This was posted 5 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Discounted Fuel Wednesday 20c Per Litre off (19/12) at The Gull


Discount Day - 20c per liter off

Kia Ora Gull friends! Make sure you wait until tomorrow to fill up because it's going to be a super-duper-Santa-special DISCOUNT DAY!

From 7am tomorrow Wednesday 19 December until 12pm midday Thursday 20 December, we’re dropping pump prices on all fuel types, at all Gull sites.

No flashy loyalty cards. No minimum spend.
Fuel without the faff.

Lock it in your diary and happy fuel savings!
Cheers - the team at Gull.


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    Does anyone find their fuel watered down? Or just bad quality.


      What exactly do you think it could be watered down by lol? It still has to be combustible, only gas comes out of your engine.

      Gull and BP put butane in their petrol during winter because its cheaper but it actually improves the energy content of the petrol not decreases.


        I always seem to go through $20 of Gull faster than $20 of BP or Z. Probably just tripping.

        Edit: Why am I getting down voted for asking a question?

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    Always tastes fine to me.


    Edited it's 20c per litre off!


    Does this also come with the discount vouchers if you fill up at a manned station?


      Yeah and for once it was worth filling up completely rather than just a bit then using the voucher.

      AFAIK every time it's a full discount day from 7am to 12pm the next day they give the voucher at least at the start. (Some may run out before the end.) The times they don't give the voucher are when it's not a full discount day i.e. one of the 12 hour drops from 7am to 7pm they sometimes do near holidays.


    Looking forward to Greville Road putting the price up so that they can put the price down.

    Calling it now, was $2 when we drove past this morning. Let's see if it becomes around 1.8


    1.86c at the Mobil in Verrans Corner (near Beachhaven on the Shore) just up the road from the Gull which is the same. But at Mobil I get a 17c discount with my fuel card - so thats a pretty cheap price! Thanks Gull!


    1.75 in Palmy


    1.82 birkenhead

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