expired $10 Christmas Club Credit @ New World


Join the New World Christmas Club before 3rd Feb 2019 to receive a $10 Christmas Club credit on your account.
DO NOT have to put in any money , just pick up a card and register and put away and in Dec you have $10 credit + interest from through the year
can join all the family and have multiple cards
free money if your patient

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    North Island only?


    Looks like the online application only available for Lower North Island?


    From terms & conditions:
    The New World Christmas Club is run and guaranteed by Foodstuffs North Island Limited ("Foodstuffs") which operates New World supermarkets in the Lower North Island, being: Wellington, Horowhenua, Wairarapa, Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, Wanganui and Taranaki areas only.

    No Auckland. :(

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    Is it confirmed you can pick up a card without adding any money to it? Although the T&C don't say anything about needing to add money, the minimum topup is $5 so if they don't let you get a card without adding money you would need to spend $5. The T&C do say:

    Additional terms and conditions relating to Christmas Club apply.

    The Christmas Club T&C at least for the upper North Island and I think South Island does say:

    The Christmas Club Year commences on the 1st of December each year and concludes on 30th November of the following year. You can join the scheme anytime during this period by simply depositing at least $5 in your CC account at any New World store, or by setting up a direct debit or automatic payment.

    It's also possible that receiving a card and registering doesn't count as joining the Christmas Club if you don't top up with $5. Note that I'm not sure if that applies to those in the lower North Island (see below).

    Also from what I can tell the promotion is open all of the North Island. There's nothing in it to suggest it's not valid outside the North Island. It explicitly notes you can redeem it at any New World store.

    The $10 Credit can be used in any New World store nationwide (excluding online at www.ishop.co.nz) from 1 December 2019.

    If you visit the New World website from the upper North Island, or choose a upper North Island store, you will see a different Christmas Club page https://www.newworld.co.nz/about-us/christmas-club/

    For the Upper North Island it says

    Ready to join?
    To join the New World Christmas Club, simply grab a card from your local New World store and start adding funds – it’s that easy!

    Already received your card?
    Register your card to get these great benefits:

    Added security for your card if it’s lost or stolen
    Invitations to Christmas Club in-store activities where applicable
    View your transaction history online
    Change your security PIN online
    Pay into your account via automatic payment or direct debit
    Register now

    The register now link goes to this site https://www.newworldchristmas.co.nz That page also seems to suggest the Christmas Club itself (regardless of promotion T&C) is open to everyone https://www.newworldchristmas.co.nz/index.php/terms

    You can use the New World Christmas Club Card to top up your account or redeem your account at any New World store nationally. You can also register your card and top up your account using direct debit or automatic payment facilities through your bank.

    If you visit https://www.newworld.co.nz/about-us/christmas-club/ from the lower North Island or choose a lower North Island store, it shows:

    Join now
    To join the New World Christmas Club, simply complete the application form, which is available online or at your local New World Service Desk.

    Your personalised Christmas Club card will then be posted to you and you can start adding funds right away via automatic payment or in-store top ups.

    Join now

    Already a member?
    You can check your balance, set up automatic payments, view transactions and keep track of how much you’ve saved up for Christmas.

    Login here

    The join now and login here links go here https://thor.transactortech.co.nz/NewWorld-Customer/
    Those T&C do mention the lower North Island restriction but that seems to be irrelevant. One thing it doesn't mention is any amount required to join or receive a card so maybe lower North Island customer's can join without topping up $5 assuming this is required elsewhere.

    The South Island version of https://www.newworld.co.nz/about-us/christmas-club/ (again visit from the South Island or select a South Island store) is very similar to the upper North Island and links to the same Christmas Club website as the upper North Island. It's possible that the promotion also applies to South Island customers. The T&C don't seem to specify it doesn't apply to South Island customers. The only thing is at the beginning it says "Join the New World North Island Christmas Club between 21 January and 3 February 2019 and receive $10 Christmas Club Credit."

    It does say "Foodstuffs North Island Ltd is promoting the offer." and similar things but that doesn't mean it's limited to North Island customers. The page still shows up even if you select a South Island store. Frankly if they wanted to exclude South Island customers they've done a very poor job of making this clear but that opening statement may cover them. Of course companies are also allowed to make mistakes. Either way I think most likely whoever wrote the T&C screwed up and left out North Island from this part of the T&C "joins the New World Christmas club".

    Possibly adverts of the promotion clearly say North Island only, but I can't seem to find where they are either.

    P.S. When I say "visit from" geolocation is not perfect


      Actually I noticed the lower North Island T&C does say:

      Membership is gained through filling in an application form at any New World supermarket in the Lower North Island. Membership is established when you receive your membership card by post. Members agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as varied from time to time.

      So it does seem to me you're probably fine without adding any money there.