expired 2 Degrees: 2GB Free Data for Setting and Paying Your Next Carryover Combo with Autopay


[Note Sure if targeted] it's not on their promo page.

Got this as a text msg on Saturday
Setup auto pay and it automatically renewed my combo this morning, after about and hour got a msg saying 2GB free has been added, checked balance and it has.
(2degreed CSC said can take upto 2 days for data to be added fyi)

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    Nice find. However a little warning…

    I setup autopay a few months ago - worked great the first month or two, saved me having to make sure there was credit for both my mums and my own combo renewals on whatever dates they happened to fall on (they're different). The next month I just happened to open the app and realised it hadn't renewed my combo the day before. There wasn't anything wrong with my credit card. Luckily I don't use my phone much but everything would have been being charged at the casual pre-pay rates! Wasn't happy.

    They must have been having a larger billing issue at the time because I cancelled the auto-pay and topped up the account credit manually which should have initiated an auto-renewal of the combo - but it didn't. I think I had to log into the website on my laptop and manually buy the combo again to make it go through. Luckily they give you 2 weeks grace so I didn't lose any rollover minutes/data etc.

    After this experience though it's hard to trust it. I can't risk my elderly mums combo not being renewed and having her phone run out of credit. She doesn't have a land-line.