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WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - $172.99 USD (~$269 NZD) Delivered @ Amazon


WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBWLG0100HBK-NESN

I know these are very popular with data hoarders as they shuck the drives for their server.
it's a great deal, haven't had any experience myself, would be great to have this in a mirror

its roughly NZD 269.14 incl shipping for one unit
for 2 units is NZD 646.51 which includes customs fee of NZD 115.97 :(

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    $159.99 + $12.91 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to New Zealand


    Note that the My Book External was $145.99 + shipping a few days ago


    Of course it's still out of stock, who knows when it will be back in stock and when it will be at a similar price again. (IIRC it was 2-5 weeks shipping before it went out of stock.)

    That said, especially for the 10TB drives the price trend seems to have been strongly downward recently for whatever reason. (When sales were considered, 10TB have been quite expensive per TB compared to 8TB until this happened.) I mean it was only about 23 days ago that these seemed like good deals. https://www.cheapies.nz/node/19307


    These will be US spec, so you'll also need to include the cost of either a new power adaptor or a US-NZ power plug convertor.

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    Think the 10GB is back to US $224.99 (~NZ$371 delivered)
    8Tb is still US$139 (~NZ$240 delivered)

    EDIT: 10GB changed to US $214.99 (~NZ$355 delivered) after I logged in.

    EDIT 2: Turns out the url has been updated with the 10TB - US$159.00 price , rather the ref affects the price
    updated URL with ref


      Not so much the ref affects the price directly. Rather it affects who you're buying it from. The $159.99 is if you buy it from Amazon (sold by Amazon). For me, the main link currently shows sold by GO Saver and FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). You should still be able to select sold Amazon even from the main link though. Either click on the "New (16) from $159.99 Details" link which will take you to buying choices here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B07G3QMPB5/

      Or if you see it, click on the other sellers here "Note: Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free Prime shipping." and again you'll be taken to the buyer choices page. Or you may even see Amazon listed under "Other Sellers on Amazon".

      I've never been sure how Amazon decides which seller to display, I suspect it has something to do with price, popularity, shipping times/availability, Amazon's ranking of the seller and other things. But it always pays to make sure you have the seller you want. Amazon doesn't always display themselves as the main seller. (This is also what happens when prices go up when they run out of stock. They no longer display Amazon as the main seller.)

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    FYI, after doing some research (Link 1 > Drive Model: WD100EMAZ > link 2 > Same Drive Model), these drives SHOULD be "white label" red drives from WD. So theoretically you'll be looking at a 10TB 256MB cache, 5400rpm drive. Price is this Elements is half that of the desktop version.

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      It took one week to receive the item. Testing now and will shuck. The smart info suggests it is a white label.


        Excellent, look forward to the outcome. When you say SMART info suggests its a white label, is the drives Model number "WD100EMAZ"? Don't forget to cover pin #3 for it to work/not wipe itself when you power down (ymmv): https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/awvx3u/wd_elem...

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          thanks, I have heard about it but didn't understand as those first 3 pins were +3.3v lines but that's now changed.
          there is a pdf about the new feature so you could tape the first 3 pins to make it easier or just use an adaptor without the orange wire.


          error scan should be completed at midnight.

          the drive was in its standard packaging in a larger box sliding around, one dent on the product box but it looks good for something from California.

          If it all goes well I will get another, and use it in a mirror.


            @Ruru: Ah yes that's the one. I remember reading about the standard changing after looking into some other external HDD of theirs.

            Sounds good! I'll look out for your next post with said deal ;)

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              @Moodkiller: Drive came back clean, unfortunately i cant use the drive till i get another as i wanted to use in a mirror.


                @Ruru: Thats good news! Thanks for letting me/us know. Hopefully it goes on special again soon - BestBuy has them on special about every other month it seems. Mine just got updated to the "shipped" phase, must have chosen the slowest shipping possible as the ETA is 20th May.


                  @Moodkiller: Hey how do you get your orders shipped to nz from Best buy USA


                    @upbeat: Sadly one can't (well not through the methods I've tried which includes ordering from BestBuy directly and sending it to a USA forwarding address - aka YouShop - and, ordering it from their Amazon account) as all of the before mentioned gets cancelled straight away.

                    This deal is the first I've seen that NZ could make use of that gets you the same special price as BestBuy offers.

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      Follow on to this, can confirm the internal drive is a WD100EMAZ model, more specifically, a WD100EMAZ-00WJTA0 - which is a 5400rpm, 256MB cache drive (yet to be shucked). Screenshot


    My order was cancelled and $20 Amazon credit given as compensation

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