is a really good deal if they will fulfill the order.


          Yeah supplier price errors can often rapidly propagate to sites which have some automatic cost+margin system. Often the supplier or someone will notice before they actually process these orders and they won't be fulfilled. I'm pretty sure that's what happened with the 1TB USB SSD a few weeks ago https://www.cheapies.nz/node/19288 . AFAIK the only people who actually got the product at that price were people who convinced someone probably NL to price match.

          Still no harm trying especially since it could also be just a clearance deal.


    Thanks Biggie000, just bought one from Ascent. Now I can retire the OEM one.


    Bought one from Ascent, although my motherboard already have wifi module.


    Wondering whether this comes with half height pci-e card adapter?


      Package Content:
      Dipole Antenna x 4
      External magnetic antenna base
      Low Profile Bracket
      Support CD
      Warranty card

      So yes I believe it does.


    Must be pricing error: "Sorry, this product is no longer available"

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    Just received an updated email from Ascent, apparently it's a pricing error and full refund of the original order

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