expired $5 for 10km Flat Fares in AKL, WEL & CHC with Ola Cabs


$5 Flat Fares for up to 10km within Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with Ola Cabs

Valid until 3 of March

Toll and Airport charges cost extra.

Works for 'some' existing users too!

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    Wonder if the ride takes two hours in traffic, but still within 10km, it would still be $5!?


      Good question, there might be congestion charge? Which explains why it cost $6.50 rather than $5 after code for my commute to work this morning. It would have cost me $27 without code!


      Only if they turn up at all. I tried using them and they never showed up. rang the driver that was suppose to come and pick us up and he claimed he never got any notification.

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    Also in Wellington too!


    Has anyone actually been able to apply an Ola coupon by entering it into the app? In my experience every code has been loaded onto my account automatically, and any codes I enter manually are deemed invalid. It makes me think they're all targeted.

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    Also works in CHCH :)


    Where can I enter this code in? I tried adding it on the "Apply Coupon" section of ride estimate .. but it's coming up with "Invalid code! Sorry, this offer is not applicable on your booking".


      yup, same, not valid for me either


        Have you used a code recently? Worked for me.


          yes, im familiar with ola codes (i current have and can use NZ25 for 25% off which works fine). but ola codes are targeted (or only works for some people sometimes depending on the planet alignment). people should stop posting ola codes here. New user codes might be ok, but if a code is available for you as an existing user, they would have emailed or sent you a push notification anyway. codes that work for you dont necessarily work for me.

          …anyway, i dont understand why anyone is using their shitty service. the app is shit (it doesnt work half the time), the codes/vouchers are shit (they dont work half the time), drivers are shit (they dont show up half the time), customer support is shit (they dont even honor NZ consumer law half the time), i think you get the point. No, not exaggerating at all. use it if you have a good deal though, otherwise, keep away, if you have a problem, good luck calling india (…again, not exaggerating). /rant


            @syrys: I posted as it might benefit some people or bargain hunter who wants a cheap ride. Not necessary returning loyal customer. Simple as that, you might not like their services, which is fair enough as I agree their app needs huge improvement.

            I just did a 'test' ride yesterday with the NZ25 code, it seems like if you used that code recently, the $5 Flat fee code doesn't work, hence your predicament.

            One thing you may or may not know, majority of Ola cab drivers also drives for Uber. So the so call "shit" drivers are also the same "shit" drivers who drives for Uber.

            Anyway, I have updated the description saying it "may" work for some existing users.

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    Just got a notification in the app offering $10 for a 10km flat fare. I tried the $5 code on Friday and it didn't work


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