expired HelloFresh Food Box - 30% off First Box with Generic Code, $50 off with Referral Code and Potential to Giveaway 4 Boxes


HelloFresh has 30% off your First Box with the Generic code SEMNZB30P

Or $50 off with a referral code

They also have a deal where you can give away 4 boxes (3 meals for 2 people). I'm not sure what you need to do to qualify, they appeared in my account a week after my first box (I did order a 2nd box shortly before) - from what I've read it may be after your first box. Just be aware the box is free, but you provide CC details as part of the signup process and I assume you automatically get subscribed for future boxes. Its easy enough to unsubscribe but don't get caught out.

We were happy with the meals last week, reasonably simple to make and just normal type meals. Some of the items are shipped over from AU and then packaged into the boxes.

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Referral:  icekayak or random (21)

Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $50 off their first box.

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    I was given the code SAVEME for $50 off in my letterbox.. Not enough for me to make the jump.

    They've launched very no aggressively here and haven't given out free boxes like in Aus.


    I think the meals are better than woop and bargain box, but not as good as the flash my food bag, but I have to say they are simpler to make than the my food bag which makes them attractive. The meals are more like something you would repeat again yourself whereas the food bag has a lot more special sauces which are more difficult to replicate in small quantities yourself.

    With a new born baby and working full time we’ve been cycling through all the companies which has saved on not getting takeaways and also eating decent meals.

    They gave me 4 boxes to give away so perhaps relying on word of mouth and referrals.

    We ordered a full price box so the introduction discount did help us make the jump for busy weeks.


    "We do not deliver in this area."



    Happy to PayPal transfer someone $35 for a free box if anyone interested


    They couldn’t deliver to our old place either but can to the new one.


    I have called them. To give the free box all you do is go upto treats and put in the person name and email . If I could have a try of the free box please. It would be great to try before I buy. email: [email protected] and name carol. Thanks.

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