expired Veon 40 Inch Full HD TV VN40G62018 $279 (Was $369) @ The Warehouse


Veon 40 Inch Full HD TV VN40G62018.

Was $369.00 Now $279.00 at The Warehouse.

An absolute bargain at this price.

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    They have a couple different TVs in discount it looks like, for example the Sony 32 and 43 inch —> https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/sony-43-inch-full-hd-hdr-sm...

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    These really are the worst TVs in the world.


    Had a Veon for about 4 years no issues. Surpised by the comment quote These really are the worst TVs in the world. I for one could easily find mich worse tvs

    As these come with a good warranty and are obviously cheap but do the job based on what they cost. I recommend these if you need a basic tv.

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      Here's my experience. I have a Veon, and I wouldn't buy one again. In fact I wouldn't buy any cheap telly again.

      I mainly just use my laptop and sometimes a desktop monitor for consuming media. This should tell you I'm not very fussy.

      I bought a Veon about 3 years ago for when I have guests or occasionally blobbing down in front of a larger screen. After some time I came to realise it has a frustratingly dark picture. I didn't own a TV previously and I don't watch anyone elses either, so I thought it was just the 'modern' way of filming crap movies these days but now I really think it's the telly itself.

      It has a button that cycles through a few pre-defined picture settings but it really just cycles through dark, darker and darkest. Changing the brightness and contrast settings don't help much.

      The cheap price and long warranty made it very attractive at the time. I figured I was covered if it blew up. But I didn't really realise it was possible to have a crap picture. After all we've gone digital these days and flats screens took over the world!

      The picture is extremely dependent on viewing angle especially the vertical. I find myself getting up and tilting it up or down to get a watchable picture depending on where I'm sitting (couch, dining table, floor). I'm aware all flat screens have this caveat but really I don't think I've ever used another screen where the viewing angle was this critical.

      To be fair, it has been reliable so far (though it often goes weeks or months between uses). It has a good number of HDMI ports and a USB port which is capable of powering my chromecast. The speakers are adequate. You can plug in a USB key and play back video. If my mum comes to visit and I plug in the aerial wire, she can actually watch freeview on it. So it does do what it's supposed to do.

      But for the price you are sacrificing picture quality. As I said I really don't think I'm all that fussy about picture quality but I still wouldn't buy another one. In fact I'm looking to replace mine with a bigger brand even though I barely use it, it annoys me that much.